When COPS catch one of their own

December 2020 –A sleepy story that still reveals a little bit of shit right before our eyes. When we say that all institutions are poxed from the inside, this story will prove it once again. It’s the story of a pedophile cop arrested by his colleagues..


Louisiana – New Orleans – USA : There either, except maybe a little bit locally, this kind of news doesn’t make headlines. And yet! During an operation to dismantle child sex trafficking in the region, the police caught one of their own, a Port Fourchon port police officer, Jason Plaisance, 47 years old. Let’s start with a fact that we systematically find in France as in the U.S, these collaborating scum of the press. When the case appeared at the local level, the newspapers published in headlines that the case concerned a former cop taken for pedoporn or else related. However, the man was a cop during his arrest. It makes one immediately think of the scumbag Olivier Bailly, “the former” juvenile judge who was a juvenile judge at the time of his arrest (French case). But let’s go back to the facts: During the operation, the pedo cop was caught in flagrante delicto. It is not clear whether he was filming child rape or selling childporn. The articles are very evasive. But the charges are heavy: Child pornography involving children under 13 years of age. He was fired immediately. His colleagues, reacting to the microphones of the local media, said they were “very saddened by the news”. You surprise me… For the time being, it would still deserve a small investigation at the local level because we know from experience that when there is one, there are potentially several. A bit like the firemen of Paris, a whole fire station, as we remember, gang raped a 13 year old girl. Or even at the RTS (national Swiss TV/media) recently. Where a nice little list of journalists were caught over the years. Or even, to put it more generally, in the American political hemicycles (and elsewhere), where it seems that to get into power, you have to be a child rapist. (Clinton, Obama, Podesta, to name but a few). To come back to our story, his buddy “Everett” had already been arrested for the same facts in the past – proof that this garbage is not “treatable”, whether some pseudo-defenders of children like to think so… – This one falls for 120 charges of possession of child pornography, two dozen for distribution. He was released less than a year ago after being arrested by the same cell in 2014.


But do you know where it start to piss us off even more? In the region an incredible number of police officers were caught for the same stuff. Do you remember earlier when I suggested that perhaps an operation, an investigation, should be launched within the very nest that is the Louisiana Police Department?

  • Joseph Hines – Police Chief – Abuse of his daughter. They tried to cover it up, it didn’t work too well.
  • Dennis Perkins and his pedo wife Cynthia Perkins – Police officer in charge of a SWAT unit – Pedophile network – Rape of children and animals, distribution and production of child pornography.
  • Rodney Vicknair – police officer – Rape a girl after a rape… You are not nightmaring… This little piece of shit is assigned to a child rape case and rapes the victim who had just been raped… He was taking her to the hospital for a medical examination following the rape she had already suffered and took the opportunity to rape her again himself… He had been with the police for 13 years.
  • Melanie Barnett Curtin – Police deputy – For voyeurism (viewing of child pornography) and child rape. Note that her husband also works for the police office…
  • Avo Marzwanian – Police officer – Distribution of child pornography of children under 13 years of age. Rape of children, rape of animals…


We are going to end on a beautiful story because until then… It’s sordid and the little hope we have is quickly withdrawn when we see (even if we’ve known it for a long time) that it’s not because the police is only dirty and rotten from the inside, whatever the country concerned, that the networks are covered today. It is also because the police are full of pedophiles. I am convinced that the simple fact that they joined the police in the first place is probably to hide… Let’s briefly tell the story of a woman who wanted to keep her name secret. We will call her Marie. She is a former victim who survived several years of rape from the age of 8. It is only several years later, with a microphone hidden in her bra, that she will make her attacker admit the rapes of which she was a victim of. Thanks to her courage, not only did the scumbag finally get caught 10 years later, but he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Marie had become a police officer and decided that she could take revenge in arresting as many of them as she could and thus help punish the biggest scum in our “modern” society.

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