OPERATION AZRAEL : Belgium (2019)

A large pedo ring : 

Update 2020 – trial : Shabby sentences, a botched trial, a pedophile network once again protected. French Article.

The Accused with censored names by the MSM:

  • Daniel Samuel Kinge
  • Dimitri Dierickx
  • Lars de Rijk
  • Niels Minten
  • Michael Thiers

5 men, aged from 28 to 40, who raped each other’s children, filmed everything to share and sell it on the net. Nearly 12 million child pornography images were found, or more precisely 11,776,954. On many websites, the press (still) downplayed the extent of the case and mentioned the figure of 9 million photos. According to the accusations, the 5 men ordered child pornography between themselves and from foreign contacts. Almost all were already prosecuted offenders. The press, for once rightly, will talk about the biggest child pornography network, the biggest trial in the country and, at the same time, will however do everything to not talk about it. They will speak about it once or twice and after that, nothing. Whether in Belgium or elsewhere … Do you feel that the pedo network is protected? Exactly… 

Daniel/Samuel Kinge

Daniel Samuel Kinge is a 38 year old Briton. He worked as an au pair in England, Ireland, Spain and Germany. He took pictures of kids in his care and thus fed the network. Already convicted 3 times in the past (including a case in Uganda) for possession of child pornography, he was free !! He faked his own death and changed his name to Samuel Kinge. He owned a Sparklebox education website where teachers could upload pictures of children. Sentence : 6 years in prison!

Dimitri Dierickx

Dimitri Dierickx is a 34 year old Belgian (Wetteren), IT specialist. He managed the pedo files, designated as the network librarian. He helped his accomplices to hide the files and organized them according to the types of abuse, the age and the origin of the victims. He held other people’s passwords and sometimes took control of their computers remotely. He was finally sentenced to internment and escaped prison!

Lars de Rijk

Lars de Rijk is a Dutchman known for his participation in a TV show called “Holland’s got talent” in 2009. He exchanges child pornography material with the network during sexual trips to India. In his conversations, he claims to have sex with children in exchange for food or money. He is currently serving a prison sentence of 5 years only.

Niels Minten

Niels Minten,  31 years old is a Belgian manager from Sint Truiden. He instigated a German to rape a boy and asked for proof of the rape. The photos were found: on the boy’s belly, we see a paper on which is written “for Cookie Monster”, the pseudonym of Minten. He also allegedly convinced another German to rape a baby. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison, including 7 years of security. (which means he will do only half…)

Michael Thiers

Michaël Thiers is a 40 year old Belgian. He was arrested in 2015 while taking pictures of naked children on the beach of Blankenberg in Belgium. 10 years earlier, child pornography material was found at his home during a search. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison. He’s the mysterious man in the business. The Fsociety had great difficulty in finding informations about him. We believe, with a confidence index of around 70%, that it is the “dutroux” of this network. Its social class is higher than other pedophiles of this investigation. He is the one whose family is – at the moment – impossible to identify and he seems to have been protected by justice on several occasions. We found a man who could be from his family. If this is the case, the man in question participates in the organization of artistic exhibitions with, among others, Marina Abramovic …

Yves Goethals

Note also the presence, in the treatment of this case, of Yves Goethals. Anti-child crime police chief. I hope you are well seated. The man thus takes care of this case, but expressed himself on the pedophile networks in these terms: “there are no networks which take kids unknown kids aways to kidnap or resell them” … Ah really? So this little piece of shit is in charge of a pedophile case while defending these said networks by such assertions. So… sorry dark collaborators, but the case in question was called “the biggest national case of child pornography network” as for example here (french article) from a good old mainstream media adored by the deep state. Of course, we understand the journalistic trick of talking about the child pornography network, but the most informed people understand effortlessly that it is the pedophile network in short that we must remember. (sources of the police officer assertion : ici.)

Important note: Child Focus was at the trial. We find – again – Heidi de Pauw in this case. And once again, she is omitting (purposely?) to mention the most serious details (such as the number of files found) they are omitted as usual, even minimized in front of the cameras like the national journalist buddies did too. She will play the offended in front of the press and howl with scandal without presenting the most important facts. Another note, the names and faces have been hidden. Michael Thiers was the most difficult to find. Why ? We believe that all of this is a larger network and that the latter would eventually head this network. From the moment evidence are minimized, identities are concealed, power has something to hide.



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