Larry Sanger, implores the FBI to investigate: Wikipedia distributes child pornography.

It is following the alert of the co-founder of Wikimedia, Larry Sanger, that we learn in an article in Fox News, that Wikipedia is massively distributing child pornography. This means, in plain sight and on what is called the Clear Net. In other words, the internet accessible to everyone from Google. To understand, Wikimedia is the “father” of all the wikis below (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikinews and Wikiquote). Sanger left the management of Wikipedia in 2002. According to what is said, there are two categories representing child porn. One is drawings showing children in sexual acts and the second is drawings again but in the form of a cartoon, again showing children in sexual situations. A shame. However, it was doubtful that this was not all. Of course, graphic “representations” via drawings or paintings is simply abominable. But something told me that there was more. The man would not have asked the FBI to investigate just for drawings. At this time, no one knows whether the FBI, or any competent judicial authority, is investigating the case. Numerous journalists and news sites on the Internet have tried to contact them, trying to find out if they were indeed investigating the case. The answer was simple: Total silence. Are they investigating? No one knows.


As for Wikipedo, nothing. A top manager of this scumbag company is well known to have pro-pedophile positions. This is Erik Moeller, a top manager of this treacherous company. Sanger says of him : “He is well known for these opinions in defense of pedophilia”. If you still had a doubt that Wikipedia is not innocent in this story, you have a little confirmation here. It’s not the first time that web giants have been caught to officially “leave” child porn available, not to say, to distribute it themselves… Let’s now quote a passage from the Fox news article where Moeller expresses himself on this subject, clearly showing that this man can only be a dirty pedophile himself… : “What is my position on pedophilia? It is very simple. If the child does not want it, if it is neutral or ambiguous, it is inappropriate.”. This is verbatim what Moeller wrote in 2001 in a commentary on the website, whose thread title was “Pleasure, Affection, Cause and Effect”. Move on, there’s nothing to see? We understand better how the sewers of the web called Wikipedia work. An open “web” garbage dump where the top management is composed of pedophiles. Here is the list of Moeller’s clearly paedophile comments:

  • An article on Wikipedia called “Human Sexual Behavior” has an addition by Moeller expressing himself in these terms: “It is generally accepted that children are capable of experiencing sexual pleasure, even if they are not yet capable of having sex with each other, and/or are not yet biologically capable of reproducing.” Do we insult him now or do we wait? It’s not over yet.
  • In the article “Homosexuality and morality” and again he talks about children’s sexuality: “A small minority believe that children are capable of consenting to homosexual acts with older men, but all major pro-homosexual groups have rejected this view.”. We understood that you are clearly part of the first group considered as a “minority” which, in reality, is unfortunately no longer a “minority”…
  • Also this quote… “Again, someone who sexually abuses a minor is not necessarily a pedophile “exclusively” “attracted” to “tweens” but may simply be acting out of opportunity. The title “pedophiles and pederasts” is redundant – pedophilia includes pederasty. This does not alleviate the definitional problems of this article.”.


Wiki’s response to Sanger’s allegations:

“The Wikimedia Foundation obeys the law. In the weeks following the publication of Sanger’s allegations, the Wikimedia Foundation was not contacted by the FBI or any other law enforcement agency regarding alleged illegal content on Wikimedia projects. Our community of volunteer editors takes steps to remove illegal content when it is brought to our attention. The Wikimedia Foundation is proud of the Wikimedia editors who work diligently to keep projects free of illegal content. If and when we are informed by law enforcement agencies of illegal content that has not yet been removed through self-monitoring, we take prompt action to remove it”.

Moeller’s response to Sanger’s allegations :

“I mean definitely: I do not defend or support acts of sexual violence against children and I have never defended pedophilia in any way. I have always defended the right of children of comparable age to have consensual and harmless sexual interactions with each other – what is commonly known as “playing doctor”, and also safe sex between teenagers. I have never defended the “right” of pedophiles to abuse children; child sexual abuse is a crime, and there is no such right. Nor do children have the capacity to consent to sexual activity with pedophiles, and such activity is by definition child sexual abuse”.

In response to the content mentioned in Larry Sanger’s letter to the FBI, Moeller wrote :

“This is a false statement largely related to certain historical drawings from the early 20th century, as described in the summary published by the Wikipedia Signpost. The Wikimedia Foundation’s general counsel has reviewed the drawings and concluded that they do not violate federal law; we have received no communication from the FBI indicating otherwise, and if authorities ask us to remove illegal images, we will do so”.

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