ABELLO : dead / MALLORY : freed

We had been following for a while the fate of one of the biggest French garbage, in Indonesia, arrested in a hotel in Jakarta. François Abello Camille is guilty of having raped more than 300 children and of having beaten those who resisted his rapes. The police mentioned that there could be many more child victims because the pedophile had been active for several years on Indonesian territory. For the moment, 300 were counted, via the videos that the scumbag recorded over time. The Indonesian justice system decided : Life imprisonment or firing squad. Magnificent. Quite simply, magnificent. Isn’t that what any man or woman worthy of the name hopes to see fall on the head of such a scum? Unfortunately, we won’t be able to rejoice for very long because this coward has just committed suicide in prison… If there is one thing that all pedophiles around the world have in common, it is cowardice. Through all the investigations we have carried out, the behaviors described by the police and/or the shrinks hired on the cases, we note very clearly the visceral cowardice of the pedophile. And this, wherever he comes from and whoever he is. Logical, when you think about it. Attacking children, the only ones on this earth who have no means of defense against adults with malformed brains, can only be a sign of enormous cowardice. In short, the scum is dead. Let’s hope, however, because it’s very likely that it was “taken care of” by fellow inmates who generally despise this kind of garbage.

At the same time, let’s talk for two minutes about a certain Peter Mallory which is also mentioned in the source article on Abello. Another waste but this time American. The man is a former owner of an American TV channel (WCAG-TV) and was incarcerated in 2013 for 1000 years. He was considered by the authorities to be the most prolific childporn collector on the planet. So the sentence of 1000 years was obvious. Unfortunately, something has happened in the meantime and we are leaning very seriously towards a clear corruption of American pedojustice. The man, to date, has served 0.07% of his prison sentence and appealed. Without the slightest valid excuse, without any real explanation, his appeal passed and he was released at the end of May 2020, after only a few years behind bars. How is this possible? Some officials of the state of Georgia even wrote a public letter to try to have this decision revoked, without success. You know what’s very strange about this case? The moment of his release (May 2020) corresponds exactly with the American pedodemocratic party action to release the least dangerous prisoners because of the Fakovirus19, to avoid that the prisons are overcrowded and generate asthma attacks, sorry! I meant seasonal flu patients. They did it here by the way! The poor pedo was freed to protect him from the flu. What the fuck little piece of shit ? And concerning the other piece of shit named Peter Mallory, it is said everywhere, under every American article, that the man was not released through this program. So why was that detail hammered out? We remain skeptical. Very skeptical. But the truth, as always, we may never find out. In the meantime, the facts are there. A scumbag gets 1000 years in prison and is released after serving 0.07% of his sentence. Make America Great Again, they said…



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