Inglewood Family Bloods Gang Pedoring Sex Trafficking


  • Country : USA – Albany (South Georgia)
  • Date : 24th November 2020
  • Number of accused : 8 so far
  • Number of victims : officially one but… Police said multiple victims were freed during this investigation.
  • Ages of the victims : 16
  • Gang : the Inglewood Family Gang Bloods (the Bloods street gang).
  • Note : Cardi B is known to be a bloods’s gang member
  • Previous cases : Every year, the bloods gang is investigated for child sex trafficking since 3 or 4 years now… Source 1, 2, 3


All started in October 2019 after the report about an escaped 16-year-old girl, who succeeded to run away from the pedophiles. She was victim of sex trafficking for 2 months, being sold for sex and raped in August the same year. The 16-year-old told authorities she was trafficked for sex for almost two months in Albany in the summer of 2019. The gangsters/pedophiles advertised the little girl through different websites. The gang is named the Inglewood Family Gang Bloods, a subset of the Bloods street gang. Police have said that the money made with the sex trafficking helped finance the gang. 23th of November, 5 suspects were arrested. Also, Tre’Shawn Smith, Bryant Hooker, and Jamie Rosier were previously incarcerated for different charges (not related to sex trafficking). Now, the sketchy/fishy thing is, no one talks about any other victims. If these mother fuckers were selling that young teen, we can be pretty sure that she wasn’t alone… What contained these websites ? Where are the other potential victims ? Agents with the GBI said multiple juvenile victims were freed during this investigation. Why that silence ? FISHY. Last thing, this gang is very well known to be all-in-one traffickers. This gang is well known for being all-in-one traffickers. Garbage that touches everything. Drugs, weapons, robbery, burglary, murder but lately we hear more and more of these garbage gangs mixed up in this kind of story. All over the United States, we hear about them in connection with pedophilia… And the Bloods gang in particular. Why did I have selected this case ? Because I truly think that these gangs are used for higher customers. These gangs are probably used by high ranked people and this is probably why the police start to silence some details of the story because why they would start to not use every little piece of informations available when it concerns this plague ? These gangs ? Everyone knows they are tired of these garbages. So if they keep away some informations… We can start to be super suspicious…


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  • Korina Johnson, age 18: Street gang terrorism + Aggravated Sodomy 
  • Robert Wingfield, age 19: Trafficking of Person for Labor or Sexual Servitude + Street gang terrorism
  • Jeston Yates, age 29: Trafficking of Person for Labor or Sexual Servitude + Street gang terrorism
  • Ronaldo Patterson, 29: Street gang terrorism + Trafficking of Person for Labor or Sexual Servitude
  • Johnny Shanard Howard, age 33: Street gang terrorism + Trafficking of Person for Labor or Sexual Servitude
  • Tre’Shawn Malik Smith, age 20: Street gang terrorism +Trafficking of Person for Labor or Sexual Servitude
  • Byrant Terrell Hooker, age 32: Street gang terrorism
  • Jamie Rosier, age 30: Trafficking of Person for Labor or Sexual Servitude+ Street gang terrorism.

Update Jan 2021 : 9 members of the Hunts Point Family Bloods gang arrested for sex trafficking from Bronx motels. Drugs, violence, prostitution … The offenders are : Angel Cano, 22, Luis Cano aka Lou, 23, Brandon Diaz aka Billz, 27, Elvis Dominguez aka LV, 24, Ashley Garcia, 19, Andrew Garcia aka Drew, 23, Shaquille Hernandez aka Budda, 22, Eliana Rivadeniera aka Faith, 23 and Abigail Rodriguez, 31.

Source : 1, 2, 3, 4



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