Today, you woke up full of courage and bravery. You too, you are exhausted with this corrupted society. You too, you don’t want to let it go like it doesn’t matter. And, you too, you want to take a stand and do something because today, you have something in your hands that could disturb the peace of the corrupted not-that-powerful elite. And you found the right place to do so..

Non-exhaustive list of accepted leaks :

  • A confidential document
  • A photograph compromising someone of the elite
  • A video compromising someone of the elite
  • A name we are looking for
  • A name we should investigate

Security measures for your anonymity :

  • Contact us from an anonymous email. Ideally, an email specifically dedicated to send that leak. An encrypted email is even better (tutanota, protonmail etc…)
  • Use a VPN if necessary (there are free ones). Your browser might already have a VPN . You can activate it by clicking “file” , “private window”, “turn the VPN on”.
  • Do not provide any personal informations unless it is really necessary. We don’t need to know who you are and we care about your safety.
  • If the information is very sensitive, then use a computer that does not belong to you, in an unusual place, from an internet connection that is not yours and always from an anonymous and encrypted email.
  • If the files you want to share are too large to be sent by email, host everything like on AnonFile for example and send us the sharing link while respecting the security measures above.

Our engagements :

  • We NEVER have and will NEVER disclose any informations that may lead to you. You are the decision maker with what can and cannot be broadcasted.
  • We can respect and agree on a date of your choice, and for whatever reason, for the sharing of the leaks received.
  • We will take the risk of spreading something extremely serious and dangerous at the risk of our own safety and whatever the cost can be. You can be sure that your leak will be spread on the internet.And we have all the mean to do that.
  • If you wish, you can be kept informed of developments regarding your leak. (place of spread of the informations, video editing, article for the website etc.)

On the other hand…

  • We will always investigate before we make public a leak.
  • We will not broadcast a leak that is not supported by indisputable evidence / hard proof materials (documents, images, videos).
  • Unverifiable leaks cannot be made public for obvious reasons.
  • Articles on the internet, new laws passed or videos on youtube are NOT leaks.
  • We will not respond to any emails that do not meet these minimum criteria. Don’t waste our time. We are not there to entertain ourselves…

We are also looking for these informations :

  • Infos about the Belgian pedophile named “Michael Thiers” tied to the pedoring from the Azrael Operation.
  • Names and infos about the spanish pedoring with the french escaped pedophiles Jean-Luc Aschbacher and Christian Arson.
  • Infos about the past and family of Nicole Junkermann, from Epstein’s lolita express flight logs. 

Dedicated emails for these purposes :

l i g h t @ t e a m f s o c i e t y . c o m