ARGOS INVESTIGATION – Ritual abuses [2021]


Si vous êtes ici entrain de lire ces lignes, c’est que vous savez. Vous savez pour les viols d’enfants. Vous avez la conviction certaine que les abus rituels sont bien réels et que le pire existe. Vous savez pour les trafics, cérémonies, cIf you are here reading this, you know. You know about child rape. You know that ritual abuse is real and that the worst is out there. You know about the trafficking, ceremonies, mind control, Satanism and sacrifices. The case we are going to write about in this article is a summary of all of this. It is sometimes difficult to summarize or explain in a simple way to anyone who wants to hear, that these things really exist and that the pedo-justice covers it all with a macabre omerta. The day you meet someone who doubts, remember this story. Sanne Terlingen is a committed investigative journalist, having demonstrated this during numerous cross-border investigations in the Netherlands on subjects such as human trafficking, child abuse and child sex trafficking. A rare bird as it flies too few. This journalist working for the magazine Argos on VPRO Radio 1 conducted the investigation with a fellow journalist for a year and a half and interviewed 200 victims in the Netherlands, 140 of whom spoke of ritual abuse. She explains: “My first reaction was to think that all this was completely absurd but when 140 people tell you something, even if it is absurd for me, it arouses my curiosity to understand where this absurdity comes from. Dealing with this subject is a bit of journalistic suicide but someone has to do it. We know that cases of ritual abuse have never been taken seriously because expert commissions have said that no evidence has ever been found. There is a special team of experts on extraordinary cases of sexual abuse that was formed in 1999 in the Netherlands (the LEBZ). It is noted in the law that any file containing ritual characteristics must be handed over to this expert team as soon as possible. The website of this expert team states that its purpose is to filter out false testimonies and to protect people who might be wrongly accused. So neither in the Netherlands nor anywhere else in the world has any evidence of ritual abuse ever been found. Since the establishment of this expert group in 1999, we have not seen a single report of ritual abuse that has led to further investigation. All of which arouses the curiosity of the team of journalists. 


In December 2018, Sanne Terlingen and Huub Jaspers will do a story on Lisa. Lisa was 15 years old when she reported rapes committed by her father and other men, lawyers and a CEO of a big company. Sexual abuse committed in Nieuwe Scheveningse Bosjes (The Hague) right next to her house. She told the journalist that she became pregnant and that her baby was killed. Her story was not taken seriously. Lisa and her mother went to the police who quickly closed the case. “Lisa had a pregnancy, several gynecologists confirmed it to us” explained the journalist. Private investigators discovered hundreds of pedo-pornographic images in the computers used by the father. The police thought that his story was too strange to be credible. With this case, journalists will discover the existence of the term ritual abuse, including the story of the death of a baby, which is a typical feature of such rituals. The Ministry of Justice in charge of child protection stated that it had received a dozen testimonies from children who were victims of sadistic rituals practiced in meetings. For this reason, the minister has set up a task force to investigate the issue of ritual abuse of children. The task force will half-heartedly acknowledge the victims’ testimonies but without finding any evidence of ritual. In the absence of evidence, they will conclude that it does not exist. The public prosecutor in charge of the investigation Hulsenbek will say: “The children mention places, talk about dead babies. We have concluded in all reasonableness and probability that these stories cannot be completely true because we have not found anything. The fact is that many of the accounts of ritual child abuse are reported by people with dissociative identity disorder. They really think they’ve been through these things when they haven’t. We believe that these cases of sexual abuse and molestation are happening within the family (parents and nanny).” Denial personified, this Hulsenbek. But coming from a high representative of justice, he played his role of fireman to put out the fire perfectly. And it’s so easy when all this is opaque, they talk to you about groups of experts, independent commissions, they take care of everything and above all, they try not to keep you informed but rather away, far, far away. No wonder that no case goes up, it is filtered from the top! To tell you the truth, the investigation lasted only six months and because of the seriousness of the problem, the working group recommended the creation of a group of specialists which was never created! Shortly after the report and as if by magic, a book came out that to this day influences the debate: “Recovered Memories and Other Misconceptions”, written by professors of legal psychology named Crombag and Merkelbach. These two people believe that the children’s therapists hypnotized them, which led them to be convinced that they had been mistreated during their childhood and that, as a result, they wrongly accused their parents of ritual abuse. These two watchdogs were thus desperate to discredit a new piece of information that had been recognized and could finally be publicized. Another example is the editor of the newspaper NPO radio 1 who received a letter from the law and psychology professor Peter Van Koppen. He writes about abuse: “Within the scientific society, the widespread consensus is that trauma therapy imposes on clients, usually women, an invented and non-existent past and new problems. This is because a significant part of many of these therapies involves filing a police report against the alleged perpetrator. A renewed interest in repressed memories can as such be very harmful to public health.” To take sides against children in this way by denying their emotions is an admission for us, no more and no less. Journalist Sanne Terlingen will explain that the assumption that all victims file police reports as Van Koppen says is incorrect: “Only a handful of respondents say they have done so. And it would usually be against one or two people, not an entire network. In order to better approach the interviews in a deligent and non-oriented way with the victims, the Argos magazine team created a questionnaire with the help of psychologist Christel Kraaij, a clinical psychologist working for GGZ Centraal (Dutch mental health care facilities) but also with the help of 2 victims (Stephanie and Beatrix) and a person specialized in questionnaires. The result was a questionnaire with about 50 questions.

certain parties. Two-thirds of the cases involve men and women in dresses – black, purple, red and white – but also child pornography and torture. The journalists were able to meet in person with twenty of these victims. They then cross-checked the testimonies and were able to discover many common points. Sanne Terlingen explains: “I made a big map where I stuck stickers showing the places where the abuses could have been organized, you have an area in The Hague with 50 stickers! A castle in Belgium with 8 dots. Some girls listed 6 or 7 different places in the same way, including a residence in a small town and a sex club. Also a list of places that matched. Details about the attackers overlapped such as an individual’s knife, certain sexual preferences. 6 public figures were mentioned by several victims as being among the assailants. More than 10 locations were identified, including a warehouse in the Bollenstreek, which was identified as a storage location for the production of child pornography. The journalists did not expect to discover such horrors when they started their investigation: “We received stories of sexual abuse in sports clubs, boarding schools and then soon reports of a very different nature began to surface. Stories of unimaginable torture practices and rituals. There are vile acts such as sacrifices, being buried alive, hanging from a cross, also upside down, drinking blood, entering a trance state, bizarre singing, glorifying a person, whips, saddles, bondage, costumes, masks, dresses.” A victim by the name of Marinke will testify in a radio program: “There was singing and often a lot of candles. Sometimes there was an altar to which someone was tied. On each corner of the table was a candle. Christian holidays were often re-enacted but to make fun of them. Every time I went home, shards of glass were inserted into my vagina, a kind of ritual. They did fertility ceremonies, the girls would get pregnant. They made sacrifices. Psychologist Christel Kraaij, who participated in the elaboration of the questionnaire, also explained that she had encountered cases of ritual abuse in her consultations: “I treat people who have completely left the network, I treat people who are still under pressure from the network but who can remain safe. They still receive emails and text messages but they don’t respond to them anymore. And I also treat people who are still actively approached by the network and are abused and mistreated.

Some victims talk about the cult to convey the brainwashing and how difficult it is to break free.  Dr. Bas Kremer, a therapist and board member of the Organized Transgenerational Abuse Knowledge Center, explains in the report, “The main characteristic of a cult is how it manages to isolate people. But here, the victims are born into it so it’s even easier to manipulate them. We’re talking about generational abuse that starts as a baby, a toddler. Children are trained to continue to function normally while being abused. This also means that children can be abused from scratch, can continue to smile even if they are severely injured. They can remain silent and never say a word to allow them to be abused by strangers without anyone finding out. Part of the tactic to make people stay is to make them complicit and force them to hurt or abuse other children by saying: You see what you did, you’re just as bad. And when other people see the images that we have, you’re just going to jail.” Indeed, in the questionnaire, 4 out of 5 children admit to having been forced to inflict pain on other children. This creates the deepest trauma. 78% of the women interviewed said they had become pregnant as a result of the abuse. The majority more than once. Some tortured to the point of losing their baby. They also talk about people.  The people are the children who were born and held in the network and who were never officially registered. Some women also spoke of a form of punishment consisting of inserting glass into their vaginas. Following the testimonies of several victims who have been subjected to the insertion of glass into their vagina, the team of journalists wanted to verify with 4 gynecologists if this information could be real. All of them confirmed that they had already encountered such things where they had to remove glass. In society, the victims are not believed because in the popular belief, these things do not exist. The reality is not as mysterious as the term ritual abuse. Victims don’t call it ritual abuse but talk about them or about a network, the psychologist explains. This whole network is of course linked to other trafficking like drugs and weapons. Marinke will testify: “Take a truck to the port and take a bag of cocaine and change the license plate. Stop at a vacation park to exchange the bag for two teenagers. Change license plates again and take the girls to a party, where they have to “wait” in a cage or trailer until the party starts. On other days, there are smaller private parties at someone’s house.” These are also all stories that the knowledge center workers told, explains Dr. Kremer: “The members of the knowledge center discovered very clear overlaps between the testimonies. Certain recurring places, certain names of the perpetrators, but also the mind control inflicted”.  Susanne Nick conducted scientific research on the experiences of therapists working with victims of ritual sexual abuse in Germany. 174 psychologists, psychiatrists and other professionals participated. The vast majority of them are highly qualified certified practitioners. More than three quarters of them have experience working with clients who share stories of ritual abuse as a heavy burden. Claudia Fischer is founder and coordinator of the Ritual Abuse Information Portal. Together with her colleagues, she documents court cases with elements of ritual abuse from around the world:

“We know that people can disappear or be held captive without the neighbor noticing. People have been convicted of satanic crimes in Germany, so why is it that when someone comes forward and talks about these things, our first response is that it can’t be true?” Michael Salter, Associate Professor of Criminology at the University of New Wales in Sydney says: “I have seen crime scenes where animal blood has been splattered on the walls, where offenders have drawn strange occult symbols on the wall and on the bodies of the victims. Johannes Rörig, the national commissioner against child abuse in Germany, has set up a commission of inquiry to hear and question victims of sexual abuse. To date, it has collected more than 1600 testimonies: “At first, ritual abuse was an uncomfortable subject for me. But having personally met people who experienced it as children, I no longer feel the need to hold back. I am convinced that organized sexual abuse exists. Over 60 victims have signed up for ritual acts, she says. When you realize how these children manage to complete their education and get on with their lives, they are huge energies and strong personalities. Children who spend a lifetime in silence. Marinke explains: “I hesitated for a long time. At first I thought about not testifying, because everyone will know and finally here I am, with my voice on the radio, it took time. I already had a hard time putting into words and then telling you (journalists) that I didn’t really know was difficult.” Marinke was taken in a car from a young age, often under the influence of drugs, so she didn’t know where she was being taken. “There were men and women who sometimes wore black and purple dresses. Family members, teachers, lawyers and even people working in the Dutch government. I saw sacrifices of children and babies. There was a special sacrificial stone that you had to hit with. I was hung upside down on a cross like others to be raped and tortured. Obedience was imposed in different ways. With the “water test or baptism” which means being continuously dunked under water until you suffocate. They usually do this in the name of Satan. This was very confusing for me for a long time, because I was raised with God and religion.” During the interview with Marinke, the reporters will print the faces of over a hundred different random people, known names, family members, doctors involved, suspects. Marinke will recognize many of her strangers. She knows their names and personal details such as their hometown, the names of their children, the sports they like but also: a morbid sexual preference. Information that could not be found online, but which had also been mentioned by other victims. More than 40 perpetrators were described in the questionnaire. Marinke will also talk about a place: “I was often taken to a place, a warehouse in the Bollenstreek, also known as the “Flower Strip”, an area between the Leiden and Haarlem districts in Amsterdam known for its tulip fields (one of the girls who answered the questionnaire indicates exactly the same place as Marinke). They produce child and animal pornography there.  A few days later, the team of journalists received an anonymous e-mail with the following message : “Beware, they know about your investigation, they will get rid of the evidence like they did with the Dutroux case! “The day they received the warning message, the Bollenstreek warehouse burned down! The journalists will contact the fire department who will say that the fire is so big that the cause cannot be determined yet. Bas Kremer will also explain the intimidation that the victims undergo as a direct witness: “Strange things have happened, such as when at the end of an interview I discovered a dying pigeon lying there in the corridor, in front of my office door! It was impossible for him to come in and be there without being dropped off, he had been stabbed and dropped off just before I finished my interview, it was frightening”. Marinke’s mother-in-law will also testify: One day, while in a mental health center, Marinke ran away. The problem was that the center had made sure that no one could get out the way they wanted to. I took pictures of the window through which Marinke escaped. The problem is that this window was crushed from the outside of the building to the inside”. In response to the parliamentary inquiry following the Argos journalists’ investigation, Dutch Justice Minister Ferdinand Graper house said on August 27, 2020 that there would be no independent investigation into ritual child abuse in the Netherlands. 

This remarkable investigation has demonstrated the veracity of the existence of these satanic ritual abuses. Yes, there is a network and yes there is protection. Now you know why no case will ever come to light, as it is covered by a reinforced concrete cover. Is there any hope that one day all this will stop and that the world will finally realize that the will at the top is messianic and satanic? Yes, there is hope. The hope that one day free men and women will decide, as each member of the team did, to rise up and act with their means. We can all act at our own level but it requires to be ready and to transform our anger into courage in order to fight and to expose the hard reality of this world. If you have special skills or simply time to devote to the cause, you can contact us by e-mail. As for us, we will continue to fight, to take our time to expose these wastes of humanity devoted to the cult of Lucifer. The fight continues…

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