AUSTRALIAN’S GOV – They changed the law to protect the PAEDO

Paedophile Laws In Australia Pedo Ring

The case of Pawel Klosowski, incarcerated for an double murder, his son’s and 19-year-old son’s girlfriend’s, is reopening the debate in South Australia about pardons. The 46-year-old father has pleaded directly guilty to the charges against him. After a family reunion, he fatally shot his eldest son and his son’s girlfriend in front of his stepchildren, who were under 14. Until now, Australian law has allowed judges to apply remission if the accused pleads guilty within 4 weeks. The argument for this nonsense is the saving of time and money for the state and justice.

In July 2020, Attorney General Vickie Chapman, along with former Supreme Court Justice Brian Martin, filed an opinion supporting remission of the maximum percentage cut off from the original sentence depending on the seriousness of the charges. For example, instead of a 40% reduction, the maximum would increase to 25%. However, until the law is changed, criminals like Klosowski are eligible for this leniency. It is also the case, among others, known pedophiles, who rush to admit their crimes in order to spend less time in jail than expected. An edifying example of this law applying the 40%, that of Hamzeh Bahrami. The man has abused a 10-year-old girl, and faced additional charges of indecent assault (the rapes took place in front of his own daughter and niece) and false imprisonment (Bahrami allowed his innocent brother to be arrested). In exchange for his confession, and although he initially accused the child of lying, two counts of non-consensual sex were dropped against him. The paedophile was sentenced to only four years and nine months in prison, which, together with the sentencing discount, makes a total of only 2 years.

Protected by a lax and complacent judicial system, the garbages who preys on children still have a bright future ahead of them… For example, Bahrami, who will regain his freedom sooner than expected. On the other hand, the reduced sentence for a pedophile in prison is not popular. The co-prisoners of Bahrami will therefore quickly act as fair justice as it is possible to see in this little bonus video. Feels good right ?