BOYS TOWN – Operation HADES [2021]

operation hades boys town darkweb

Darkweb – Governments know very well how to track down dissidents, protesters and whistleblowers, but strangely enough, they still have a hard time dismantling online child pornography sharing networks. Here is the boys town case.


  • Date: April 2021
  • Countries involved: worldwide
  • Places: Darkweb multitude of forums and sites
  • Arrests: 4 for the moment
  • Victims : unknown
  • In charge of the case: Europol and the services of several countries


On April 12, 2021 Operation Hades is finally over. The walls of the city of Boystown are finally falling! Created in June 2019, hosted on a server in Moldavia and accessible from the darkweb, this platform had no less than 374423 registered members. The Boystown site included a forum, and two messaging services, BoysPub and LoliPub. These messaging services allowed users to share images and videos of sexual abuse of minors. The content was divided into various categories, each containing several thousand posts. The platform was designed for international use and offered more than 10 different languages including German, Spanish and English. After two months of investigation, led by the German Federal Police, supported by the Dutch, Swedish, Australian, Canadian and American authorities and by Europol. The platform has finally fallen. Very few technical details of the investigation have been revealed yet. But Europol has stated that more arrests are to come. So far, 4 people linked to this platform have been arrested. Boystown is not the first big platform to be taken down by authorities. Since in 2015, the FBI launched a massive operation against the Playpen platform with more than 215,000 members. Subsequently, the U.S. agency had continued to host the website on its own servers for two weeks in order to record their IP addresses. And to trap visitors. Image gallery of the Kruse search. A filthy wretch, living in a den as dirty and dismal as his activities.

Among these 4 people deprived of any form of dignity we find

Kristian Manfred KRUSE, born on 08.08.1962 (58 years old) In the 90’s, he was a soccer coach for 12-14 year olds. He particularly enjoyed taking showers with the teenagers after the games and trainings. Former cab driver living in Groven in Dithmarschen, Germany, he had his own cab company in Tönning which he sold just before it went bankrupt. In 2010, after selling his Smart car, he left a letter at home announcing his alleged suicide, locked his dogs in a cage at home and disappeared completely to go into exile in Belen, Paraguay where he lived illegally until his arrest. Prosecuted in Germany, the USA and Australia for abuse, Christian M. Kruse would have abused a seven year old boy when he was a teenager. Since 2010, he is considered “highly dangerous”, and is accused of “crimes of worldwide repercussion” by the Paraguayan authorities. He was arrested at his home on April 12, 2021 just after logging in to the platform. The police seized 2 computers, 5 hard drives, 3 laptops and a modem. His important role as administrator of the platform, “was to accept pedophiles and manage access to what they could and could not see. “Kristian Manfred Kruse’s home in Paraguay : Google map

Alexander G 48 years old from Muhldorf am Inn in the suburbs of Munich is the divorced father of two children aged 11 and 14. However, the computer programmer still lived with his ex-wife in their house, which was split in two, one side for his ex-wife and the other for him. At the time of his arrest as an administrator, also on April 14, 2021, he was working for a children’s publishing house.

Andreas G, 40 years old, cook, was living with his mother in Germany at the time of his arrest. He had a restaurant in Marbella, Spain, from 2008 to 2013 that went bankrupt.

Otto Fritz K, 64 years old, is an unemployed man from Hamburg and happens to be the most active user of the site as well as the biggest contributor of the platform with 3500 photo/video messages of child abuse for which he will be accused

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