BRIAN WARNER – AKA Marilyn Mason – The Agenda’s Agent

Sadism – satanism – masochism – narcissism – torture and sacrifice – coercion – PTSD

Marilyn Manson does not exist. We have all seen his clips, heard his sounds. We immediately visualize the thing. But Marilyn Manson is an invention. An MK project? He is 52 years old and his real name is Brian Hugh WARNER, born on January 5th 1969 in Canton, OHIO.

The stage names of the band members refer to a female star for the first name and a criminal for the name. Twiggy RAMIREZ (bass), Daisy BERKOWITZ (guitar), Madonna WAYNE GACY (organ, samples), Ginger FISH (drums), and Marilyn MANSON ( voice). Possible triggering article : it’s a rabbit hole. There’s a lot of info to give you context. There are quotes from Brian, so take them with a grain of salt without making light of them. The guy has a degree in journalism, he starts at the BBC and when he is first interviewed by the BBC it is to say that he dreamed of being a spy. Later we discover that blackmail is his thing… Brian masters his speech. Millimetre. Socio-maniac. Narcissistic and dangerous. He takes the piss out of everyone. This is “as above / so below” and “in plain sight”: the venomous occultism of the entire entertainment industry. This is not to deny the cathartic aspect of music. But to understand that the only thing we understand about noise today is the “waves”… and that music is an ancient means of mass control. Let’s be clear, Brian Warner is accused of human trafficking. His victims describe acts of torture, Evan Rachel WOOD uses the term “brainwashed”… and this is hardly raised in the articles. Ask yourself: is this an MK handler?

Update May 2021: Esmé BIANCO sues Brian WARNER and his former manager Tony CIULLA and CIULLA Management (CIULLA Management, already trafficking human in 2013 with the handling of Zheani SPARKLES’ trip from Australia to South Africa on behalf of Watkin of Die Antwoord) 1


The person who speaks most about Brian is Brian. As difficult as Brian’s childhood may have been, the problems he encountered in no way justify his serial predatory behavior. Brian’s background is Anglo-German.

About Freemasonry – The Oracle

02 December 2003 question from “illfigure”: “I and many others I have spoken to would really like to know what you thought and what your opinions were about FM, and even if you were not yourself?”
December 13, 2003 reply from Brian: “this question requires a better understanding of what this group really is, before I want to discuss my feelings. My genesis is deep in Bavaria. Things change, new names for old beliefs”.

Brian does what a freemason would do, he doesn’t answer the question. Only a person desperately lonely and afraid that his involvement in a cult will be exposed would take the risk of answering.

The music = The control

  • Brian, about Brian : “I chose that (Marilyn Manson) as the most fake stage name possible to show that this is what show business is all about : fake. Marilyn MONROE was never her real name, Charles MANSON is not her real name, and now I’m taking them to be my real name. But what is real? You can’t know the truth, you choose the lie you like best. As long as you know that everything is a lie, you are safe.
  • Brian, about Brian: “The first article I wrote was about Marilyn MANSON, I wrote it as Brian WARNER, and that’s one of the reasons I had to have a pseudonym, a stage name. I got stuck in the situation with… (he starts again) in which I had created the Frankenstein monster. There was Marilyn Manson, but no music yet. I created an artificial world, maybe because I didn’t like the one I was living in. But that’s what made me make music.”

Brian controls everthing because he was never able to control anything before 

The following information is taken from his autobiography: The long hard road out of hell (1998). Brian says he was traumatized by the Christian educational leaders at the first school he attended, Heritage Christian School. After Heritage Christian School, he was sent to Glen Oak High School in 1987. In 1990, he was a journalism student at Brocard Community College. Brian became assistant entertainment editor of The Observer, BCC’s student newspaper. Brian explains that his rebellion against the Catholic Church was born out of his fear of the antichrist’s end of death. “I became obsessed with it, watching movies, The Exorcist and the Omen, and reading prophetic books – Nostradamus’ Centuries, George Orwell’s 1984, and the written version of the movie Thief in the Night.” In 2015, in an interview for The Guardian, Brian explained that his father worked all the time, that his mother, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease misunderstood and called her son by her husband’s name. Barbara J. WARNER died on May 13, 2014. Brian’s father, Hugh A. WARNER a Vietnam War veteran suffered from PTSD, Brian says his father was “very good at what he did, which was killing people.” More information can be found in Brian’s iMDB bio; where did this info come from? : “While growing up, one of his neighbors repeatedly assaulted him until young Brian told his mother what happened. As an only child, he often engaged in mischievous activities such as adventuring through his grandfather Jack Warner’s sex toys, shooting BB guns with his cousin Chad and creating sex magazines to sell to his classmates. Brian has always talked a lot. He talks about himself in the third person. He knows what he’s saying. When Brian talks about his difficult childhood – which he does with full enjoyment and knowledge of the impact his revelations have on the public – he revels in the empathy and understanding he elicits. Supporters may say that he had a difficult childhood. Brian is fully aware of what he is doing, he embodies the snowball effect, because starification”. But by whom? Anyway, Brian knows what he’s doing when he describes the memories he has of himself as a teenager getting angry at his mother, how he hated Christian School, he was persecuted by the other kids who thought he was gay. Brian also knows what he’s doing when he talks about his grandfather being into zoophilia, without explaining further. The reporter asks Brian if he thinks about fatherhood differently since the death of his female parent. “The closest he’s been to having children before now is the jarred fetus he keeps in his house whose name is Ludwig Von Manson.” We’re on The Guardian newspaper interview huh. In plain sight. All those who will say his nia nia nia, his Nazi passion has nothing to do with accusations of sexual crimes, his words and interviews are not admissible as evidence, let’s understand: nay, what he propagates is terrifying, Brian has always advocated violence.

“Brian’s only friend is his cousin Chad, whom he meets every day after school at his grandmother’s house, Beatrice WARNER, who looks after them until the parents finish their work day. Together they play spies, a profession that Brian dreams of practicing. The person they prefer to spy on is their grandfather, Jack, a retired truck driver. Jack often goes down to the basement to run a small electric train. During their “investigations”, Brian and Chad discover that the basement is not what they imagined. Their grandfather keeps a whole collection of pornographic magazines, old sex toys, women’s underwear, wigs, and even zoophilic pictures. “When I was a kid, grandpa seemed like a monster but as I grew up I realized my grandpa was…well I’m like him so he’s not that bad.”


You have to understand that we don’t say that Brian is a satanic just because he dresses in black and hasn’t come out of his gothic period.

“The ability to make small children cry at the store i like better than the fame.” — Brian 

“Je préfère la capacité a faire pleurer des petits enfants dans un magasin que la gloire”

Brian discusses Masonic symbols: red ring with the square and compass and black ring with a pentacle. Several questions arise regarding his inspirations. His character is the prototype of the “anti-Alice”. A simple calculation to understand: Alice = Lewis Caroll + Disney = MK ; Marilyn MONROE + Charles MANSON = MK. Brian = MK.

The church of satan

He has mentors. You don’t just become the archetypal bad guy by accident. One day, you cross the threshold of the Church of Satan and you say to yourself “oh, that’s great! I’ll be back asap.” Here is a great marketing tool for a metal band: to become reverend of the Church of Satan! Brian receives the title of “reverend” from the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton Szandor LAVEY himself.

Charles MANSON

Brian and Charles MANSON exchange at least two letters. Here is the translation of Charles MANSON’s postcard to Brian (August 2012): 

“It took me a long time to get to where I could reach Mr. Manson. Now I have a card to play: you can check out my nonprofit, ATWA, and give Manson what you think he’s coming for-air, trees, water and you. Or I’ll give him what you think Manson got – the music turned Manson into Abraxas, and I’m sure you’d want some of what I got. It’s a balance (“BALENCE,” on the postcard) that is far from perfect. Beyond good and bad, right and wrong. What you do not do is what I will do – what you did a song, and let go and say how you saved me many steps – I do not need, it is not a need or a desire. Coup d’état – coup d’état. Ghost dancers fought together and you’re just in my grave. Corona-coronas-coronae – you saw me from underneath with all this on me. It’s two dump trucks – doing the same thing as CMF 000007

Lewis CARROLL & Walt DISNEY – the programing’s scripts

Where does the glorification of Baphomet come from in fairy tales for children? How many comic book characters deal with Satanism, torture, kidnapping, sexual violence and sadism? Usually no one asks the question as long as at the end of the tale, good triumphs over evil. Harry Potter books are justified as “encouraging children to read” when in fact they contain the kind of content taught to children in cults. Many authors of children’s classics have been linked to pedophile scandals or occult societies. In one way or another, children’s stories pay homage to the evil idol; Pan. The Narnia series by C.S. LEWIS introduces “Tumnus”, based on the pedo-god Pan. Another common point between authors of children’s literature and pedos: PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange – whose motto leaves no room for interpretation: “Sex before eight – before it’s too late”). It is important to understand that PIE was imagined after former groups such as Lewis CARROLL’s Collectors Guild and the homosexual club, Peter Pan Club (founded by Frank HOUSTON). The real name of Lewis CARROLL, the author of the Alice in Wonderland series, is Charles Lutwidge DODGSON; his two first names Charles Lutwidge Latinized and Anglicized then reversed… The guy was a notorious pedocriminal, he had an obsession: to photograph a little girl naked. Alice. Alice was his obsession. The founders of the underground pedophile networks named them the Peter Pan Club and the Lewis CARROLL Collectors’ Guild because they recognized James M. BARRIE (Peter Pan) and Lewis CARROLL (Alice in Wonderland) as degenerates with an attraction to children. The Lewis CARROLL Collectors Guild was directed by David LECHTON. LECHTON edited a pedo-journal called “Wonderland” in which he published pictures of naked children until his death in 1988. The magazine was sent to Japan, Mexico, Canada …. The Peter Pan Club because the story of Peter Pan of James M. BARRIE it pays homage to Pan. The concept of the “lost boys” of BARRIE is a deviant representation of boys whose emotional development was stopped at the age when they are victims of a first rape and who would have thus inherited the pedocriminal spirit of the god Pan. The programming scripts use traditional nursery rhymes and fairy tales, ancient mythologies that become children’s movies and books. For example The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, Peter Pan, Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Oz’ is Osiris, and mind control was developed in ancient Egypt. Note the word ‘wonder’ used in the last two titles. In this case, the Wonderland programming, the rabbit hole represents the anal passage that the white rabbit (the programmer) penetrates (sodomizes) the victim. All Disney productions are to be considered as programming scripts. We should not forget that the guy was a Nazi. Walt was always fascinated by occult sciences, cartoons, nature and children… Walt asked the designers to make the animals anthropomorphic, so that the spectators would forget that they were watching animals. Bambi is named, the animals greet him as a “prince”, etc. The vast majority of Disney films aimed at children, present very early in the story a) the death of one or both parents b) one or both parents being absent from the film without explanation, the child already orphaned. This is done because nothing invokes the psychic fear reaction of a child more than to experience the loss of a parent. This fear reaction triggers activity in the brain stem, the limbic system.

“Happiness is a mental illness” —  Brian 

Music: an instrument of power

And that’s why we talk about “instruments of power”. All elites have always been organized around music for “god”. This is still the case. Popular music has always been despised, considered the product of the devil, partly because it was played by blacks. The blues that came from Godspel songs. And jazz, which has no rules and is played without a conductor. Think about rappers who imitated gangs to make a name for themselves. Some rappers like Eazy E used their gang affiliation to build their reputation. Real gangster stories. Rappers with no gang affiliations or even a criminal past still rap about it. The result is a great divide between the idea of whether it is acceptable to be a storyteller to promote a concept, or whether rappers should tell stories that they are the product of and can authentically represent. One of the biggest examples of this realization was when Eazy E said that Dr. Dre was what he called a “studio gangsta” because Dr. Dre grew up in a nice middle-class home and had no concept of gang life himself. Dre had good writers who could help him tell stories about that life, but Eazy thought that only the people who lived it should talk about it. That kind of thing still goes on today, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing for music. Bands have to be abrasive to get noticed. Do you think Brian would have succeeded if he was just a nerd delivering the same message on ambient music? Except that rock music claims to be the product of the devil, it’s different. Rock is played by white people with hip instruments. If that wasn’t clear enough, in France, we have the Hellfest festival for example. A devil’s mass? Brian addresses white people, he has a great esoteric knowledge and gives himself the air of an antichristic philosopher. Maybe he is a willing CIA agent? In any case, he assumes his role as an envoy of Satan. Everybody knows the video of Bob DYLAN in which he says he sold his soul to the devil…. but what could Brian have done to get there? It is the teenagers who are the target of Brian and of the agenda in general. The age of teenage crisis, of rejection of everything. The period when minds are formed. The quest for autonomy: and what better and more identifiable than appearance? The more divisive, the better. A priori, nobody is all that attracted by the vocal performances of MM, Alice Cooper, Courtney Love; it’s rather their outrageous behavior, and the fact that they propose something different in addition to wearing a pseudo courage. Courage is not that. Courage is what Brian Warner’s victims have shown by testifying.

 “if you laugh after the rape than it’s not a rape” – Brian


Me me me : His first band: Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids. Considered the worst, biggest, loudest and most dangerous band Broward County has ever seen. The band has galvanized local crowds like never before. Until now he was better known for his role as an agent of evil and his marriage to Dita von TEESE than for any other musical contribution. Brian defines “Marilyn” and “MANSON” as the two phases of his personality “god and satan”. He moved into the former home of the bosses of Chess Record and Rolling Stones Magazine. How many of his acquaintances are dead?

Trent Reznor

Internet comment: “His best songs are those written or produced by Trent REZNOR (one of Brian’s first producers). According to a passage in Brian’s autobiography (The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, 1998), Brian and Trent REZNOR allegedly assaulted a woman while intoxicated. As soon as the book was released, Trent declared that the passage was a “complete fabrication” of Brian. Following the revelations of the last few days, Trent (re)speaks out: “I have expressed over the years my dislike for Manson as a person and I cut ties with him nearly 25 years ago… As I said at the time, the passage in Manson’s memoirs is a complete fabrication. I was angry and offended when it came out and I’m still angry and offended today.” In a 2009 interview, Trent REZNOR described Manson as a “malevolent guy and he’ll crush anyone to succeed and cross any line of decency… Seeing him now, drugs and alcohol rule his life and he’s become a stupid clown.”

Stephen Gregory BIER Jr

According to Stephen Gregory BIER Jr (a.k.a. Madonna WAYNE GACY, organ, samples in the band Marilyn MANSON), Brian spent a huge part of the band’s money on Nazi artifacts (SS typewriters, swastikas on the walls, Nazi government hangers belonging to Adolf Hitler, a handbag that belonged to Eva Braun for Dita Von Teese), on drugs (cocaine and Vicodin) and for the production of the movie “Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll”. Besides that, Brian collected stuffed animals, including a California grizzly bear and two baboons, he also had the complete skeleton of a 17th century man in a wheelchair. Brian also used the group’s money to buy African masks made of human skin and the complete skeleton of a 4 year old Chinese girl.

The Nightmare continues…

In the songs of the band Marilyn MANSON, there is a punchline at the beginning; the tracks don’t last more than 5 minutes, it’s very poor. A video doesn’t shoot itself. The people who work with Brian are paid to ensure their confidentiality. Considering the redundancy of the “naked girls” theme, we can consider that his teams must really enjoy undressing actresses; until now at least, they always managed to find fresh flesh. Imagine for a moment the working atmosphere with Brian. Do they play music the whole time they’re shooting? Imagine this crazy guy saying, “Here, I’ll take my clothes off, stand here and simulate penetration”. Looking at the clips of the band Marilyn MANSON, one comes to wonder if the first passion of Brian would not be a prop maker and if the shootings, the clips were only used as a pretext to show his character of torture executioner, if he only plays his own role. In plain sight. 

Album — Pedophile’s Dream (1994)

The hands of small children 
Diary of a dope fiend
Sxxxxy chicken gang bang
Kiddie grinder (remix)
Sympathy for the parents
Sweet dreams (are made of this)
Everlasting cxxxsucker (remix)
Fxxx Frankie
I put a spell on you…
May cause discoloration of the urine or feces
Scabs, guns and peanut butter
Dance of the dope hats (remix)
White trash (remixed by Tony F. WIGGINS)
Dancing with the one-legged…
Rock’n’roll nigger

Album — Portait of an American family 
Clip — Lunchbox (1994)
There is a little boy in this clip. The shooting of crazy people. Brian is still “in the making” but already he’s putting himself in the position of victim to sell his music and seems to want us to hear “when I was a kid, someone stole my snack so it’s normal that I became mean”. There is talk of cannibalism, but what is in that box?

Album — Smells Like children (1995)
Clip — Tourniquet (1996)
It is morbid, narcissistic, the putrefaction of torment.
Butterflies represent mind control.
A doll in a cage; the story of his relationships with women? At least one child in this clip.

Clip — The long hard road out of hell (1999)

A fetus and a child’s corpse; ah… there they are! Are they from Brian’s personal collection? Two little girls. This is clearly about control. Two women holding their flowers, they are chrysanthemums.
Brian is wearing nail polish, putting his fingers in his mouth. It’s a caricature of the LGBTPZ agenda when he thinks of himself, naked, without his penis hanging out. He has a horn on his forehead (a phallic substitute as a metaphor for his obsession). It’s clearly a representation of Baphomet, it’s über-satanic.

Clip — The Beautiful People (1999)
Prostheses and mind-control à la Clockwork Orange (Kubrick, 1971)

Clip — Disposable Teens (2000)
Brian is the embodiment of a pope; the pope’s headdress can be seen as a symbol of the elongated skull of Mesopotamian mythology; from Easter Island to Egypt, to the Maya and the delusions we have in Europe with hats (the Queen of England in particular).
It is a satanic allegiance; programming and macabre training. Brian hijacks the Christ scene by literally eating the body of Christ; a tribute to the cannibalism of the Rothschild party? A cage, and the fallen angel with a piece of meat on its side. It is a question of sadism “the more you are afraid the more we grow”.

Album — The Golden Age of Grotesque (2003)
Clip — Mobscene 
Directed by Brian and Thomas KLOSS.
Presentation of the agenda, Brian’s enthusiasm for stilts (the circus). Rejection of everything, violence and sex. Two women on a couch, snuff movie atmosphere.Spirals, hypnosis, a cage; allusions to dissociation and mind control. There is also a white peacock (rebirth) held by a girl with a cage on her head.At 44 seconds into the clip, Brian is wearing a kepi; is it one of his own collectibles? An army of zombified women in military-style cabaret outfits in the colors of the German army give the Nazi salute; could this be an allegory for his human relationships?The theme of child abuse is more than recurrent in Brian’s work, in Mobscene, a little girl with a bandage on her head holds Brian’s (decapitated) head in her hands; the trauma that never leaves its victim in pictures. If he is as intelligent as he claims to be, he is not unaware of the meaning of the symbols conveyed. Dita Von Teese appears in the clip in a large cocktail glass (it is only in October 2006 that Dita is on the poster of her “effeuillage” at Crazy Horse (invited by Andrée Deissenberg, the new DG “creation and development” of Crazy Horse).

Clip — Autopsy (2004)
Very very disturbing. Available on Youtube (connection required but on YouTube, no way!!)
This is a snuff movie (what has been seen cannot be unseen).

Clip — (S)aint (2004)
Directed by Asia ARGENTO (duration 3 minutes 57). The story of Brian’s fantasy. In a hotel room with a camera behind him, we will relive what Brian has just lived. The video is extremely explicit (bondage, nudity, sexual acts, drug use). He sacrifices himself live in front of the camera of Asia ARGENTO. Brian has a bloody nose. It is again super narcissistic; Brian masturbates in front of a girl. Another girl, naked, is gagged. During the whole clip Brian repeats “what’s my name”. Eric SZMANDA who plays a police officer in the series CSI / Les Experts appears in drag, a girl with the number 23 tattooed in the neck. Porn, coke, mutilation. Available on YouTube. May 2007 to March 2008: Eat Me, Drink Me tour (Alice in Wonderland)

Clip — Arma-goddamn-mother-fucking-geddon (2009)
Album cover with Heideloff’s “Arms of the Masons” emblem (1515) “Satanic cult gone wild”.The story of his relationship with women – who wear latex masks. More helmets and collectibles. The dollar represented in Nazi colors. He uses his esoteric knowledge as a marketing tool.

Clip — Deep 6 (2014)
Brian passion worms and sphincter. Recurring theme of “the naked girl”; to shoot this naked girls were pulled by the legs by someone dressed in green). Brian is well marked by life. This is pop. 

Clip — Cupid carries a gun (2015)
No clip, no money

Clip — Kill 4 Me (2017)
With Johnny DEPP. Directed by Bill YUKICH. Produced by Travis CULTRERI; director of photography: Matt BASS; design: John RICHOUX. Relationships with women… Again, full of narcissism, spirals, pentacle. The music reeks of production. Johnny is in a control room, he has access to many cameras. It’s a representation of a threesome… and a girl who dies without anyone coming to her aid. Meanwhile it sings “this is a sacrifice”.

Clip — Tattoued in Reverse (2018)
Über-satanic. Extremely sexual and very explicit. Subliminal images of crosses throughout the clip. Representation of dissociation and multiple personalities and mind control. There is a baby doll. In a hospital, a woman undergoes a series of electroshock treatments. After the procedure she throws herself at Brian’s neck: she is transformed and then achieves sexual glorification by being surrounded by faceless people. Another allegory of Brian’s relationship with women.

Clip — Don’t chase the dead (2020)
With Norman REEDUS. Brian and Norman have an accident, they are driving a car. Brian is wounded in the stomach. He emerges from a bloodbath.

Let’s go a little bit further…

  • In the Senate Records of January 6, 1995: Bob DOLE and Dwayne O. ANDREAS discuss the increasing media coverage of violence in music, media and television.
  • In May 1995, DOLE accuses Interscope Records, the record company of the band Marilyn MANSON, of “glorifying violence and submission of women”.
    Brian paints watercolors and also has his own gallery, the Celebritarian Corporation Gallery.

Brian’s cinematographic project that will never succeed. “Phantasmagoria: the visions of Lewis CARROLL”. Brian tried to produce “Phantasmagoria : the visions of Lewis CARROLL” between 2006-2009 – never released in theaters, did not find a distributor). According to the pitch it would be Brian’s interpretation of Lewis CARROLL’s life and his “tortured inability to find love and happiness in his life” (which he would play himself) and the character of Alice played by Lily COLE. The realization has been postponed several times. Some official images were released in April 2010 before the production of the film was stopped again. It would seem that it is a patchwork of torture sequences, halfway between the film under duress and the film of compromise (blackmail). “For lack of means” or rather because he was told he would go to jail if the film was released…. even if it is said that “only Brian and his lawyer had viewed the tapes at the time…” Co-writer: Anthony SILVA; director: Roger AVARY; with Alan CUMMING and Tilda SWINTON.

Everything he does, everything he is. Everything he was designed to represent Satanism. Even his own person. His tattoos for example. Brian has several alchemical symbols on his fingers: Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Phosphorus, Cinnabar, Arsenic, Black Sulfur, Crocus veveri. On the left hand “the signature of Lucifer”. Insta caption “lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical: of all our legends, mythologies and history (and who’s to know where mythology ends and history begins or which is which), the first known radical to the man who rebelled against the establishment and did so so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer”. On the inside of his left wrist, the famous heart-spiral that he would have tattooed on himself “in tribute to Evan Rachel WOOD” for inspiring him…. Brian has total control of his own narrative. He orchestrates everything, also through the publication of his own books. One of them is the autobiography “The Long Hard Road out of Hell” published in 1998. Brian does not write it alone of course, the book of his life is co-written with Neil STRAUSS (another misogynist, a seduction coach). In it, he admits having abused many, many women. He talks about the young fans he tied up and tortured after his concerts. He talks about setting a woman’s pubic bone on fire and fingering a woman without consent in public. And more. He admits to all these cruel crimes, especially since he seems to think it makes his life exciting and subversive. Outside the norm. He sees himself as a victim and becomes a defender of the misunderstood, just after writing that he just tortured a “bitch”. With pride. In plain sight.

We have a guy who says he speaks for the misunderstood but sequesters, martyred and tortured his fellow workers. Who is behind this? Is Brian a spy? In an interview he mentions having dreamed of becoming a spy when he was a kid. Not so secret agent obviously. But an agent all the same: agent of the agenda? Whose agenda? Is Brian just a “wanabee”? From what the research shows, he looks like a soldier, Brian is a little boss. His power comes from blackmail (the compromise videos shot without his victims’ knowledge). Entitled MF who thinks he’s above it all because he’s a “philosopher” and “does metal”… Brian is also an agent of decadence. He is called the “LGBT(PZ+) agenda”. Brian represents himself. Dressed up, wearing breast implants in his videos, album covers and other “artistic” productions. Narcissistic you said? Brian’s metal period ended ten years ago, maybe it’s related to his embrace of the “LGBT(PZ+)” cause. Over the years you only hear arranged chords in production, it’s not metal anymore. Dark pop” at the limit. Whose agenda? Who supports it? Where does the money come from? So far, despite Brian’s lack of talent, we can only see the atrocious durability of his career and what the power has allowed him to do… His explosion and all the times Brian has been publicized depend on his entourage. There is no question of talent in his band or in his watercolors. Shooting music videos costs a fortune, it’s the people behind Brian who have the money. WHO? We have MTV, which has been promoting him for decades (MTV, a subsidiary of Viacom, CBS Networks, EMEAA: MTV + VH1 + VIVA + NICKELODEON + COMEDY CENTRAL + CHANNEL5.) Who buys his watercolors? Who visits his gallery? For years, the people who surround, support and finance Brian have (at choice) let it happen, let it pass or always let it happen and pass. Some of Brian’s relatives and collaborators have contributed to endangering lives in good conscience; others have been instrumentalized by Brian, always with the aim of harming the lives of others.

The press let him get away with everything:

The Guardian – “When Jim MORRISON was arrested in 1969 in Miami for exposing himself on stage, venues cancelled shows, radio stations blacklisted the band and the press turned hostile. But, when Brian was arrested for the same offense 32 years later, the news was met with a worldwide shrug.”

Evan Rachel WOOD talks about bondage washing, it’s completely omitted in the media, shunned. Is it journalistic incompetence? a request from the editors? from higher up? Is it because Brian was recruited by the CIA, in the end? Or is it that in his own egocentric delirium he took on this mission alone? In fact, he proposes a real horror movie to his companions. As his relationships progress, Brian, like any sociopath – narcissist – sadist – masochist – … – gains power, confidence and, of course, experience. We see that he enjoys breaking others. We could say “control freak” if that were enough. It isn’t. Does he plan horror scenarios for every relationship? Does he have chronic sadistic delusions? In one of his biographies available on the Internet, it is stated that Brian plays the “panpipes”. We won’t go back to the Greek and mythological etymology of the root word “pan”; which became “panic” (that’s why the expression “Satanic Panic” of the Church of Satan in the 60’s is an insult to the victims of ritual and satanic crimes and abuse). The expression “playing the flute” also means “lying”. If we assume that Marilyn is taking the piss out of the world as he breathes, it fits pretty well. For Brian, idolizing evil and Satan is the expression of freedom, this is clear in his “career” as in his life. The white gloves (“Phantasmagoria…”).

The people around Brian 

These people are not known by their real names, and this list is far from being exhaustive. Eminem (Remix of The way I Am), Brian MOLKO, Lady Gaga (MK, Satanism, LGBT agenda), Jonathan DAVIS (Korn), Richard KRUSPE (Rammstein, Emigrate), Joey JORDISON (ex-Slipknot), Rob ZOMBIE (Satanism), Quentin DUPIEUX (Wrong Cops)…
Overview of a sample of Brian’s shady entourage :

David LYNCH 

At the beginning of his career LYNCH directed experimental films. Short films whose themes oscillate between the physical and psychological trauma. Brian and LYNCH meet through Trent Reznor. LYNCH offers a role to Brian in Lost Highway (1999). LYNCH writes the preface to Brian’s autobiography – The Long Hard Road Out of Hell. Brian and LYNCH collaborate again in 2011 with the publication of Genealogies of Pain (Catherine HUG, David LYNCH, Brian WARNER) which contains paintings by Brian and “visual works by LYNCH.


In an interview, Alice COOPER: meet in Transylvania…. that is Romania. Transylvania is Dracula, the vampires etc… no coincidences among the satanic representatives.


Brian posts photos of Justin BIEBER: “it’s upsetting when you lend someone a shirt after sodomy and don’t return it. At least it’s being used for a “good cause.””Justin BIEBER OOO the douche show”

Nicolas CAGE

Very recently, on October 20, 2020: Nicolas CAGE is interviewed by Brian. Here’s what we learn in this exchange, which we can easily imagine as being, once again, bullshit. Nicolas’ uncle is director Francis Ford Coppola. Brian calls him “Nick”, Brian and Nicolas have known each other for years, they are very close. Nicolas CAGE who buys his first painting during Brian’s first vernissage. Brian, to Nicolas: “you are a collector.. of art in particular. We talked about the living and dead creators that you accumulate with your fascination of the unknown and inexplicable origins. They talk about numerology mysticism, Nicolas evokes the need for dissociation inherent in the Hollywood acting profession. Nicolas also explains his idea for the script: a 13-year-old boy who can’t stop shouting “cork” makes Nicolas laugh a lot. Nicolas CAGE says he last played in a casino 30 years ago. In the Bahamas. The roulette wheel would have brought Nicolas $20,000. Nicolas explains that he was quick to donate his winnings to an orphanage in the archipelago: “Here, it’s for you”, he would have told the school director and the schools he met.


Collaboration Brian – Courtney LOVE & Marc JACOBS.


With Brian, Shia realizes an “artistic performance”… what would we not do in the name of art… The video is called Born Vilain and features two women, including Shia’s ex-partner, FKATWIGS. They are kneeling on the ground and are obviously naked. A blonde, a brunette, he cuts their hair. We see a kid being touched by an old guy, is it a representation in homage to Brian and his grandfather? We see a doctor, and something that looks like a cage of sensory depravity. One eye removed. Hand over mouth. Needle stuck in the cheek. Eye grafted under the skin. Eye put in the vagina. Screams of torture. A gun. Blood. Available on YouTube. It’s clearly about violence and PTSD.

Die Antwoord

Group composed of : Anri du Toit a.k.a. Yolandi VISSER (“Yo-Landi VI$$ER”, or “Zef”) and Watkin Tudor JONES (nicknamed “Ninja”). Die Antwoord represents the agenda, the name of the group means “the answer” in Afrikaans, it is also an anagram for “Ordained Two”. Let’s note here that they are “vegetarian Buddhists” because it is not very obvious afterwards… Die Antwoord has millions of followers on the internet, they are international stars. Yolandi and Watkin have known each other since 2006, when they were respectively 22 and 32 years old. They are not very popular in South Africa, their tours are in Europe and the USA… Watkin has the $O$ tattoo on his back (understand “SOS” – or “SS” if you remove the “O” which is in fact the symbol of the ying and yang. – Brian, Cara DELEVINGNE and Dita Von TEESE appear in Die Antwoord’s Ugly Boy video with two of their children. Watkin and Yolandi are mentioned in the Panama Papers: created a shell company to avoid paying taxes on their “artistic products”.
Summer 2013: Die Antwoord guy: Watkin Tudor JONES invites Zheani SPARKES, a 20-year-old Australian to come to South Africa. There is talk of human trafficking because it is Watkin who arranges Zheani’s trip. Typical seduction process, she dreams of “seeing elephants”. Watkin is 20 years older than her and makes her consume hallucinogenic mushrooms. Crazy as he is, he goes into a satanic delirium. A “sex magic” ritual follows: Watkin rapes Zheani. To be precise, Die Antwoord’s thing is the “CHAOS MAGICK”. She is traumatized, shocked. Years later, Zheani spills everything in a song: “The Question”. Not only does she get a letter from Watkin’s lawyers to remove her music, her Instagram account is shut down for a few days, but Zheani also receives intimidation videos from Watkin AND Yolandi. Subtle threats or completely on the nose? Zheani’s response? snapping a video of “The Question” on a rooftop and adding screenshots of her exchanges with “Ninja” into her video… Yolandi and Watkin aren’t done with Zheani though. It’s Yolandi who comes back to the charge by completely distorting Zheani’s words to discredit her, Yolandi starts the video with “hello I’m Zef and I’m in a cult” and warns her “and if you don’t believe me, look at the links below”. The two nuts put online compromising pictures of Zheani, quickly deactivated, but the damage is still done. Revenge porn and threats with a huge audience. In another video, Watkin, stressed and condescending, starts by saying that Zheani is a prostitute and that when she landed in South Africa, Zheani was not what he expected “by choosing her from the menu”, he also throws links to pictures of Zheani, “wow”. In a follow-up post, we learn that Watkin chose Zheani because she looked like his daughter… Watkin also says he showed Zhaeani’s photos to his son. Threats and intimidation. Zheani explains that it was Yolandi who contacted her. The Question’s words: “you spent 10 years with the guy – he brainwashed you”. It is Yolandi who defends Watkin in several videos in which she threatens Zheani. Watkin responds in a sound: song that Zheani got “catshit” (that’s their big word since Zheani blew the whistle on what happened to him in South Africa). The 40-year-old’s closing punchline “she stank of pussy”, mature as can be. Their defense technique is to discredit their victim. Zheani also mentions Cara DELEVINGNE who she met in NY and who will do a photo shoot with Zheani’s acquaintances a few weeks after the crimes took place. On the clothes worn -hyper satanic by the way- there is a “cunt” which would be addressed to her (decryption of Edwins Generation).

Watkin et Yolandi ont quatre enfants. 
Sixteen, their biological daughter born in 2005 (or 2006, depending on the source), “by accident,” says Watkin. In 2010, Yolandi “takes care” of Tokkie, a 9 years old boy. At first only on weekends, then, she adopted him permanently in 2010, along with Meisie, 6 years old, Tokkie’s sister. The two children are separated from the rest of their siblings. Small point “living languages”: in Afrikaans “meisie” translates to “girl”; in Dutch “meisje” means “girl” and “meisie” is slang for “girlfriend”. Watkin and Yolandi adopted Jemile in 2015, a 15-year-old. Meisie and Tokkie and Jemile come from Fietas, a rough neighborhood in Johannesburg that the two weirdos say has “always been a ‘big inspiration’ for the band Die Antwoord.” Tokkie and Meisie come from a poor family and both have Christ-Siemens-Touraine Syndrome, a genetic disease. Yolandi says she has always had “a maternal instinct; this connection with the street kids, and the dregs of society”… their family relationship seems to be based on coercion. Children are used as promotional accessories to make millions… original! This is the case of Tokkie whose picture -with 666 t-shirt- is published with the title “he is sure to be the incarnation of the devil”. Excuse me? it would not be a little instrumentalized-used by his parents? it would not be a story of education, programming, etc? According to the information available, the three children adopted by Yolandi and Watkin would stay in the Pankhurst house with au pairs and other educators while Sixteen, their biological daughter, travels with her parents. Sixteen is portrayed in the media as the apple of her parents’ eye, and has appeared in several of her parents’ videos as a topless child with a snake around her neck at age seven. Watkin still has the number 16 tattooed on her face. Sixteen seems to be (or was) part of a group called “The Boy With the Rainbow Face” with Flea (the bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers?) and Sunny (the daughter of Michael Peter BALZARY). When the Zheani affair breaks out, the couple does not assume anything and uses their children to defend themselves, including a vlog of their daughter to rant about the affair. The instrumentalization is total.

Jade CARROLL accuses Watkin or sexual abuse. At 16 years old, Jade had a swastika tattooed on her chest. She makes music. She is photographed at festivals, it makes her known as the “Miley Cyrus of Nazi punk”… In 2014, Jade receives an invitation to the backstage of Die Antwoord in Padova… arrived on site, Watkin bawls “Swastika Girl”. Watkin introduced himself as an expert in the occult and that he kept telling her how much he liked Hilter and how much he wanted to create the same kind of cult. Watkin kept insisting on seeing his tattoo. Jade finally showed it to him and he was like “oh my god, oh my god” and put his hands under Jade’s shirt. Jade spoke after hearing Zheani’s song, The Question, “I was sure she was telling the truth, she said a specific phrase that only someone who has spent time with Watkin could say, ‘he told me I was beautiful and that I look a lot like his daughter.


Asia ARGENTO is the daughter of Dario ARGENTO, the director of horror films.

  • 2004 : Asia directs the video clip (s)AINT of the band Marilyn Manson.
  • 2005 -Asia directs her own film “The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things”, an adaptation of the book by J.T. LeROY – considered autobiographical. Brian has his own role – which Wikipedia describes as that of a “tormented stepfather”. This is the monstrous story of Jeremiah, sexually assaulted by his mother’s ex-boyfriend. Sarah is 15 years old when she gives birth to Jeremiah. The child is placed in a foster home. When Jeremiah is 6 years old, his mother, Sarah, regains custody of him, becomes a stripper, becomes a prostitute and abuses – brutalizes – her son, psychologically and physically. Jeremiah is treated in the most horrible way by his mother and his various “new dads”. Sarah gives her son 7 year old drugs, we learn that she has been giving to her boyfriends. It’s a cycle of abuse, neglect and heartbreak. JT Leroy, author of the book on which this film is based, participated in the production. He has screened the film at several film festivals. It’s disturbing how explicitly the horror of life is portrayed. Frankly, it could be the sequel to Eyes Wide Shut. It’s We’re in the “me-me-me” galaxy, Asia plays “Sarah”. There are also, Peter FONDA, Jimmy BENNET, Winona RYDER (produced MK), Ornella MUTI, John ROBINSON, the twins Dylan and Cole SPROUSE (Cole SPROUSE who plays in the über-satanic-in-plain-sight Netflix inspired series: Riverdale) .
  • 2017: Asia has been in a relationship with chef Anthony BOURDAIN for 2 years. His body is found in his hotel room in Kaysersberg Vignoble in Haut-Rhin, France, on June 8, 2018.
  • October 17, 2017: Asia accuses Harvey WEINSTEIN
  • 2018 : Jimmy BENNET accuses Asia ARGENTO of sexual assault. Child star, Jimmy Bennett, was 17 years old at the time of the facts that occurred in 2013. Asia would have paid money to Jimmy. He also accused her of sexual assault in a hotel room and of “intentionally inflicting emotional distress and lost wages as a result of sexual assault.” He asked for 3.5 million dollars in damages, and both parties would have agreed on 380,000 dollars. Jimmy Bennet began his career very young in commercials, he got his first role at age 7 in The Father’s School, with Eddie Murphy (pedo). That year, he also turns in the film of Asia ARGENTO. Since then, Asia says of Jimmy that he is her “long lost son” or “my son, my love” at each of their reunion. He does supporting roles in Hollywood productions, from The Pole Express with Tom HANKS (pedo) to Hostage with Bruce WILLIS through the reboot of Star Trek, the horror film Esther or the fantasy comedy Shorts, of which he signs the ending song.
  • 2018 : Asia says what hurts her most about Jimmy BENNET’s accusations is being known as a pedocriminal. Ah.
  • 2021 : Asia accuses director Rob COHEN of sexual abuse. According to Asia, COHEN would have mistreated her in 2002 during the shooting of his action movie “xXx – Triple X”. He allegedly drugged her with GHB and she woke up the next day naked in his bed. A spokesperson for COHEN denies these allegations, calling them “confusing” and “absolutely false”.


The director of the “Hostel” films that feature tourists who pay to kill and torture humans. The triangle Brian – Eli ROTH – Lana del REY is involved in the controversy surrounding a rape scene. The controversy? Brian denies having accepted that his music be associated with this sequence….

Johnny DEPP

Johnny DEPP and Brian are very close… Brian is the godfather of Lily-Rose DEPP, the daughter of Johnny and Vanessa Paradis.

  • Johnny would have been inspired by Brian to play Willy WONJA in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (in an article in the NY Post of January 5, 2001 : “MANSON : I’ll play WONKA as Satan”).
  • 2014: Brian, Johnny DEPP, and Ninja (Watkin of the Die Antwoord group)
  • 2015: in an interview with the very serious English newspaper The Guardian, Brian recalls a charming memory. He and Johnny were doing coke and drinking for 24 hours after Johnny dropped his daughter off at school.
    Brian likes to talk about his friendship with Johnny, is it to ensure his meagre sympathy capital? Brian: “I’m the godfather of Johnny’s daughter DEPP. He’s my best friend and I’m the one who gave her her first pair of high heels. Unfortunately, she was wearing diapers when I gave them to her. It was weird when I saw her 14 years later, and Johnny is like, ‘that’s Uncle Manson, he gave you your first pair of heels and changed your diaper. That sounds awful. But it was great.
    Brian, about wanting to have children: “Well, when your best friend is such a good father and has a similar lifestyle, it makes me think it would be nice to give birth. I’d hate for it to be a girl though – because, if it’s a girl, then you have to watch out for all the b*tches in the world. If it’s a guy, you only have to worry about one cunt.
    Another friend of Johnny DEPP was Hunter S. THOMPSON NOW DECEASED. Johnny’s companions : Vanessa PARADIS, Winona RYDER and Amber HEARD… Amber and Johnny met in 2011 on the set of Rhum Express (directed by Bruce ROBINSON, after the book by Hunter S. THOMPSON – author of Las Vegas Parano). They get married in 2015. Amber asks for a divorce in 2017. Since Amber HEARD denounces the domestic violence she experienced when she was in a relationship with Johnny, he has always denied the accusations. In an audio recording (January 31, 2020), a glimpse of the manipulation of which Johnny is capable? Eleven months after the release of this phone call excerpt, a judge finds that Amber was beaten by Johnny. If we try to put some context to this meager excerpt: the fights between Amber and Johnny are frequent. The vicious cycle of domestic violence. She has probably (for once?) responded to her husband’s beatings; and now it’s time for guilt trips and “I’ll leave you” threats. Coercion. November 2, 2020, London’s High Court: Johnny loses his libel suit against the SUN, he appeals. The tabloid called him a “wife beater”. During the three-week trial, the judge found that Amber was beaten by Johnny on 12 occasions. Twelve of the fourteen times he was allegedly violent toward her. Amber and Johnny will once again face off in a defamation case in the United States. Depp is suing Amber over an article she wrote in the Washington Post in December 2018. The earliest the case will go to trial is May 2021. Johnny DEPP, Brian WARNER and a number of other celebrities fought for the release of the West Memphis Three until they were actually released. The three men were accused of the murders of three second grade boys during a satanic ritual in the woods. The leader of the group, Damien ECHOLS, had newspapers about Aleister CROWLEY. If you look at the guy’s interviews, you’ll see that he has an overinflated ego. ECHOLS says things like, “I like it because now, even after I die, people will remember me forever. They’ll talk about me for years. People in West Memphis will tell stories to their kids. It will be like, kind of like I’m the bogeyman of West Memphis. Little kids will look under their beds before they go to sleep… ‘Damien might be under there!'”Johnny has acted AND directed a movie called “The Brave.” According to IMDB: “A down-on-his-luck American Indian, recently released from prison, is offered the opportunity to play the victim of a snuff film, the proceeds of which could significantly help his impoverished family.”


1900 Avenue of the Stars — Twenty Fifth Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067- 4506
— DoJ U.S document. un Stephen D. ROTHSCHILD in this law firm…This firm represents: Dr Dre, Metallica, Pharrell, Van Halen, Carole King, Skrillex, Van Morrison, Tori Amos, Soundgarden, M.I.A., Yeah Yeah Yeah, A Perfect Circle, 2pac, Marily, Manson, Train, Alice in Chain, Sia (MK à fond), Lauryn Hill, Offspring, Brian Setzer, 30 Seconds to Mars (Jared LETO : MK), Iggy Azalea, Goo Goo Dolls, Aimee Mann, RZA, Journey and many more “world-class recording artists and songwriters”.

Howard E. KING 

Howard E. KING, Brian’s lawyer : – (310) 282 8999 (oh my, 666 reversed in the phone number, not at all satanic…)
Between the countless intellectual property cases Howard E. KING is working to :

  • obtaining a verdict in favor of an international superstar following a trial for alleged long-term business arrangements
  • several confrontations in connection with private banking investments of bonuses or deferred compensation
  • successful defense and $8,000,000 claims against a financial institution accused of failing to finance the production of a feature film (is this PHANTASMAGORIA??)
  • a defense of the arbitration of the claims of the former managers’ commission against an international rock star

Detroit, 2002: Brian is fined $4000 after rubbing his genitals against a bodyguard during a concert.

More people

Decembre 10th 2019 : Fondation “Cyndi Lauper And Friends : Home For The Holidays Benefit” at Novo, with Microsoft in LA. With Lily TOMLIN, Margaret CHO, Billy PORTER.


“I like to commit crimes that go unnoticed by the law.” — Brian

It’s time to wake up and stop idolizing false idols. All the haters who are going to come and say that they had it coming: no. Brian seduces his victims via the process of “grooming” predators like Ghislaine MAXWELL, Jeffrey EPSTEIN, pedocriminals and other deranged people. First, the predator seduces his victim. Once confident, and sure of his hold on his prey, the predator turns situations, people, bodies and minds upside down. The more abuse that occurs, the more guilt the victim feels. False information is presented to the victim, the predator has fun doing harm and denies any involvement “it’s all in your head”. This is the escalation. We will see a glimpse of the cruel cycle of domestic violence with Brian. Some of the women who have had the horror of crossing his path have come forward over the past two years, without naming him as the abuser – for fear of repercussions, if that is necessary. Putting words to these abuses is already on the road to healing, and the very expression of courage. As much as he is a rock star and a satanist and a monster, Brian is a man and has been in relationships with women. This is very serious chronic domestic abuse and torture. And human trafficking. Brian did not abuse only women. In Brian’s house, there is a “rape-room”, a room dedicated to rape. There is talk of blackmail, of compromise videos shot without the victims’ knowledge. Brian controls and coerces his victims by depriving them of sleep. Many of Brian’s victims suffer from PTSD. Brian reeks of narcissism. His business reeks of narcissistic manipulation (he has always escaped the consequences, until now). Brian escalates and the audience watches, passive, gullible, naive, asleep. It reeks of experimentation: his victims are brainwashed; all of them fear reprisals and slander. This guy has a real problem at the sexual level, even genital. Maybe that’s why he’s fascinated by rape and sexual violence? and why he wears so many prostheses? and why he uses torture instruments and sex toys on his victims? He does his tricks on the sly” and yet… he is not alone on the film sets. The people around him have endorsed what he’s been doing for years, decades. Brian has been in a relationship with Lindsay USICH since 2015 (since she was 18-19). They were married in 2020 during lockdown. Lindsay is changing her name to Lindsay Elizabeth WARNER.


Brian is accused of sexually assaulting several minors in Florida; the FBI has opened an investigation. A young fan talks about meeting Brian. She exhales with joy. “He thought my braces were cool,” “he asked me how old I was – 15 – and said we’d talk when I turned 18,” “he hugged me,” “he thought I was cute,” “he grabbed me and kissed me on the forehead”…. Video: “I don’t take drugs and I don’t sleep with underage girls”.

Serial predator 

“I really attract crazy whores” – Brian

Le Temps

Jennifer SYME  

On April 3, 2002, Maria St. JOHN filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court, accusing Brian of supplying cocaine to her adult daughter, Jennifer SYME, and ordering her to drive while under the influence. Jennifer is the girlfriend of actor Keanu REEVES at the time. After attending a party at Brian’s house, Brian claims that Jennifer was given a ride home by a designated driver. Once there, she got behind the wheel of her own vehicle and was killed when she crashed into three parked cars. Brian reportedly stated that there were no drugs or alcohol at the party; St. JOHN’s attorney disputes this claim. At the funeral, REEVES carried Jennifer’s casket with Dave NAVARRO and David LYNCH, with whom she had worked as an assistant (LYNCH gave her a small role as a junkie in “Lost Highway” and dedicated “Mulholland Drive” to her in the closing credits). Some obituaries list Jennifer SYME as a former assistant to Brian, however the band’s representatives insist that she was never employed by Brian. Was Jennifer SYME sacrificed?

The Guardian (2017) – “A vampire is a character who lives at night, and preys on young women. He drinks blood. This idea of consuming someone (…) is quite romantic.” – Brian



Revolver Awards Dope Show – Taylor MOMSEN and Brian’s concert: in an interview with Taylor MOMSEN’s assistant on the night of this performance. Taylor’s assistant is there for the stage management: food, water and escort Taylor on stage. After the concert, Taylor has an appointment for an interview. The close relations of Taylor are backstage (friends, manager). In full concert, Brian grabs Taylor by the throat. When she leaves the stage Taylor is in a state of shock, blood flows from her mouth, she repeats in loop “he choked me – we did not plan that – he is crazy – we did not rehearse that”.

Peaches GELDOF

Born in 1989, Peaches is a TV presenter / model… “socialite” her full name : Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa GELDOF. Daughter of Bob GELDOF (musician, UK producer, launched the Live Aid concerts in the 80s) and Paula YATES, divorced in 1996. Paula YATES died of an overdose in 2000.
Peaches has two sisters: Fifi Trixibelle GELDOF, and Pixie GELDOF also described as “socialites” .. and a half-sister: Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily is the daughter of Paula YATES and Michael HUTCHENCE. HUTCHENCE will be found hanged in a hotel room in Sydney in 1997. When Paula YATES died, Bob GEDOLF, Peaches’ father, was given custody of the child. Tiger Lily HUTCHENCE is the half-sister and niece of Fifi Trixibelle and Pixie GELDOF. Peaches wants to be a journalist, at 15 years old, she starts to work for Elle Girl, then she becomes a columnist for the Daily Telegraph and The Guardian. MTV, revenge porn…. Peaches marries Max DRUMMEY at 18 years, leaves him 6 months later,
In 2009, Peaches participates in the 25th anniversary of the International Association of Scientology in Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex. In 2012, she married Thomas Cohen, the singer of the band S.C.U.M, in the same church in Davington where her parents had said yes 26 years earlier. With him, she had two sons, Astala Dylan Willow, and Phaedra Bloom Forever.
In 2013, Peaches became interested in the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), she had the initials OTO tattooed on her left forearm. Also in 2013, Peaches made the names of pedo musician Ian WATKIN’s co-accused public. ((( In December 2013, WATKIN was sentenced to 29 years in prison for multiple sexual assaults of young children, possession and distribution of child sexual materials, “extreme” zoophilic pornography. WATKIN pleads guilty to the attempted rape and not guilty to the rape. His youngest victim is a 1 year old baby. He was sending messages to the child’s mother “if you belong to me, so does your baby”. One of the police officers described WATKINS as an organized pedophile, “one of the most dangerous he had ever come across”. The mothers of his victims were also charged and sentenced to 14 and 17 years in prison. These women were fans of the WATKINS band, their names had been withheld to protect the identities of the two young child victims of the pedocriminal.))) Peaches has to publicly apologize on Twitter, she will also denounce the pedocriminal deviances. In 2014, the media offers several versions of the “unknown” circumstances of Peaches’ death. The first (BBC-Wikipedia), Peaches died on April 7, 2014 of a “heroin overdose” at her home in Wrotham in southeast England, 39 syringes found in a black bag. (Gala) Peaches dies her home, her son Phaedra near her body when the paramedics arrive, issue of “drastic diet to which Peaches submitted.” (L’Express) Peaches is taken to a hospital in London by ambulance from her home in Kent, she dies during the journey. After searching her home, police said they found no traces of drugs and no suicide note. (Daily Mail) The last adult to see her alive was a former drug addict she met in rehab, but her daughter Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily, whose father Michael HUTCHENCE died three years earlier was with her when she left… The day before she died, Peaches tweeted a photo of herself as a child, in her mother’s arms. The parallel with the media treatment of the death of Amy WINEHOUSE seems quite obvious. In any case, the media diverted attention from the only question they had to ask: Did Peaches just want to leave the cult when she “died”? All we care about is that Peaches met Brian_™ they are a couple in 2011. Brian is 20 years older than Peaches. Peaches would have been in a relationship with Brian when she “was young” (The Sun). Madame Figaro article “Marilyn Manson’s doomed loves: ‘others whisper that he had a romance with Peaches Geldof, long before she died of a heroin overdose, in 2014, at the age of 25. Is this around the time of MTV? Revenge porn?


Brian and Jenna (X-actress) meet at a premiere of the adult films Howard Stern – Private Parts in 1997. Brian is married, but that doesn’t stop them from dating.
Jenna breaks up with Brian when he says that he ‘fantasizes about burning her alive’. Jenna talks about a strange relationship. Brian would bite her during sex, leaving bruises, “disconcerting” she says. Brian would never do anything without her consent. She writes about their affair in her “memoir”: “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale”. Jenna reportedly began seeing Manson “on and off” after his marriage to fellow actor Brad Armstrong became “loveless and sexless.”

Evan Rachel WOOD

Brian was in a relationship with Evan Rachel WOOD from 2006 to 2010 – PTSD was he the equivalent of his MK handler?
2016, Evan Rachel WOOD files a complaint and testifies about the abuse Brian inflicted during their relationship from 2006 to 2010. At the time he said he “fantasized every day about crushing his skull with a club”. In 2021, Evan accuses Brian on Instagram on February 2, since then she has disappeared from social networks. During their relationship, Brian hacked her phone and emails, stalker is a weak word. She appears in the clip Heart-Shaped Glasses (reference to Lolita, obviously). In an interview for SELF, Evan explains domestic violence as the vicious circle of the abuser who presents himself as the savior until he thinks it’s his fault.

Instagram ERW : 
“My abuser’s name is Brian Warner, also known to the world as Marilyn Manson. He started grooming me when I was a teenager and horribly abused me for years. I was brainwashed and manipulated into submission. I am done living in fear of retaliation, slander or blackmail. I am here to denounce this dangerous man and call out the many industries that made him possible, before he ruins more lives.” She concluded, “I stand with the many victims who will no longer be silent. Ms. Wood went on to share the allegations of other women against Manson, one of whom reported suffering from “post-traumatic stress disorder” as a result of the reported abuse.”

A little background… Evan was in Thirteen when she was 13 years old. Thirteen, if you remember, is the movie of the turn of the millennium decadence agenda. It’s 2003, and this movie will lead to an entire generation wondering if it’s a good idea to have kids. When she is 18, Evan meets Brian at the Chateau Marmont (in the US, the age of majority is 21). Brian is 36 years old, married to Dita Von Teese. Their relationship starts like that. Soon after, Evan appears in the clip “Heart-Shaped Glasses” pedo-reference to the glasses of the Lolita of Vladimir NABOKOV. Brian promises Evan the “freedom, no judgments… while at the time, when she gets in couple with Brian, people “were rather mean…. I had not yet been exposed to this kind of cruelty from strangers. If people wondered why I was acting like a crazy person or a teenager, it was because I was.” Brian inflicted chronic cycles of abuse on Evan, the couple broke up and got back together, repeatedly. In January 2010, the singer proposed on stage in Paris, but the couple broke off their engagement later that year. Brian threatened Evan with suicide when they broke up. Seduction, vulnerability, control: dress code, food, relationships, called their families from a closet, sleep deprivation … physical violence. Blackmail: Brian threatened his companions to publish photos of them online, Brian published photos of Esmé BIANCO, for example. For seven years after her assault, Evan thought she was going crazy, until she was diagnosed with PTSD. She also revealed how she was raped in a bar after hours. She attempted suicide twice and eventually sought treatment in a psychiatric hospital because of the difficulties of dealing with the consequences of her assault (relationships, mental and physical health).

2019, California : Evan turned his trauma into a bill
Introduced by Senator Susan RUBIO on July 9, 2019, the “Phoenix Act” was signed into law by California Governor Gavin NEWSOM to extend the statute of limitations for domestic violence from three to five years. The law went into effect in January 2020. In testimony before the California Senate, Evan talks about the abuse he suffered at the hands of a former partner (without naming his abuser), “I had the courage to leave several times, but he kept calling my house and threatening to kill himself. Once I came back to try to defuse the situation, he cornered me in our room and asked me to kneel down. Then he tied me up by my hands and feet. Once I was tied up, he beat me and shocked sensitive parts of my body with a torture device called the Violet Wand. For him, it was a way to prove my loyalty to him. The pain was excruciating. It was as if I had left my body and a part of me had died that day.


Esmé met Brian in 2005 – PTSD. They met through Dita VON TEESE to be precise. Both are burlesque dancers. Brian wants Esmé to be in his film Phantasmagoria. In 2009, wants Esmé to be the star of the clip of “I Want to Kill YouLike They Do in the Movies”, he sends a plane ticket London / LA to Esmé. In an email, Brian explains that the clip would be shot with a flip-camera to give the impression of a home video and that Manson would “kidnap” Bianco from his home, he needs a “victim/lover”. Esmé doesn’t imagine that the work in question will go beyond the boundaries of the professional setting. For Esmé, Brian has “gone from being a beloved star who helped the teenage girl she was through some incredibly dark and difficult times as a teenager” to a “monster who almost destroyed her and almost succeeded in destroying so many women.” A few days before the video shoot, Brian sent an email to Esmé: “You’re going to have to pretend you like being bullied by me. Sorry”. As soon as he arrived, the line between art and reality disappeared. Esmé was 26 years old at the time. Brian made her spend the next three days in lingerie, barely sleeping and eating, Manson served her cocaine instead of food. He got angry and threw the camera at a smoke detector. Brian quickly became violent, tied Esmé up with cables, put her on her knees, whipped her and used an electric sextoy called “Violet Wand” directly on her wounds (the same kind of “torture device” described by Evan Rachel WOOD). Esmé was terrified, but she tried to calm herself by telling herself that it was just in her role that they were designing “great art”. A few days after the shoot, Esmé received an email from Brian: it was a photo of her back covered with the scars he had made, “bringing sexy back”. Esmé’s former roommate, Hannah FOX, says her roommate told her about the cuts and bruises as if they were “just part of the business”. Esmé and Brian begin a long distance relationship. Brian visited her in London and arranged for her to travel and stay in L.A. hotels; “pack your lingerie and heels,” he wrote in an email. When they saw each other, Brian would bite her during sex without her consent and leave her body bruised with marks. He said it was just “vicious,” she wanted to believe everything was normal. In March 2011, two years after the shooting of the video, Brian offered Esmé to move in with him and promised to help her get a visa. To complete the immigration paperwork, Brian’s team gives Esmé a written agreement stating that she will play the role of a nurse in Brian’s “next feature film,” Phantasmagoria, which begins rehearsals in mid-July. Within a week or so, Esmé left her husband and moved from London to Brian’s apartment in West Hollywood. She says there was a very brief honeymoon period during which Manson showered her with attention, but he soon began to control every aspect of her life. He dictated what she could wear (he wanted her to wear short dresses with stockings), her sleeping hours (“he would shake me violently if I fell asleep without his permission,” she told the California Assembly), and her comings and goings in the apartment (Esmé had no key). One night, Brian texted Ashley WALTERS that someone had broken a glass in the studio and that “Esmé is going to take the fall. I don’t care. The testimonies are unanimous, Brian’s place is very cold (in the 60s, about 15°C) and the curtains are always drawn. The carpets and furniture are black, and it was so dark inside, that headlamps are required. Inside, no idea what time it is. But no way to challenge Brian, he might get mad and start breaking things. Esmé says that when she moved in, she and Brian agreed to have a monogamous relationship. She soon learned that this would not be the case. Ashley WALTERS says that while Brian was having sex with other women in his studio, he would ask her to watch Esmé or get her out of the house. The former assistant adds that Brian’s bedroom contains a glass closet that Brian can close from the outside, he calls it the “bad girl’s room”.

Bianco spent less than two months living with Brian, drinking heavily to cope. She was often in a dissociative state. Like many survivors of domestic violence, Esmé may have developed a kind of Stockholm syndrome that distorted her reality. Recently, Esmé found a text message she had sent to Brian about her cuts and bruises: “Everytime I move they hurt so good thinking of you. But “Now when I think about it, I feel so ashamed… I was desperately trying to please him and keep myself out of trouble.” Esmé says her breaking point came in May 2011, a month after she moved in, when Brian chased her around the apartment with an ax. Ashley WALTERS recalls seeing Brian threaten Esmé with the blade and says Esmé appeared to be in shock. Discreetly, Esmé began to retrieve her belongings from the apartment, she escaped one day in June 2011 while Brian was sleeping. At first she thought they just needed space, but a month later she broke up with him by email. Brian lied to Esmé, provided transportation (UK-US), harbored her, forced her into involuntary servitude including sexual abuse. Jay ELLWANGER, Esmé’s attorney stated that his client was interviewed by the FBI and gave them evidence that may be related to human trafficking and sex crimes. No confirmation or denial from the FBI. Esmé BIANCO speaks after Evan Rachel WOOD’s congressional testimony. At the time, WOOD did not name Brian. The parallels between their stories and the fact of hearing WOOD denounce what she experienced as “domestic violence” immediately made click in her mind. Esmé no longer hesitates to denounce Brian as a serial predator who has been screaming to the world for decades about how much he enjoys hurting women. “He’s not a misunderstood artist. He deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars.” During this time, Brian’s personal assistant, Ashley WALTERS, managed the trips of Bianco and other women, many of whom were also flown to L.A. with the promise of photo shoots or music videos. Ashley would give the schedule of “who’s at what hotel” to Brian, she says she “didn’t know how far the abuse went at the time.” She recently testified that she too was a victim of Brian’s. (Alex is an anonymous source close to Brian’s circle who snitches.) The Game of Thrones pilot aired while Esmé and Brian were together. He humiliated her by showing her sex scene to their guests. Alex remembers Brian showing her at least four times saying, “That’s my girlfriend, she’s a whore. Look, her boobs are out.” At one party, Brian lifted Esmé’s skirt and spanked her, who was already covered in a bruise – a moment Ashley WALTERS filmed. Esmé often wore lingerie or dresses in the house, and Alex remembers seeing bruises on her arms and back. He didn’t know if they were from consensual sexual experiences and was too afraid of Brian to ask. After leaving Brian, Esmé films two more seasons of Game of Thrones. Ros, her character, is controlled, threatened and tortured by the men around her in some of the most graphic sequences in the series. In one, she is forced to whip another prostitute with a belt and a wooden scepter. In another, she is killed with a crossbow, her bloody corpse hanging from a bedpost. While actors often describe the intensity of shooting violent scenes, Esmé says she felt nothing. In 2019, she tweeted a photo of herself on the Game of Thrones set with fake wounds on her back. The image is eerily reminiscent of a photo from her real life, a gruesome photo she posted on Instagram that same year, taken after Brian beat her up: “the whiplash that got me these injuries was filmed in the name of art. I used to look at this photo with pride because I thought it was a sign of great devotion to my abuser. Now I look at it with horror”.Esmé, Brian and Asia (ARGENTO).


2015 : Brian and Gabriella are in a relationship for about six months. Gabriella had suicidal urges while she was with him.
“Gabriella,” is her handle on Instagram, says Brian tied her up, deprived her of sleep and forced her to take drugs during their relationship. She said she attempted suicide at one point while they were dating. Gabriella: “I met Brian Warner, known as Marilyn Manson, backstage in October 2015.. I was 22 and he was 46… The second time we met, he broke a glass of wine in the hotel room and demanded we make a blood pact together. He bled both of our hands with the debris from the glass… He told me he loved me two weeks after we met and invited me to go on tour with him in Europe. But I don’t have good memories of it because things went downhill quickly. He tied me up for the first of many rapes he committed… Brian would look at her and smile when Gabriella was crying on the floor in the hotel room, the kind of situation that let him know that Gabriella “loved him.” Gabriella: “He called me crazy… He called me autistic. He knew my parents are black and that I shared that DNA too and made fun of my roots… He often bragged about being affiliated with the MS 13 gang and that he could get me or anyone killed… Brian forced her to take drugs that were “more than her body could handle,” she said. She went on to say that her relationship with Brian drove her to attempt suicide. “I repressed that because I felt that no one around me could understand the severity of what I had gone through. I blocked out all those memories, but those feelings remain present and manifest in various ways. The reason I share this traumatic experience is because I want to heal and I refuse to be silent anymore. I am a survivor.”

Scarlett KAPELLA

In 2011, Scarlett is a model. In Mexico City, Brian will subject Scarlett to emotional, physical and sexual abuse. He started out charming and turned into a monster. Brian controlled everything: Scarlett’s outfits, makeup, and even her speech. Abuse of power.


Love, a stylist, victimized by Brian at age 20. Love posted a video describing the incident on her Instagram account. The stylist, who was 20 at the time, went to Brian’s house to help set up a photo shoot with him and an unnamed actress. (The Daily Beast) In 2011: Love recalled three different rooms: the Manson recording studio, a living room and a bedroom inside the recording studio. She described seeing a lot of “demonic” paintings and artwork made of charcoal that were arranged in a circle in the corner of one room. “It looked like he was trying to open a portal, to summon a demonic presence.” She was eventually called into Manson’s room, and she says she saw a glass cage with a lock on it. “I crawled over the sheets stained with [sexual fluids] that [the actress] and Marilyn had just defiled. I looked at [the actress] and she was completely drunk. I don’t know if it was because of [the drug], but she was not coherent at all. She was tripping, she hurt her knee on the nightstand and Marilyn laughed at her and let her crawl on the floor. So I ran over to help her, and as I was holding her and trying to get her to find her balance, Marilyn put a gun to my head. A big Glock, a metal Glock. It wasn’t a toy – it was a real gun. He pointed it right at me and said, ‘I don’t like faggots,’ laughing in a very dark, aggressive tone.” Love Bailey describes herself as “a trans woman.” “Feeling that it wasn’t a joke at all, I was stunned.” Love felt forced to keep the incident to herself for years, mostly out of fear of being blacklisted by photographers and the fashion industry as a whole. Evan Rachel WOOD’s testimony allowed Love to go public with her experience. “I’m sorry it took so long for this story to become public. But I’m glad I can finally share the truth.”

Chloé BLACK 

Brian abused Chloe, a musician, ten years ago. He deprived her of sleep, verbally abused her and physically hurt her. He “said racist and anti-Semitic things and mocked her outrage” and belittled her for listening to “black music. In anger, Brian would throw glasses against the walls. One night, she thought he was “really” going to kill her. Telling her “something so dark, so violent and so incriminating” that she thought there was no way he was going to let her out of that house alive.


Keay, an artist and author, accused Brian of emotionally and financially abusing her for several years beginning at age 19. She has been the victim of harassment, stalking, and cyberstalking, in part by people associated with her.

Torii LYNN 

Torii was also a victim of Brian. It took her years to understand the harm he had done to her and her family.


Sarah McNEILLY, a model, said that Brian lured her by “pretending to be the perfect boyfriend.” When he succeeded in seducing her, Sarah understands that he tortures other people. It doesn’t take long for him to start torturing her and isolating her from her friends. Brian would lock her up when she didn’t behave the way he wanted her to. Sarah was emotionally abused, terrorized and scarred. Brian kept her away from her loved ones and threatened to harm them if she disobeyed, telling stories of others who tried to talk whose pets ended up dying. A sicko who threw her against a wall and threatened to hit her in the face with the baseball bat he was holding… for trying to get her to pick out pants before a music video! She has seen him stage situations and hide objects to justify his violent outbursts. Sarah’s personal and professional lives have severely suffered as a result of her relationship with Brian, Sarah now suffers from PTSD and mental health issues. “I think he gets off on ruining people’s lives,” she says.

Ashley Lindsay MORGAN 

In 2009, Brian contacts Ashley, actress and model, they meet soon after. And their relationship quickly becomes “dark”. There was abuse, sexual violence, physical violence and coercion. Ashley has night terrors, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and disabling obsessive-compulsive disorder. Brian deprived Ashley of sleep, throwing her out at 3 a.m. without any clothes on because she fell asleep. Among other things, the vampire got Ashley to believe that burning, cutting and punching in the mouth was “their thing.” And “Brian continues to do this to other young girls, and cause irreparable damage.”


Ellie, singer of the group Wolf Alice. During a music festival a few years ago, Brian films the bottom of Ellie’s skirt without her knowledge. Brian keeps on complimenting Ellie’s band and she starts to be suspicious of his behavior. There had been no repercussions against him; his tour manager said he “did this kind of thing all the time.” “How could he headline festivals for so many years? When do we stop allowing misogynists to speak out because of their success?”


Sasha, a model and makeup artist, describes Brian as a scary person who controlled how she dressed during their relationship. Sasha says her experience is less terrible than the other girls’, but Brian is “the most terrifying human being” she has ever known, and that he is “far more powerful” than he should be. According to Sasha, he has abused and silenced countless women for decades.


AshleyWALTERS is a photographer. She was Brian’s personal assistant, contacted on social networks in 2010. Ashley explains that Brian subjected her to “psychological abuse” and that in his presence she often feared for her safety. “In the beginning, he would put me on a pedestal and tell me I was saving his life. He manipulated those around him and dictated to us what we should consider reality. He normalized horrible behaviors and crazy scenarios. I felt like I was his property, he proposed sex with me to satisfy his co-workers and potential future friends… He isolated me from my family and friends… He was often violent, throwing objects, including glass plates and heavy objects.” Ashley has suffered from PTSD and depression since she met Brian.

Brian also tortured men 

Jonathan PAVESI

At 18, Jonathan was Brian’s assistant. Brian regularly paid Jonathan to (literally) “beat the crap out of him.” $100 so Brian could unleash his nerves on Jonathan. Once, drunk, Brian put $500 on the table and went on a rampage against him.


Years of abuse and torture, provocations. Brian and Jenna JAMESON allude to this in their respective autobiographies.


1998 – Backstage, after a concert, Brian intimidates Mark (editor of SPIN Magazine). Brian threatens to kill him and his family. 2 bodyguards grab Mark by the throat… while Brian watches these gorillas at work : “this is what happens when you disrespect me”. Years later, he brags about it in an interview. And tells a completely different version of events … and unlikely, even more guilty (is he wrong victim?) he would have put a Glock in the loop of the editor and would have taken refuge in Trump Tower. X procedures following this case. The lawyer will eventually say that the event took place: “it lasted two seconds” and that Mark “took his hands out of his pockets, he knew the risk.”

Brian’s words after the February 2021 accusations

“Obviously, my art and my life have long been magnets for controversy, but these recent claims about me are horrible distortions of reality. My intimate relationships have always been entirely consensual with like-minded partners. Regardless of how – and why – others now choose to distort the past, it is the truth.”

Consquences ?

Apart from the cover-up of the entertainment industry – he’s been running free and advocating violence for (at least) 20 years: helped by his entourage, the media and the infamous promotion of what he stands for: it’s all well and good to disassociate yourself from him today, but everyone knew. Once again, no one could ignore. That the victims hid the abuse from their loved ones, out of shame, is OK. But Brian’s friends and various associates knew. Some talk years later.

Many have blown the whistle before..

Charline YI

In 2018, actress Charline YI was rocking Brian. As a “big fan of the show” he had come to the shooting of an episode of the last season of Dr. House. On the set he “harassed all the women” with sexual comments to women.

Internet Commentary: “I’ve been a fan of his music since a teenager in the 90’s but it’s not hard for me to not listen to art produced by a rapist, sadist, you know, piece of shit. The man wanted to be the devil, well he got what he wanted. Good for him. I hope we get to see him cry a river of lava from hell in some kind of apology video.”

Phoebe Bridgers

 “I went to Marilyn Manson’s house with some friends when I was a teenager. I was a big fan. He referred to a room in his house as a ‘rpe room’, I thought it was just his horrible sense of humor. I stopped being a fan. I support all his victims. The label knew, the management knew, the band knew. They are distancing themselves now, pretending to be shocked and horrified is fucking pathetic.”

Thread Twitter @Phoebe_Bridgers


Wes BORLAND (Limp Bizkit) has a short experience with Brian and the band Marilyn MANSON in 2008. He expresses himself following the revelations of Brian’s victims: “I was in his band for nine months. He’s not a great guy. Everything people say about him is true. …] The people who [say bad things about] these women… Fuck you. They are telling the truth. I feel sorry for everyone who is a fan of his music – he’s incredibly talented, but he’s totally fucked and he needs to be brought under control. He needs to get sober and he needs to face his demons. This guy is a bad person. I was there when he was with Evan Rachel Wood. I was at his house. That’s not fucking cool. That’s all I’m going to say about that. So if someone is picking on these girls, fuck you. That’s all I’m going to say. Sorry to break the mood, but this guy needs to be put out of business.

Rose McGOWAN et Dita Von TEESE


Brian is in couple with Rose McGOWAN from 1999 to 2000. A bit of background: Rose grew up in Italy with her parents at the Children of God (the monster John of God, linked to the talk-show witch, Oprah WINFREY, is no longer in the news). When her parents returned to the US, her mother put her in rehab at 13. At 15, her boyfriend, William, is 20 years old, he is violent. She was engaged to Marilyn Manson.

Washington Post 2018 :

“Her relationship with Marilyn Manson was very good, thank you very much. Despite the fact that the press called him the antichrist, the singer was a very sweet person, and the couple had a pretty boring domestic existence, she recalls.”

VIDEO 2021: Rose McGOWAN explains that MM never had an abusive or harassing attitude towards her but considers that “it has nothing to do with what happened to others, before or after me. Interscope Records and Sony were with him during the Evan period. They know and are complicit. All the managers, the agents, the lawyers… the Hollywood cult has to fall.”


Brian is in couple with Dita VON TEESE from 2001 to 2006. They met during a vintage clothing sale. They get engaged on March 22, 2004, and seal their union in December 2005, in a gothic mansion in Tipperary at midnight. Dita leaves him on December 25, 2006, the divorce is pronounced in December 2007. Dita is surely the breakup that Brian has not been able to recover. Dita had already talked about her relationship with Brian. In an interview for SPIN Dita explains that she separated from Brian on Christmas Day. Would he be traumatized by his separation from Dita? He must have fallen off his pedestal, that’s for sure. Because about ERW, Dita says “she’s being molded; trained.” April 17, 2017 – KNPR: Dita in an interview with Harper’s Bazar. On her divorce from Brian Warner. Things “became clear to her.” She explains how the divorce process works in California: “you have three: mental illness – tempting -; annulment; irreconcilable.” She took the third one, “encompassing”. The reporter asks Dita about Brian’s new girlfriend: Evan Rachel WOOD. Dita: “she is going through a make-over right now”. All the celebrity press of the time reminds us that Evan is very gothic-burlesque during his relationship with Brian. Brian controls the appearance of his companions. Dita acknowledges that she has been “lucky” to avoid any abusive episodes in the entertainment industry during her career, and attributes this in part to always having “very distinct boundaries” and always being “surrounded by her assistants.” The Female First article is not very clear: is it an easy amalgam on the part of the editor to deflect attention? did she have an assistant with her when she was married to him? to protect herself from her husband?! However, Dita says “something happened that was hard enough to move out on Christmas Day after six years of relationship. Brian has always done everything right in everyone’s face: in the NY Post: “In real life, Manson owns the former skeleton of a 7-year-old Chinese boy and reportedly keeps a torture rack in his dressing room”. In 2020, Dave EVERLY of Metal Hammer magazine talks to Brian on the phone. Dave EVERLY mentions the allegations made by Evan Rachel WOOD and Esmé BIANCO against him. He answers “rumors”. The line cuts after Dave asks again. The magazine offers a right of reply to Brian’s team. Here’s their response: “Personal testimony is just that, and we think it’s inappropriate to comment on that. You go on to talk about Manson being accused of ‘terrible things’ by anonymous ‘critics,’ but you give no indication of who these critics are or what these things are, so it’s not possible to comment.”

Statement from Dita released following the accusations: “I am taking the information that broke on Monday about Marilyn Manson. To those who have expressed concerns about my well-being, I appreciate your kindness. Please know that the details that have been made public do not match my experience of our 7 years together as a couple. If that had been the case, I would not have married him in December 2005. I left 12 months later due to infidelity and substance abuse. Abuse of any kind has no place in any relationship. I encourage those of you who have experienced abuse to take steps to heal and have the strength to fully realize yourselves. This is my only statement on this matter. Thank you for respecting this request.”

Any real backfire ?

His label Loma Vista Recordings, his longtime manager; and his talent agency, CAA, have all dropped him. Loma Vista Recordings has said it will no longer work with Brian, while U.S. television network Starz has said that Brian’s appearance on the series American Gods will be removed from an episode of the new season. No hearing, no trial, no arrest and yet his record company and producer have already dropped him, based on ALLEGATIONS! The FBI has since opened an investigation. Cops invaded Brian’s Los Angeles home last Wednesday after receiving a call requesting a health check. A representative later assured officers that Brian was fine and just didn’t want to leave the house because of the media presence. He is free.


Letter from Rep. Anna V. ESKAMANI, addressed to FBI Director Christopher WRAY and Acting U.S. Attorney General Monty WILKINSON: “I request that the U.S. Department of Justice immediately meet with the alleged victims and investigate the very serious charges. As a long-time advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. I have seen firsthand the traumatic effects of emotional, psychological and physical control by an abuser. Victims are often not believed or are forced to remain silent, especially when the alleged perpetrator is someone in a position of power and/or has celebrity status. This is why I implore you to take action. These alleged cases against Mr. Warner come from all over the country, but I have also been made aware of victims in Florida and I ask that you take steps to immediately investigate these complaints. I thank you for your time and consideration for prompt action on this matter. I would greatly appreciate any information you can share on the progress of this investigation as you move forward.”

“You know who you’re fucking with” — Brian 

Brian’s charitable commitments (typical of 21st century people: “be vegan and let me torture you”). Brian serves the agenda and makes money, contributes to embezzling funds and probably much worse. He is in contact with children, teenagers. And donors: Make-A-Wish Foundation (2002), Music for Relief (2004), Little Kids Rocks auction (2006). In 2006, Brian became the benefactor of “Project Nightlight”, a foundation based in LA that releases short films, music and clothing to attract teens and (hang on) encourage them to speak out against sexual and physical abuse. In 2007, Brian donated a Gibson guitar to Music for Life after a concert in Belgium. Where else should you look? Wake up. This is about public interest, mental health, protection, assistance to people in danger. The evil has no sex, hybrid. The revelations of some, the denials of others, all happened via Instagram in recent days. On the other hand, we must not forget that predators are also rampant on Instagram. In the image of James FRANCO, accused by a 17-year-old girl of having proposed a date at the hotel in 2014. Unbelievable: the article of The Cut ends with “April 1 is behind us, but the public persona of James FRANCO is very April Fools every day. Don’t forget that the media is not on our side. Don’t forget that Ed Westwick, the Goosip Girl actor accused of rape by four women, just opened his TikTok account. In plain sight. On TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube… you can’t say anything without being shadow banned and having your videos removed, but no problem when it comes to porn-mutilation-snuff-movies a la Brian. Who controls Brian? If the guy who is the antichrist in metal is not controlled, what is the point? The FBI has opened an investigation. Brian WARNER is worse than Marilyn MANSON.

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