OPERATION AZRAEL : Belgium (2019)

3 June 2020

A large pedo ring :  Update 2020 – trial : Shabby sentences, a botched trial, a pedophile network once again protected. French Article. The Accused […]

One unique ring

29 May 2020

From the Zandvoort pedophile ring, many other rings are connected. We tried here to show all the ties and links between people of interests. Note that we could also have add Pizzagate and cases from all over UK but it would have been useless as the goal here is only to prove that everything is connected… There is not numerous pedorings, there is only one and only.

Coral Case

26 May 2020

The Coral was a place of life responsible for welcoming young people in difficulty (psychiatric illnesses, autism, etc.). The place was directed by a specialized […]

Outreau Case

26 May 2020

December 2000 – FRANCE : the accusations of Myriam Badaoui and Thierry Delay children, a couple living in Outreau in Pas-de-Calais. Their four sons were […]


20 May 2020

The CD-roms of Zandvoort” is a case which was exposed in 1998 and which highlights a huge and extremely organized international pedophile’s network. CP videos […]

Dutroux Case

20 May 2020

Marc Dutroux is the worst paedophile Belgium has ever known. Well… At least, according to the MSM and the corrupted justice. Because Dutroux was indeed […]