COVID 19 – The Plandemic

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Around this plandemic, different actors come into play. Several theories are discussed concerning the origin of the coronavirus, COVID-19, but what interests us is above all to understand everything that is playing out behind this exceptional health situation.

  • GAVI : the Global Alliance for Immunization (future supplier of RFID vaccines) This alliance, launched in 2000 at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, aimed to protect the most vulnerable children in the world against infectious diseases vaccine-preventable. It brings together WHO, UNICEF, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The World Bank, research agencies, donors (governments, associations, foundations, NGOs, vaccine manufacturers) … See here Gavi has already tested this biometric vaccines in Bangladesh.
  • FONDATION BILL & MELINDA GATES : is at the origin of Gavi, they financed it with 750 million dollars in 1999. Source. A simulation of a global coronavirus pandemic (Event 201) took place in October 2019. In this simulation, the scenario, which was created by the Johns Hopkins Center, 65 million people dies. Source. Bill Gates is in the process of delivering the vaccine / covid19 through the Pillbright Institute. Source. The global vaccination plan has also been a project of the European Union since at least 2018. Source.
  • France, ARK(owned by Arpad Busson, tied to pedophile rings), JP Morgan : are their donors. Source. W.H.O launched the “pandemic” status and so the confinement. Source. It recommends quarantining patients with covid-19 (therefore children) . Source. It is suspending tests on hydroxy chloroquine following the results of the “The Lancet” study. (A scientific journal which belonged to Robert Maxwell, father of Ghislaine in 1991). Source. On September 12, 2019, at the “World Immunization Summit”, the EU and the WHO announced the “10 actions towards vaccination for all” Source. UNICEF advocates vaccination without which thousands of children may die. Source.
  • ROCKFELLER FONDATION : In 2010, they produced a report, “scenarios for the future of technology and international development”, which presents 4 possible scenarios of the evolution of the world, one of which is called the Lock Down. It is a containment, biometric identification protocol (see page 18 of the report). The report mentions a more authoritarian form of government control and a growing decline in citizenship. Source. The foundation recently launched a massive covid-19 testing program, targeting 30 million people at an estimated cost of more than $ 100 billion. Source.
  • MICROSOFT : The company facilitated the implementation of telework deployed during the containment period. Source. Microsoft filed in March 2020 a patent on a crypto system that would use sensors that measure users’ bodily activity. All this data would then be transmitted to a server and treated as “proof of work”. We can easily make the link with the global vaccination project and therefore the digital immunity certificate.Source.
  • NICOLE JUNKERMANN : The company centralizes health data via the Health Data Hub project launched in 2018 co-piloted by OWKIN, a Nicole Junkermann company. Nicole Junkermann, another of her companies is involved in monitoring data by locating people affected by the virus: Carbyne. Source. Michael Pressigout was OWKIN’s CEO and worked for the Pasteur Institute. He was also part of Accenture… Is it a coincidence? Obviously not, this is how the N.W.O works! Also, even if it’s not completely tied to the plandemic, note that Junkermann bought many companies but works and has given leadership to former mossad’s agent and/or gov’s officials that has ties with Israel and/or secret services. Such as Ehud Barak, Amir Elichai, Pinchas Uchris, Michael Chertoff and many more… One question : WHY ? Should we mention the fact that she got a powerful place within the NHS, accessing all Uk citizen’s health data ? Again, WHY ?…
  • ACCENTURE : The company (Artificial Intelligence) contributed to the implementation of the StopCovid mobile application, intended to warn of possible contact with an infected person. Another pretext for the population to agree to be traced! Source. Accenture and Microsoft have a long history of collaboration. Source.
  • IDEO.ORG is an organization that designs products, services and experiences to improve the lives of people in poor and vulnerable communities. They designed communication tools in the context of protection linked to the epidemic.Source.

  • These different actors have come together and form a partnership. These partners act within the framework of an electronic identification program which uses generalized vaccination as the basis of digital identity: Agenda ID2020. This project has certainly been in play for years, but the decision to apply it was taken at its summit, entitled “Rising to the Good ID Challenge”, in September 2019 in New York, and confirmed in January 2020 at the Forum Davos World Economic Center (GEF). Source. Now let’s take a look at the ID2020 board of directors: All members are linked to Microsoft, JP Morgan, some pharmaceutical companies, Rockefeller Foundation, Accenture, Clinton Foundation, Cemex (linked to a pedosatanic scandal), the UN or even the CDC . The father of Kristen Gillibrands, one of the council members, was the lawyer for the NXIVM cult. WHY?


Agenda ID2020 would be part of a government program called REAL ID Act of 2005. It is government mandated that links biometric data to driver’s licenses and other types of identification.. Source. One last thing… Nicole Junkermann is the company head’s of SWARM. This company is deploying a large quantity of satellites to provide Internet to the whole world. The 5G electromagnetic waves will thus be able to interact with the microchips contained in the vaccines and this on every inhabitant of this planet! And this, along with Elon Musk and Bill Gates. Move along, nothing to see ? Certainly not !


Conspiracy or no conspiracy? Above all, you have to be a hell of a moron not to – at this stage – take the time to do a minimum of research and swallow the bullshit of CNN or other piece of shit of a MSM as gospel speech. Ignorance of the masses will be the death of others. Wake the fucking up!



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