CPS AUSTRALIA – Another Pedo Ring

Every day, the team scans the news to see if any networks, or anything like that, have been found around the world so that they can be investigated. This is because very often connections to other cases are found. Today, it is on an Australian ring that we fell. And guess what? Child welfare involved. The 4 German cases (Berglish, Munster, Eichwald, Staufen) highlight the complete culpability of these services that traffic on behalf of small elites and their governments, or Kentler case who, for 30 years and under the recommendation of the German government placed children – voluntarily – with paedophiles. We will call it the Townsville network now called the “pedo capital” because of the crime’s rate and pedos ring found..


  • City : Townsville (Australia)
  • Arrests of the social worker the 17rd Septembre 2020
  • Victims : Kids and Dogs !
  • 12 identified victims for now (2 boys and 10 little girls)
  • Ages of the victims: from babies to 16 years old
  • The ring lasted from 1995 to 2020
  • Main suspect got 104 counts including rape, bestiality, and drugging victims.
  • 3 other pedos “suspected” were arrested
  • Pedoporn have been find
  • The victims were exchanged to one pedo to another
  • Some abuses have been made inside the social services structure
  • The pedo’s kids have been victims too
  • The special investigator is : Senior Sergeant David Miles
  • No one tells the name of any of the pedos involved not even the name of the social services involved…
  • Le trial is planned for 29rd september 2020


The man worked in a social center for children, where he started his paedophile network. Of course, as always, we have strong reservations about the fact that he is the head of the network because, as always, it’s people of power who hold the strings and we don’t see why it should be different here. A poor guy working as a social agent cannot intellectually or financially manage a pedo network. Moreover, 25 years of impunity of course raises the big stone of judicial “protection” during all this time. This little whore drugged the children before abusing them and filming/photographing them. Not limited to children, the dogs were also one of these targets … What is very, very strange is the number of paedo networks in the area of Townsville. In 2016, A VERY SIMILAR CASE busted in Townsville, with the same process (drug given to children) and it is not the only one. Far from it…In2008, in 2009, in 2011, in 2016, in 2020, paedo networks are falling in this city… Can you feel it, the big state network? We do.


A 39 year old man – Townsville – Employee of the Children’s Social Centre

La The so called head of the network according to the media and the police. 104 counts with also drug use on children and zoophilia .

Man – 33 years old

Charged with six counts of distributing child pornography. The man was also charged with using a transportation service to access child pornography, producing and possessing dangerous drugs and possessing stolen property.

Woman – 38 years old

Has already appeared before the Townsville Court of First Instance for possession of paedo content, distribution of paedo content and burglary.

Woman – 49 years old

Was cautioned on three counts of bestiality.

Pedophilia, zoophilia, drugs, social services, almost complete media silence. These are the words that describe this network. This case is extremely recent (48 hours), that is why it will be necessary to make regular updates because for the moment, there is practically no information allowing the identification of the social center or the persons involved. Also, Townsville seems to be a network landmark. We are therefore investigating the 5 network cases of the last 15 years in this region because we might find links between them…



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