DAISY DESTRUCTION – Peter Scully – The worst case you will ever heard of…. [2015 – 2017]

WARNING – We do not recommend reading this case to sensitive people and/or victims of abuse. Also, do not look for the term daisy destruction in google image, they allowed the uncensored of some images and, even blurred, you will never get over it.



A few years ago, when I really started investigating child pornography rings, it was on Daisy Destruction that I wanted to see how far the ring could go. For some, Dutroux is the worst case. For others, it is Zandvoort. For me, they are all as horrible as each other, but the Daisy Destruction investigation is and will remain the one that, still to this day, sends me back flashes of atrocious images, unfortunately seen during my investigation. I personally would have liked to become amnesic. During my first investigation, I came across a forum where the video was discussed. The irony was that, in the discussion I discovered on this forum, a conversation maintained by pedophiles who, themselves, said that the video was unbearable to them and made them want to vomit. Believe me if I tell you that this issue would break even the most insensitive man in the world. Even today, I still wonder how it is possible to have such a sick brain to be able to enjoy seeing this kind of ignominy and even worse, to be able to produce it. The images are so horrible, that for many years, despite the fact that many people tried to publicize what was happening, “Daisy Destruction” was categorized as URBAN LEGEND. Fake news probably emanating from the same elites who paid $10,000 to access this video. Yes, the video was sold for $10,000. That’s why today I decide to talk to you about this case because even if this kind of network rarely falls down, they abound. Networks created, maintained, financed by elites around the world. Who can afford a 10k$ video? Who can? Do you get it? The videos were VOD (on demand), available on Peter Scully’s NLF site. Peter Scully is one of the biggest sons of bitches the earth has ever allowed to see. One of the biggest scumbags who, beyond even an execution, seems to me to deserve the worst torture, for life, as an almost dignified punishment for what he did. Forgive me for having the duty to lead you into the putrid depths of the abyss of the elites of this world, through the full narrative of what Daisy Destruction is, its connections and ramifications. I will not retain the most shocking facts. Hiding in her bubble and ignoring what is happening, to this day, is totally inadmissible and unacceptable. For it is by understanding the horror of the world we live in that we can truly realize the need for action. Daisy destruction, the worst case I have ever dealt with…


Peter Scully Pedoring
Peter scumbag Scully

This little shit was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1963. Married with two children in the 2000s. At a distance, he runs an escort site where he prostitutes his Malaysian girlfriend to get money. At the same time, he defrauded hundreds of people in a large fraud linked to a real estate project which does not actually exist and from which he would have embezzled 2.5 million to his investors. There, he fled to Manila in the Philippines. He then moves to Mindanao, a small island on which his paedophile network will be set up. He will have two different places to live, first renting a house and then leaving for the last place where he was arrested. There, his three girlfriends will help him, Carme Ann Alvarez (alias Angel) Liezyl Margallo (alias Lovely) and Maria Dorothea. The modus operandi was to propose to poor families to take care of their children, offering to provide them with education and a decent lifestyle. Others were simply brought in by the whores who worked for him from the poor streets of the city. In 2015, one of these accomplices was caught and would later help the police who could carry out the operation to arrest him. But in the police office where all the evidence (USB keys, hard drives, computers, cameras etc…) is located, a fire will burn all the evidence… He will still be imprisoned for life. But basicly, it was death that had to wait for him. The Philippines abolished the death penalty in 2006. However, there are exceptions and Scully will not fall under these exceptions. “Legislators supporting President Rodrigo Duterte’s murderous crackdown on drugs agreed to remove the crime of rape from the list of crimes punishable by the death penalty.” Just so you know, it was the country’s Catholic Church that made it possible to remove the death penalty in 2006 . In order for these crimes not to fall within the exceptions for the death penalty, one thing is CERTAIN. These contacts were so high up, the real elite behind it, that they managed to protect Scully. What politicians, what managers of multinationals, what men of power have managed to change the law so that he doesn’t die? We are speechless… The judge himself wanted to have him killed… Note also that the list of the people “financing” his trafficking, known to the police, will never be investigated, nor worried, nor judged and, of course, their names will never be communicated. There has been quite a distribution of money, I guarantee you that… Don’t omit the end reading stipulating where the case is. You won’t believe it…


Daisy 1 year*

  • Daisy Destruction is sold for $10,000. She is part of a series of 5 videos. All sold at this price.
  • The “company” exploiting the traffic is called No Limits Fun (NLF).
  • The video was first not on the darknet but made available by/on GOOGLE, accessible to anyone who knew the name… Then it ended up on the darknet.
  • For you to understand the evil incarnate that is Scully, here’s what he wrote in the intro of the video “Come and see the mental ruin of a child, his lost innocence, used as a tool, she will learn to please her mistress, her body will be ravaged, her dignity stolen” Tell me now that he doesn’t deserve to be tortured…
  • The victims are Liza (12 years old), Cindy (11 years old) and Daisy (1 year old).
  • Children are raped, tortured and forced to do these same things to each other when Scully’s accomplices do not do it.
  • Daisy, the 1-year-old baby, is suspended by her feet in the video. The sexual abuse she suffers in front of the cameras is too horrible to describe. Hot wax poured on her parts, tape over her mouth to muffle her cries of torture because she screams so loudly that the son of a bitch is afraid that someone will hear. She is also brutally beaten and whipped with a belt…
  • The waste that deserves the most extreme torture for the horrors committed, that inflicts all this on poor little Daisy is Liezyl Margallo.
  • The cops who had to watch the video will have a hard time doing so, according to them, it is the worst child pornography video they have ever seen in their lives. Many suffered extreme psychological trauma and were then followed closely.
  • Little Cindy was tortured with machetes, in addition to all the other abuses, and was strangled by Scully, who considered it too “damaged”. He filmed the scene separately from the main video (so he probably would have sold it too…).
  • Margallo, the whore who is masked on the videos and subjected the atrocities to the children and Daisy was set free when Scully was arrested. She will run away, visibly armored with money because of the lifestyle she will lead and will be arrested only 2 years later. During this time, she will be in contact with Scully from prison.
  • To this day, police around the world say that the video is the most difficult, if not impossible, to find even on the Darknet. This is FALSE. Not only is it everywhere on the Dark, but there is also a soundtrack of the video circulating on the CLEAR NET! Because there are mentally ill people (deserving death and torture) who seem to enjoy the screams of children. Thank you who? Thanks Google. Yes, they know how to hide in 24 hours all the information related to a politician caught in a paedophile affair (olivier bailly for simple example) on the other hand, child porn, they don’t care!


Unfortunately, Daisy wasn’t the first victim and her business had already made big sales of videos, in addition to supplying children to child tourists. CHRISTIAN JOHANN ROUTHE, a German, will receive an 11-year-old girl from Scully, during her visit to the Philippines. There are several other little girl victims. It is about two little girls of 9 and 12 years old who, once brought back by her accomplice Carme Ann Alvarez, will be tied by chains and a dog collar around their necks… 2 days later, Alvarez comes back to Scully’s house and discovers the abused girls. It is said (but this story is so censored and full of inconsistencies that we can’t take anything literally) that Alvarez will have pity on the two girls and set them free. Before this liberation they will be forced by Scully to dig their own graves, under Scully’s first house, in which another victim will later be buried (Cindy). The case is so hushed up that even her murder, after finding the body, will not be investigated, the reasons for her death remaining unknown. A little girl will be rescued by a mother who had entrusted the child to Scully and her whores.

  • 75 victims counted in the Peter Scully file, he admits 14.
  • The Catholic Church in the Philippines and AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL have taken a stand for Scully so that he will not be punished by the death penalty.
  • President Dutertre was in favor of reinstating the death penalty… .
  • During his verdict of life imprisonment, Scully is filmed smiling with joy.
  • GEORGE BRANDIS an official of the Australian government will cover the costs of Scully’s trial through the taxes of Australian citizens, by the country itself. The cost? $500,000
  • It is one of these accomplices who will lead the police to Scully, but the Dutch authorities will take credit for this victory by claiming that they spotted Scully on the Daisy Destruction video and told the authorities how to find him. This is completely false. Why not? The low country (very low) is one of the biggest fiefdoms for elite pedophiles, they admit to having had knowledge of this video, probably to have bought it themselves…
  • NFL and Scully are connected to several STANDARD INTERNATIONAL NETWORKS (see below).
  • Christian Johann Routhe, the German, will also have a little girl delivered to Cambodia and will find himself one of Scully’s investors when he is arrested in 2016 (and released afterwards… protected. But caught again in 2019, he will take 4 years). He financed Scully to the tune of about $8,000. Mainly to allow him to build an underground dungeon for the filming of these snuff movies and videos of rape and torture. He is one of the “very small” investors that pedojustice will allow to be caught.
  • Haniel Caetano de Oliveira, a Brazilian accomplice, doctor in the emergency room of Mirante. He has been an associate of Scully since 2012. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2015.

WHAT NOW IN 2020 ?

  • Scully Continues Business of Selling Child Pornography from Prison
  • He avoided death thanks to these contacts
  • Witnesses/victims are under secret judicial protection
  • According to the Philipaines law, in spite of prison, he will probably be released in 30 years.
  • He has access to everything he needs (including the telephone) which is against the law.
  • He has protection within the prison (even if denied by the prison and the government) because normally, in the Philippines, the co-prisoners would have already massacred and killed him.
  • Scully is now probably a millionaire.
  • In addition to the trafficking he continues to operate from his prison, he sells tons of books in which he tells his story.
  • The paedophile network above him is still active and similar videos are most likely to be for sale on the darknet.
  • The abuse on little Daisy is so serious that she will never be able to have children.
  • The little victims are now so traumatized that they go into uncontrollable fits when something triggers a memory of the horrors they have experienced. Their lives are ruined forever…
  • People are making money over this story, as an example, these 2 piece of shit youtubers who made a “reaction video” about daisy destruction… Don’t hesitate to downvote and comment these 2 scumbags on their channel, they deserve it.

Source : no execution, he still sells CP from jail, 500k paid by Australian state, luxurious lifestyle for his accomplice, the brazilian,



Never believe the rhetoric of those who protect those who pay them to write these stories. The elite who pay for the shield will ring and stumble over the newspapers to put you to sleep. Scully’s network is still up and running. How do we know that? By the number of secondary networks connected to NFL that have fallen down in recent years. The web that’s being woven shows once again that there are no networks, but a single global one, run, as always, by the elite and these secret services. They are all dipped in it, and if you still doubt it, I can do nothing more for you. Epstein is the concrete proof of what I am saying. Dutroux and Zandvoort too. However, to continue the Daisy Destruction affair, I would name “networks” just keep in mind that it is in a spirit of simplification so as not to confuse you.


Mathiew David Graham
Matthew Graham

Hosted on Freedom Hosting owned by Irish Eric Eoin Marques closed in 2013 by the FBI. Site that also offered access to a Green room “The producers lounge” as a reward for those who produced the most videos. PEDOWIKI website, Open PedoForum, H2TC, Love2thecore L2TC, Sex Tourism & Prostitution Forums, Bestiality. Mathiew David GRAHAM Alias LUX – 22 years old – Melbourne – Australia Graham, King of Hurtcore, managed from his room at his parents’ home in South Morang a multitude of “Hardcore” “Blesscore” sites (an extreme form of child pornography including tortures on very young children) on his platform PedoEmpire. The sale of children at 10000 USD was also available on the site as well as renting at 4000 USD. These prostitution services were exploited from Morelia, Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey in Mexico. Graham was also friends with the worst platform administrators such as Shannon McCoole (The Love Zone), Christopher Grief and Peter Scully (No limit Fun). Graham used “Daisy Destruction” to attract members to his platform. He was an administrator of pedo websites. Charges included encouraging and counseling the abduction, rape and murder of a five-year-old girl in Russia and attempting to sell a video of a sexually abused toddler in Asia. Also, on his site was written in a kind of “advertisement” “Don’t worry about the parents or anything, these children are taken and bought just to please us, they are not street children or anything like that, they are clean and ready to be used for the first time”… Source : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


Mccoole The Love Zone
Shannon McCoole

Mathiew David GRAHAM was friends with Shannon McCoole who was at the heart of The Love Zone network. His site was described as the most secure site on the Darknet. Why is that ? Obvious with the well-placed connections… 45 000 members, obligation to share videos and if they were not “extreme” enough, the member was fired. Through him, one can also go back to the AZOV production network. McCoole supplied himself with children through his job. He worked for NANNY SA and FAMILIES SA nanny companies . This scumbag was sentenced to 35 years in prison. The co-admin of the website was Richard Huckle. He bragged about having raped hundreds of small Malaysian children… He is also the same man who in 2019 was stabbed in prison and then strangled with a guitar string by a co-inmate. A drop of justice for this one.Source 1, 2, 3, 4.


Welcome2video Falder Kyle Fox

Still on the net, we find in this network two individuals belonging to the first top network “Hurt2thecore”. Matthew Falder alias Inthegarden who was the administrator of PEDO EMPIRE(Hurt2thecore) and in fact, close to Graham. Also, we find Kyle FOX, also from the Hurt2thecore network, as well as from the Welcome2Video network (above), Co-administrator of PEDO EMPIRE with Falder and therefore close to Graham. FALDER made 48 victims… Post-doctoral research student in geophysics at the University of Birmingham. What he liked best were children forced into degrading positions and the torture of children. In an extreme child pornography forum entitled “100 things I want to see at least once”, he wrote about “a girl being used as a sting game”, a video showing a child being “slowly and deliberately broken bones” and the assault of a “paralyzed child“. Source 1, 2.


And it continues with Benjamin Faulkner, a little Canadian shit, a former swimming teacher. He is the administrator of Childs Play and Giftbox, the main sites of the network. He had 7 web sites, 2 platforms, 2 chats, 1 production site, 1 recruitment platform. He was the technology expert for NO LIMITS FUN of Peter Scully’s group for snuff movies. He was also guilty of rapes, including one on a little girl of only 4 years old… Arrested in 2016, he was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Source 1, 2, 3.



We could stretch the connections to many more networks if we did the same thing with every one of them involved in the Peter Scully case. A brief overview: Through Scully, we go to the Love Zone network which goes back to Richard Huckle’s network. Through Scully, again via Love Zone, we come across the Scandinavian network and the DanBB pedoporno site, a pedoporno site exclusively for Danes. The admin is in contact with Love Zone’s admin, Shannon McCoole. During his trial, he will admit to have also managed Love Zone ! The DanBB network has Matthew graham as a member, who alone can be found in all the cases already mentioned. I say all. Through this same Danish network, we go back to the SCANDILAND network, this time a Norwegian network ! It’s endless. Behind all these networks, you will always find the same elements. Easily accessible sites, high profiles that we do not quote, files that get lost or magically catch fire, suicides and only webmasters of websites that are sold as being the heads of networks. Big joke, they would spit in our face that there wouldn’t be much difference. Behind, it’s always the same people, those whose names are always silent, those who go back to three castes: politics, secret service/intelligence agencies and elites. Haven’t you ever noticed that all the guys supposedly at the head of the network bringing in millions, if not billions, never seem to have much money? Also, we know that governments have slush funds, secret agencies have slush funds. Where do you think the money comes from? Yes, not only from child trafficking, since these dogs are involved in all kinds of trafficking: organs, weapons, uranium, influence, oil, banking, and the one that brings in the most money: the sexual trafficking of children. Wake the Fuck up. Source 1, 2, 3.