DOMINIQUE LARRETCHE – John jacob’s award winner, French golf teacher and PEDOPHILE

Dominique LARRETCHE, pedophile golf teacher, former employee of Canal+ is accused of rape and sexual assault on a minor, in custody near Nanterre


  • Nom : Dominique Larretche
  • Crime’s date : between 1998 and 1999
  • Crimes : pedophilia, rapes, abuses
  • Where : Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine – France)
  • Prosecution : September 2020
  • Jobs : Pathé Sport, Teaching director of the Golf Training Center du Golf of Médoc Resort (club pascassio), golf teacher, former director’s comity member of the french golf federation, Canal+ speaker, speaker PGA Tour, former coach for many celebrities from the european pro tour, US OPEN speaker, Blue Green Teaching Director.
  • Neighborhood : Parisienne
  • Victim’s age : 15 yo
  • Condition : in custody (2021)
  • Friends : Christian Ledan , Arnaud Verhaeghe, Jean Étienne Lafitte, Bernard Pascassio, Jean Garaialde, Raymond Telleria 


  • He called his pedophile crime an “inappropriate relationship.”
  • The Chantaco golf club, the family lair,is also the rotary club lair (the rotary is the first door to join freemasonry).
  • Dominique LARRETCHE, member of the FFG Committee, is the Director of Blue Green teaching since 1993 where he manages 40 golf teachers throughout France and one in Belgium.
  • According to this video,he was the president of the PGA FRANCE (at 1:05 min). Info present nowhere, removed from everywhere, not found other than via this video, in 2013, where he receives the John Jacobs Award from PGA EUROPE. Jean Etienne Lafitte, his great friend was there.
  • He is the son of Jean aka “kiki” Larretche, very popular in golf and having rubbed shoulders with celebrities in the field (died in 2016)
  • A huge part of the Larretche family is in the golf business and some of them are also teachers (ex: Frédéric Larretche) and appear in the newspapers (source 7). There is also Amandine Larretche, golf champion or Marie (source 9 and 10). What to remember: This is not a family of anonymous people.
  • His position as a consultant for Canal+: He was the official commentator for golf events on the channel. He was not a simple announcer, everybody knew him and he brought a lot of guys on Canal+ by this way.
  • He worked in Saint-nom-la-bretèche where he met another famous commentator for Canal+ and golf teacher named Arnaud Verhaeghe whom he seems to have trained. He teaches golf especially to children.
  • His recent spot : Mauritius where he worked for a very luxurious resort
  • He seems to be close to a certain Philippe Glikman, golf and krav maga teacher.
  • Although he was the greatest FR coach, one of the most popular golf commentators, received the John Jacobs Award, is known across borders and around the world, information on the pedophile is almost non-existent. Photos during major events are nowhere to be found. The information about his relatives, his entourage, buried in the meanders of Google (and other browser). If so much is hidden, there is much to hide.
  • The foreign press spreads more information than the French media, why?


A pedophile is found. Dominique Larretche is now in the crosshairs for pedophile rapes, accused directly by the victim and currently in custody in Nanterre. A little tour of the mainstream news: When the press talks about a little golf teacher who turns out to be a very well placed and well surrounded guy. One understands quickly and well in advance that the sentence will be minimal, like all the little pedo collabos composing the Elysée, the showbiz, the media and other filthy sectors of France. The man, after a quick search, turns out to be the director of a major golf school, a pedo buddy of Canal+, the guy who comments on all the major international golf championships, the coach of golf stars, the official commentator of the US OPEN usually held in the U.S. and a whole bunch of nice high ranking positions like those. But for the traditional press, it will of course be a near-anonym dude. A bit like the retired Abello (previous huge case we worked on) who works with the AFP, Ministry of Defense and many more… But no, he’s just a retiree. You see the kind, we are now used to. Ironically, this same traditional trash press is not the one that gave the information but the newspaper L’équipe which is not really the best placed to discuss criminal pedophile facts (l’équipe being a sport magazine). The “little golf teacher” is accused by the one named “E.A” by the press of rape and sexual assault when she was 15 years old and this, during one year. So, obviously, once again the press will talk about a 16 year old girl. Incredible how easy it is for them to minimize things in every possible way… The pedophile puts forward that she came to his house, that she was consenting, that he had material evidence that he no longer has (sure…). Except that a guy of 50 years old who goes after a 15 years old girl, even if at some point she didn’t flinch, she is still a child and he is still a dirty pedophile. What normal man in his fifties is interested in a 15 year old girl? What normal man wants to have sex with a 15 year old girl? There is only one answer to that: A PEDOPHILE. So it doesn’t matter what the sentence is, what the judgment is, what the evidence is, what the details are. What matters is the finality, a 50 year old guy sleeping with a teenager. A pedophile and that is all that must be retained of this well placed and surely well protected vulture. Dominique Larretche is a child rapist, Dominique Larretche is a pedophile. So where are the other victims? Because be sure of one thing. A pedophile do not restrain himself to one and only victim.

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