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Marc Dutroux is the worst paedophile Belgium has ever known. Well… At least, according to the MSM and the corrupted justice. Because Dutroux was indeed a monster but he was only the manager for a large paedophile ring that takes kids away for the benefit of the elite.

Numbers to remembers :

  • 30 witnesses killed or “suicided”
  • Potentially hundreds of victims. Only few officially
  • Dozens of high Belgian profils named by numerous victims but none of them were prosecuted
  • 3 people makes a direct link to other rings (zandvoort)

Marc Dutroux kidnaps his victims on the road, confines them for weeks or even months, drugs them, give them away for various tortures and rapes, chains them naked and deprives them of the most basic care (food, clothes, shower…). All of this with the complicity of his devoted wife, Michelle Martin.

One of his former lawyers told that his plan was to “kidnap a lot of children” and “create a kind of underground city”. This guy did not came up with such a plan by himself. Keep that in mind.

Officially, four girls and young women lost their lives and two other girls escaped in extremis. The two teenage girls, Sabine and Laetitia, were found alive in the hiding place of one of his houses. He, his wife, Michel Lelièvre and Jean-Michel Nihoul, a former businessman from Brussels, were then charged with kidnapping and confinement of children in August 1996.

The same year, Judge Jean-Marc Connerotte, who had put forward the hypothesis of a possible paedophile network that had benefited from protection, is removed from the case. Too clean to rule ? Probably.

In 1997, the parliamentary commission of inquiry noted irregularities in the role of Belgian police, judicial and institutional officials, and considered the possible protection of Dutroux by important personalities (including members of the royal family).

After years of investigation punctuated by resignations, numerous suicides and accidents (30 witnesses died), disappearances of documents, negligence, on 22 June 2004 the verdict was reached: Marc Dutroux was sentenced to life imprisonment for the kidnapping, kidnapping and rape of six young girls in 1995 and 1996, as well as the murder of two of his victims and one of his former accomplices. Michelle Martin and Michel Lelièvre were sentenced to 30 and 25 years respectively. Michel Nihoul is sentenced to five years in prison for trafficking in drugs and human beings. No high profils will be prosecuted and only the very bottom of the ring will get time behind bars.

Full story and details / uncensored



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