Eric Van de Weghe – ALL RINGS CONNECTED – [1990 – 2020]

Eric Van De Weghe Pedophile 1


Eric Van de Weghe is Belgian, art dealer, lobbyist, informer for the police, worked for the Belgian state security, facilitator of visas and naturalization for various mafia, convicted for breach of trust and accused of influence peddling, international human trafficking and pimping, son-in-law of former investigating judge Jean-Claude Leys, 53 years old. This case is exemplary, it will highlight what we have been telling you for a very long time. That all paedophile networks are connected and, above all, that all networks, in whatever form they take (weapons trafficking, human trafficking, oil trafficking etc…), are also intrinsically connected and are all, connected to the government directly and to secret agencies. Have a good read.


Zandvoort Pedoring :Benoit De Bonvoisin is VDW’s accomplice. Michel Nihoul will be his right-hand man. Nihoul is center-piece in Dutroux and zandvoort + Paul Vanden Boeynants Named within Dutroux case. Named by Anneke Lucas. Domaine de Chimay’s owner, known to be a place where pedosatanistic things happen.

Dutroux Pedoring :Benoit De Bonvoisinis VDW’s accomplice. Michel Nihoul will be his right-hand man. Nihoul is center-piece in Dutroux and zandvoort + Albert Raes (ex-director of state security would have protected King Albert 2 in the Dutroux case)+ Madani Bouhouche recognized by X2 in the Dutroux case + VDW was friend with Philippe Crêteur, himself clsoe friend of Michel Nihoul (Source 11) + Paul Vanden Boeynants Named within Dutroux case. Named by Anneke Lucas. Domaine de Chimay’s owner, known to be a place where pedosatanistic things happen.


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  • Philippe Rozenberg (Belgian couple, elected FN, convicted in 2000 for swindling
  • Patokh Chodiev (Kazak billionaire)
  • Alijan Ibramigov (part of the Kazak “Trio”) meets N1 and VDW will become his right hand man ). Alexander Machkevitch (N3 and N4 are partners of N2). N2 has mafia connections with N5 and N6. Boris Birshtein (Lithuanian-born Canadian-Israeli businessman, matchmaker, Moscow mafia connection) Dmitry Yakubovski (member of the Solntsevskaya clan led by Serguei Mikhailov). Anatoli Ktrich linked to “Seva”, the godfather of Budapest, one of the main leaders of the organizatsiya involved in all the trafficking from the Atlantic to the Urals, arrested in 2008, also linked to Solntsevskaya, thus to N6, N5, N4, N3 and N2).
  • Leonid Minin (drug and arms trafficker)
  • Alexandre Angert (arms dealer)
  • Alexander Zuhkov (financial mastermind of arms trafficking)
  • Suleiman Krimov (Medvedev-related billionaire, friend of VDW)
  • Christian Amory (former gendarme (ESI and BSR) and VDW accomplice in the Albert Raes case, accused of being one of the killers of Brabant) frequented N18.
  • Benoit De Bonvoisin (accomplice of VDW and Amory in the Raes case, Michel Nihoul will be his right-hand man, recognized by Regina Louf and known to X2). Serge Kubla (Mayor of Waterloo, neighbor of N2)
  • Max-Olivier Cahen (son of the former Belgian ambassador in Paris and head of foreign affairs Alfred Cahen).
  • Gabriel Uhoda (businessman from Liege, link with VDW and in the Chodiev and Ibramigov case to facilitate obtaining a work permit).
  • Pierre Orosz (former Belgian mercenary linked to Eric in the Chodiev case). N15 and n16 cited in the trial of Eric Van De Weghe in 2010.
  • Robert Beijer (gendarme in the drug and informant section, friend of VDW, accused of being one of the killers of Brabant, charged in the murder of Juan Mendez, proposed to VDB to make a tax file disappear in exchange for money).
  • Guillaume Vogeleer (mercenary, bar Madrid Bangkok, knows VDW via N1). Armand De Decker (lawyer for N2).
  • Albert Raes (former director of state security allegedly protected King Albert 2 in the Dutroux case).
  • Paul Vanden Boeynants (VDB). Former belgian minister. Named within Dutroux case. Named by Anneke Lucas. Domaine de Chimay’s owner, known to be a place where pedosatanistic things happen.
  • Madani Bouhouche (former BSR, convicted in the Brabant killings, recognized by X2 in the Dutroux case).


  • 1990: Central role of Van De Weghe in the Belgian Tractebel scandal.
  • 1991: N2, N3 and N4 arrive in Belgium. 1991: N2, N4 and N5 work together and create companies.
  • 1995: Albert Raes case, falsification of documents and sale to n13 . (Source 3) 1995: Mentioned in Patokh Chodiev’s naturalization case, the court recognized that the documents sent to Patokh by VDW were forgeries. 1997: VDW and n1 were charged with forgery of documents, corruption following the meeting with n7. 2000: VDW charged in the Tractebel case. (Source 5). 2000: N1 is alleged to have received money from n7 and n8, 9 and 10, all of whom were living in Belgium, according to the investigation file.
  • 2000: N1 convicted of fraud, forgery, use of forgery with a suspended sentence. (Source 6). 2001: Rtbf issue in the name of the law. 2006: Warrant against VDW for networks of Thai masseuse prostitutes in connection with N11 and Bertrand de Crombugghe, the former Belgian ambassador in Moscow, who was in charge of obtaining visas. (Source 4).
  • 2008: Prosecutions ended (Source 2).
  • 2009: Imprisoned 1 month in Moscow at the request of the Brazilian justice for pimping and international human trafficking linked to N11 (Source 2 and 4). 2009: A decision sentenced Eric Van De Weghe and N12 to 9 months in prison for falsification of documents in the Raes case.
  • 2012: N3 and N4 surprised by Turkish police on a yacht in the presence of Russian and Ukrainian girls, some of them minors. (Source 7)
  • 2017: closed hearing of Eric Van De Weghe for the Kazakghate case. (Source 2)

Concerning the case of the Thai women (chronology 2006), where its presence in our files takes its meaning in addition to the connections to known networks: VDW met Guillaume Vloegeer, a Belgian mercenary tenanciated from an expatriate bar called “Madrid” in Bangkok via his sidekick N1. According to testimonies, it was easy to go upstairs with a girl (Source 8). But one could also find there ex agents of the CIA, drivers of Sabena, even the former driver of VDB N22 would have been seen there but also a certain Romain le bras d’Havelange (gang of Havelange linked to VDB). One finds a trace of VDW in the Dutroux file because he was friends with a journalist of the last hour Philippe Crêteur, great defender and also friend of Michel Nihoul (Source 11). There are connections everywhere, the Haemers case, the Brabant massacre, Kazakghate, the Dutroux case, all know each other closely or have common friends. The shell companies’ recipe for hiding the surface of the iceberg is used in the Dutroux case as well as in the Kazakghate with false visas, disappearance, murder, prostitution and pedophilia. All these little people use their elbows or shoot themselves in the foot to build a mafia system above the law through corruption and influence peddling in order to destroy institutions. Eric Van De Weghe grew up there, Felix Przedborski then friend of his father was trafficking in drugs and weapons via Vietnam and forgery since the 50s and he knew him well according to the police report in photo/annex. Robert Beijer has since moved to Thailand as N*1 but also as the father of VDW. Well, well, well.

Source : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11.



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