EXCLUSIVE : Jack Lang, Jeffrey Epstein, Gratitude America and The French Cultural Foundation.

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ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF THE NATIONAL CULTURAL POLICY CARRIED OUT IN THE 80’S AND 90’S OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY : This is the name of the association that received money from Epstein’s “Gratitude America” foundation. This investigation was established on two horizons. The first one was a data research and the second one was a field research, where we went to look for this association, in the Paris region and succeeded in interviewing a person of interest..BUT FIRST there is something you absolutely need to know. In our country, Jack Lang is considered as a pedophile since decades by half of the French people. He was involved in many many many pedorings such as The coral, Marjorelle case, Morocco case and many others. Roger Holleindre, a former politician and soldiers told years ago that Jack lang raped a mentally disabled boy, his head in a bucket full of poop, until that kid died… There is not much people in France who are not 100% convinced that this man is not a child rapist.


The close ties between Esptein and Lang – Jeffrey Epstein and Jack Lang met in 2012 at a dinner organized in honor of Woody Allen in Paris at the Bourbon Princess of the Two Sicilies’s home. To evoke this moment, Lang said of Epstein “he was a charming, courteous and pleasant person”, on France Info in August 2019. He described it as a simple “meeting relationship” and added that he “fell out of the closet learning all these stories” after Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest. Jack Lang had also said that he had invited Epstein to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Louvre Pyramid on March 29, 2019, in the presence of his daughter Caroline Lang, the one in the black book and working in a very high position for Warner Bros (Hollywood), about four months before the FBI arrested Epstein, and had dined in his luxurious home at 22 Avenue Foch.

And after that they wanted us to believe that there are no serious links between them but new information leaked: Epstein seems to have invested in 2018 in an association managed by relatives of Jack Lang via his company Gratitude America a non-profit organization declared in prefecture on July 11, 2018. The association is called “Association for the Promotion of the National Cultural Policy Conducted in the 80’s and 90’s of the 20th Century” with a donation of 57 897 dollars. Source – 1, 2.

Preuve Jack Lang

The title of this association and the object are quite really fuzzy and there is no site or trace of cultural activity. These details still make it strange because how can an association thrive in projects if they can’t be reached? Let’s move on to the members of the board:

  • Christophe Degruelle, president of the association, is currently a town councillor in Blois (France) and CEO of Agglopolys (this is the Blois agglomeration community of the Loir-et-Cher departments and the Centre-Val de Loire region) and worked as Lang’s chief of staff at the Ministry of National Education from 2000 to 2002..  1,2, 3.

Degruelle Et Lang
Degruelle and Lang

  • Jacques Renard, treasurer of the association, was deputy director and chief of staff of the Ministry of Culture in Lang in the 1980s and early 1990s. His bio. He is currently a cultural adviser at News Tank Culture as he is deputy director in charge of Think Culture. 1, 2.

Jacques Renard

  • Sylvie Aubry, the association’s treasurer, the one who gave her personal address at 164 boulevard of Montparnasse, in the 14th district, for the official headquarters of the association. Well, well, well, someone whose profession has nothing to do with culture! But she is not a “simple” florist, no! she was the appointed floral decorator of two 5-star palaces: the Hotel Meurice and du Crillon. Here you are! The Crillon is one of Jeffrey Epstein’s favorite addresses during his stays in Paris. The 14th address is also the head office of Sylvie Aubry’s company “Fées d’herbe” (translated in english : Grass’s fairies) which houses several stores: first “Les fées d’herbes” in the 11th, “Le bazar des fées” at 12 rue Notre-Dame in Mortagne-au-Perche (in the Perche) and “Les Fées d’herbes” at 19 rue Charlot in the Marais district. With the collaboration of her daughter Valérie-Anne Christin who also has a fabric store in Bordeaux. Sylvie Aubry rubs shoulders with many people from the world of arts, television, show business and high gastronomy. And among her friendships, there is Valérie Lang, daughter of pedoJack (Jack lang) and theater actress, who passed away in 2013. Who in addition to her profession as an actress, also became involved in politics in 2010, by becoming the deputy of Jean-Louis Ragot, candidate for deputy in the Hauts-de-Seine during the legislative elections. It is undoubtedly this friendship that is the link between Sylvie Aubry and former employees of Jack Lang. 1, 2, 3.

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Sylvie Aubry


  • Another character of the screen association is Fabrice Parsy, a graduate of the Sorbonne who currently works with Jack Lang.

NOTE: Other donations from Esptein via Gratitude America: A clinic in Rome and a Lithuanian dance company (a real nursery of young girls for the sexual predator that he was).


We went on site to see if we could find or see anything that could help our investigation. After several visits to the site, where we noticed the rare visual information at our disposal (which would prove useful after our last visit), we decided to go back one last time. This time, looking for someone living in the neighborhood who is aware of the events, the association and people of interest related to the investigation. We will not divulge the person’s identity, very close to the case, to whom we were able to ask a few questions. Initially that person was not confident to speak and quit suspicious, but we quickly manage to get that person to speak and get informations. Here is a transcript of the conversation:

Our investigator : We are looking for information about the association for national cultural promotion. Do you know it?

Source : No, not at all.

Our investigator : However it is well indicated at this address 164 boulevard Montparnasse…

Source : *Long silence….*

Our investigator : The association for national cultural promotion and on the internet, the only address is here.

Source : Oh really ? No, it’s not here.

Our investigator : Did you ever know the…

Source : No. Never ever.

Our investigator : However it is well indicated at this address 164 boulevard Montparnasse…

Source : No. Not at all!

Our investigator : This is the only possible address.

Source : Do you have a name ?

Our investigator : Just the one of the association of which there is no trace anywhere. This association is in dirty business and we’re investigating it..

Source : I have never heard about it…

Our investigator : So there is only some regular people here ?

Source : There are doctor’s offices, shrinks (embarrassed laughing) and the company downstairs that manages EPHAD and there’s nothing else. I’ve been here for a very long time and I’ve never heard of it.

Our investigator : So you never knew…

Source : Never. Ah no no! Never! That tells me nothing at all. Ah unless there is an owner who has an association in secret.

Our investigator : However, this association is quite well known. It received a donation of about 60,000 euros from Jeffrey Epstein, I don’t know if you know the case, it’s related to Jack Lang, I don’t know if you know this and the man?

Source : … Ah yes, yes, I know it very well. I’ve already seen him several times.

Our investigator : Jack Lang ? You have seen him here?!

Source : Yes yes!

Our investigator : Okay, alright…

Source : … Well, actually, no. I haven’t seen him here, no, no, no… I know people who are very friends with him so I’ve already seen him somewhere else.

Note :In front of the amazement of our investigator, the person suddenly retracts and starts again without insurance and stuttering slightly.

Our investigator : So you’re saying that you’ve seen some of Jack Lang’s close friends here before?

Source : A lady who lived there at the time but she is no longer here.

—> Note : She talks about Sylvie Aubry without naming her

Our investigator : Okay, and how long has she been gone?

Source : Quit a while.

Our investigator : How long ? This information can really help us.

Source : Maybe 2 years ?

Our investigator : She was a living here, so could you give me her name? Do you know her name?

Source : Yes but I am not comfortable to tell you…

Our investigator : You know, it’s a really nasty case. The association received money from Gratitude America, involved in the Epstein case. The lady you’re talking about was treasurer for the French association that received this donation from Gratitute America and she is close to Jack Lang.

Source : Ah no no, she was a friend, she didn’t work with Jack Lang. Not at all. She was a florist.

—> Note : There, unfortunately, she is lying and she knows it. Sylvie Aubry was interviewed over the phone by the American newspaper “Politico” and confirmed that she was a very long time friend of Lang.

Our investigator : If I give you this woman’s name, will you tell me if I am right…?

Source : Uh, yes, but in any case she wasn’t in it, that’s for sure !

Our investigator : Okay, that’s good. You’re telling me she’s a florist so I understand who we’re talking about (network problem, he couldn’t remember the name and couldn’t give it to her to confirm). You don’t have any other information?

Source : I have never heard of… Well, I mean… I’ve, I’ve never heard of this…

Our investigator : You were telling me earlier that you had seen some of Jack Lang’s relatives and friends here, so is it related to this association? Lang was close to Epstein, are you familiar with the story?

Source :*no of the head and embarrassed laughter*

Our investigator : You don’t know? I advise you to take a look at what it’s all about.

Source : Epstein you said ?

Our investigator : Yes, and of course the case of the former minister who is involved in paedophile networks as well, and all this really goes very far.

Source : Oh my god… The woman we’re talking about was close to Jack Lang’s daughter, very very close but not in the same milieu.

Our investigator : It’s a pity, my network is down, I can’t access the page I kept to give you the name so you can confirm or deny it. You really can’t say ?

Source : I don’t want her to call me and ask me why I mentioned her. I’d rather not give you a name nervous laugh. I’m sorry

Our investigator : Do you know where she is now?

Source : She is… She, uh… She left in the south, uh… I hope she wasn’t involved in this…

Our investigator : Well the problem is that we have elements that indicate that she was very close to Jack Lang and…

Source : Yes yes but she was especially very very close to her daughter, the one who died, Valérie Lang. She was a playwright, who passed away. And she was a very good friend of her. That’s why I heard about the Lang and… And that’s it, but otherwise…

—> Note : Earlier she said they didn’t know each other. Also, now she says that she has “heard of the Lang’s” but earlier she said she knew the Lang’s very well.

Our investigator : You, for example, have never seen him? Or people, let’s say… High ranked here?

Source : Oh no no, never ever.

Note : She said yes, earlier in the conversation… She starts to get scared and gets confused in her speech.

Our investigator : Ever ?

Source : Never ahah! But I saw Strauss-Khan next door. (Laughing)

Our investigator : In any case, thank you for your time.

Source : Yes well… If there’s something fishy I hope you find it.

Our investigator : We hope so too. Thank you for receiving me and answering my questions.

At first the source didn’t know anything, we quickly understand that the source knows more than what have been so far said. The source says that she sees Jack Lang here and then retracted her words. She lies when she feels the ground is slippery and retracts statements made earlier. For Sylvie Aubry’s moving out, this is also untrue. As you can see in the picture below, the mailbox and the doorbell still bear her name. Moreover, her company “Les fées d’herbes” is located not far away in the region. This information remains very important because as you can see, not only did she confide – even if before retracting – that Jack lang visited the place several times, but also that Sylvie Aubry was a very, very close friend of Valérie Lang. The person knew much more than she said, but nevertheless let herself be taken in by a few confidences which, without a shadow of a doubt, remains crucial in this case. We thus affirm, after this investigation which lasted a little more than a month, that with the elements in our possession, there is no doubt that Jack Lang was not only close to Epstein but also, that he was involved in the association even if his name does not appear anywhere.

Association Epstein Lang Sylvi Aubry Degruelle Renard Paris Plan De Travail 1



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