FIONA BARNETT : the paedocriminal’s names list [1970-1980]

Fiona Rae Holowczak – known as Fiona Barnett, was born on October 28th 1969 in Sidney, Australia. She was a victim of child abuse perpetrated by international child exploitation networks. From Australia to the United States via the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium, she traces the history of child trafficking through her testimony, by paedocriminal elites. A typical pattern. Always the same. A system with rotten wheels. Paedocriminals who’ve been up to the job for years. Education, health care, police, justice, government… Inquiry’s commission by relatives of the perpetrators or the perpetrators themselves. Paedocriminals banned from practicing in one state but not in the one next door, struck off in one country but not the other. This is the state of the world today, highlighted, summed up in, by her book and her testimonies.

In her book, Eyes Wide Open, Fiona Barnett recounts her experience as a victim of a cult and the MK-Ultra projects from the early 1970s to the mid-1980s (programming and mind control, personality induction, false memories, satanic ritual abuse, child soldiers, MK-Delta project…). Fiona synthesizes her experiences with the existing CIA projects documents and their transfers from the United States to Australia.

Names she gave as being part of the mk ultra/pedo-network :

  • John AVERY
  • Michael AQUINO
  • Kim BEAZLEY sr
  • John BELL
  • Richie BENAUD
  • Patricia Anne CARDEN (Veronica, Ronnie)
  • Bob CARR
  • Victor CHANG
  • Rosalind CROUCHER
  • Billy GRAHAM
  • John GITTINGER (psychiatre MK Ultra)
  • Peter HOLOWCZAK (homme qui se fait passer pour le grand-père paternel de Fiona Barnett)
  • Paul KEATING
  • Antony KIDMAN (psychiatre MK Ultra)
  • Janelle KIDMAN
  • Nicole KIDMAN
  • Ivan MILAT
  • Richard NIXON
  • Martin ORNE
  • Bruce SPENCE
  • Meryl STREEP
  • Ted TURNER
  • Louis Jolson WEST
  • Gary WILLIS

You can find her website here.