2005 – Scandal at the Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital in Paris (france) after the discovery of 450 fetal embryos and stillborn bodies of disarticulated children illegally kept in the mortuary room, some of them preserved in formalin, plastic bags and jars from the 80s until 2005. The Prime Minister requests an investigation at the level of the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (igas) the public prosecutor’s office opens the investigation and the Minister withdraws . Until the passage of the bioethics laws in 1994, “it was common practice”. An investigation into organ trafficking and the handling of corpses was opened but no action was taken. source. The General Inspectorate of Social Affairs described 353 whole bodies and 87 partial bodies (including 20 heads), adding that most of the bodies were eviscerated . The two Satanist doctors, Professor Patrick Barbet, who performed the autopsies, and Professor Alain Pompidou, former head of department, implicated in this case will not be prosecuted by the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office. source.

It’s so normal for our beloved paedo-government, that Barbet is still practicing at the Necker hospital in Paris, a hospital for sick children – source – and Alain Pompidou is the new President of the Claude Pompidou Foundation – source. Here, there is much worse because we know the ramifications around the Pompidou Institute which finances and supports the very dirty FAPE (foundation for art and preservation in embassies) which is none other than an embassy art program created, supported and financed by all the pedodemocratic whores (clinton, podesta, jeff koons, dozoretz…) and which we have suspected for a long time to be, in partnership with the ICMEC, a clandestine program of transport of kidnapped children for the paedophile elite. (See organization chart, very long story).

In 2006, Another scandal broke out: the bodies of children born without life were discovered at the Saint-Antoine hospital, another Parisian establishment. IGAS inspectors found 331 foetuses preserved in formalin, stored in boxes or jars and 1,367 foetal organs: “1013 hearts, 339 brains, 15 kidneys”. Puking! The dysfunctions noted are serious enough to implicate Dr Marie Gonzales, head of department – source. Dr Gonzales, to this day, still works in the Department of Medical Genetics and Embryology of the CHU Paris Est at the Armand Trousseau Children’s Hospital – source 1source 2. You can well imagine that these practices of degenerate satanists do not only occur in France. In 2015, in the United States, a traffic of organs from aborted foetuses is discovered at Planned Parenthood International – source.

Undercover, Sandra Merritt and David Daleiden, both from the Center for Medical Progress, came into contact with some senior IPPF officials (IPPF deserves an article, present in the organization chart, this shit is just another tentacle of Soros and other sons of bitches with only the destruction of humans at heart) and were able to film and record these interviews without their knowledge. The comments are shocking and without any ambiguity! “Many people want their hearts intact” – “Always as many intact livers as possible”… The price of the organs of these aborted foetuses? “Probably between 30 and 100 dollars”- source. Aborted babies were brought into the world alive for the purpose of harvesting and selling their organs – source. Below is also a video from a hidden camera filmed by Project Veritas, talking with a family planned parenthood manager and explaining how much and how “fetal parts” are sold.

Labs DV Biologicssource, and DaVinci Biosciences source, customers of Planned Parenthood, illegaly sold parts and organs from aborted fetuses, tripling their turnover between 2009 and 2011 – source.

Another sordid case : in 2018, in Detroit, Michigan, where U.S. police found 63 fetuses in a funeral home, the Perry Funeral Home. The remains of 36 fetuses, from local hospitals, were placed in boxes and the other 27 in freezers. source.

This fucking world is not right! 248 human fetuses were found in a Russian forest by a fisherman. MEPs are raising the possibility of trafficking in foetuses for cosmetic purposes. An investigation has been opened – source. 2,246 fetuses were found in the doctor’s garage… Ulrich Klopfer.

These human remains come from abortions that took place between 2000 and 2002 in several clinics in Indiana. Packed and sealed in bags, the fetuses were preserved in formalin. The doctor performed abortions at three clinics in South Bend, Indiana, before being suspended in 2015 – source. You’re still not convinced that these sons of bitches have inhuman, satanic practices? Here is a jumble of filthy facts related to trafficking and sale of bodies and organs: Child abduction and organ trafficking – source, trafficking in Thailand –  source, fetuses trafficking and trafic de fœtus et embryo experiments – source, huge pills trafficking made from foetuses in South Korea- source. Without going that far, just look at what’s going on with vaccines. Several studies and analyses have highlighted the presence of embryo cells in vaccines and this was recently confirmed in the Covid vaccine research – source. Not forgetting that these experimental trials are carried out on “orphans, mentally handicapped children, babies of prisoners, nationals of colonies (one million people in the Belgian Congo) and tissue from aborted foetuses”.- source. Satanists, cannibals and decerebrates work as they please before our eyes and with our consent…