FOURNIRET – A french pedo-ring

Name : FOURNIRET Michel

Nicknames : The forester of the Ardennes, the ogre of the Ardennes, the killer of the Ardennes, the monster of the Ardennes

FAMILLY : born in 1942 in Sedan. His mother, described as mentally frail, does housework for the Kommandantur (she is said to have had an affair with a Nazi officer) and his father, an alcoholic and absent, is a metal worker. He has an older sister and brother. He will say of his mother that she used him as a sexual object.

MARIAGES : Annette Rennesson , Nicole Clerget, Monique Olivier

KIDS : Christophe, Nicolas, Anne, Marie-Hélène and Selim

JOB : Former turner-miller

PROFILE : rapist, paedocriminal and serial killer

MODUS OPERANDI : Under the pseudonyms of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Renard or Mr. and Mrs. Jadot, they lure victims with a false pretext after having put them in confidence, kidnap, rape, sequestrate and kill them. He stored handcuffs, cords, weapons, a syringe, a toolbox and a vial, supposedly containing acid, in his van.

VICTIMS : 11 confessed murders, many rapes


  • 1962 : He discovers on his wedding night that his wife is no longer a virgin, whereas he is. He will say that this betrayal will be the origin of his obsession
  • Between 1966 and 1973 : condemned for acts of voyeurism and violence committed in Nantes and Verdun
  • 1967 : sexual assault of a girl in the Ardennes, Luce, 10 years old
  • 1982 : he raped Dahira le Guennan, 14 yo
  • 1984 : arrest following the assault of 11 young women. Sentenced in 1987 to 7 years in prison, 2 of which were suspended.

He will start a freezing correspondence that the press will call “a contract of carnage”, with Monique Olivier from prison. He evokes his dark plans to kidnap little girls in order to “unravel the mystery of the virginity.” They will quickly settle down together upon his release, having been released a few months after his conviction. Monique Olivier, at that time, took care of elderly and handicapped people.

  • 1987 : Isabelle Lavigne, 17 years old, raped and murdered in Auxerre (Yonne) six weeks after his release from prison. Her body was found in 2006

  • 1988 : Fabienne Leroy, 20 years, disappears. She will be found shot dead near the military camp of Mourmelon-le-Grand after being raped.

  • Avril 1988 : murder of Farida Hammiche, wife of his former co-detainee, Jean-Pierre Hellehouarch of the Hairpiece Gang, with whom he had to recover a booty”

  • March 18rd 1989 : disappearance of Jeanne-Marie Desramault, 22 years old, at the Charleville Mézières train station. Her body was discovered in 2004 at the Château de Sautou, a property he was able to buy after stealing the loot from a robbery carried out by the Hairpiece Gang in 1980

  • December 1989 : disappearance of Elisabeth Brichet, 12 years old, near Namur (Belgium). Her body was found in 2004, she was raped.

  • March 1990 : The Fourniret family suddenly left their home without taking their belongings with them and moved to Sart-Custinne in Belgium. He will find a job in a local school
  • November 1990 : The corpse of Natacha Danais, 13 years old, is found in Vendée near a river shortly after his disappearance.

  • August 1993 : he rapes an au pair girl he was hosting, then kills her and buries her. Her body was not found. Later, he steals weapons from a Belgian customs post.
  • 2000 : disappearance of Céline Saison, 18 years old. Body found in July 2000 in a wood in Sugny (Belgium), she was raped.

  • April 2001 : attempted kidnapping of a young woman
  • May 2001 : Mananya Thumpong, 13 years old, is kidnapped, raped and strangled. Her body was found in 2002

  • August 2002 : he tried to kidnap a 9-year-old girl in the Chiny area.
  • January 2003 : Estelle Mouzin is missing in Guermantes

  • June 2003 : he kidnap Marie-Ascension Sangwe. This little one was very brave! She took advantage of a stop at a crossroads to open the car door and run away despite the ties that held her tight. She took refuge in the car of a woman who had the reflex to pick up the license plate. All this will allow the arrest of Fourniret.
  • 2005 : Monique Olivier mentioned the murders of three or four of the baby-sitters they had recruited in the 90s, but she did not give their names.
  • 2008 : Appearance in court for 7 murders and attempted kidnapping in Belgium
  • 2018 : he is heard for two other crimes in the Yonne: those of Marie-Angèle Domèce and Joanna Parish

  • November 2018 : the couple is judged for the murder of Farida Hammiche
  • August 2020 : Following the denunciation of his wife, he confesses to the murder of Estelle Mouzin. The body remains untraceable.

Their meeting and then their couple will only be perversion and manipulation: one in search of virginity to satisfy his disgusting impulses, calling the victims “membranes on legs”; the other fascinated, subjugated and ready to do anything to satisfy the filthy beast, using manipulations and lies to attract their prey, those they consider as his sexual objects. It is a pact of sorts, a diabolical pact that is beyond comprehension: Fourniret will help Monique Olivier to take revenge on her ex-husbands in exchange for “pure” girls. Barbaric accessories, perverse scenarios …Fourniret terrorise the girls, waiting for them to beg. He demands that they say certain abject, obscene phrases before he rapes them. Just talking about those moments puts him in an incredible state. A real mental psychopath !

During the trial in 2008, Mr. Blocquaux, Fourniret’s public defender, returned to the flaws of justice that he enumerates. He recalls that the complaint of Isabelle Laville’s father was at the time “dismissed without follow-up” by the Auxerre public prosecutor’s office. He evokes the fact that Fourniret, a former convict and unemployed who owns a castle, “does not evoke anyone’s suspicions”. He points out that the complaint against Fourniret by Jean-Pierre Hellegouarch of the gang des postiches Suspecting him of having killed his wife Farida was also dismissed in 1998. Once again, a child rapist has fallen through the cracks of justice for years! On May 28, 2008, Michel Fourniret was sentenced to life imprisonment (with an unlimited security period) and Monique Olivier was sentenced to life imprisonment with a 28-year security period.Nevertheless, some doubts remain concerning possible links with at least one other case, Dutroux (worldwide huge pedo ring starting in Belgium), links that justice was quick to stifle:

  • In 1997, Jean-Marc Houdemont, a Belgian filmmaker said he had some revelations to make about little Elisabeth Brichet, whose neighbor he was, who disappeared in Namur in 1989.

He dies in an accident on his way to the police station… A pedophile in Andenne had said in 2000 that Houdemont had confided to him that he was involved in this case. Houdemont’s companion, Monique Cherton frequented the same presbytery as Michelle Martin, in a village in Hainaut where a caravan belonging to Dutroux was located. Monique Cherton’s father and Marc Dutroux’s father had known each other for a very long time when they were in the Congo. In addition, a witness said he saw Michel Nihoul and Houdemont together in a department store in Flémalle, in the Liège region.

Anne Thily, Liège’s prosecutor, will state the following : « No there is no credible links between the 2 cases ».

  • Another interesting link : Michel Fourniret and Michel Nihoul had a common acquaintance, the gendarme Gérard Vanesse, implicated in the Dutroux files.

During an investigation on drug trafficking, Nihoul (who, let us recall, had been acquitted of kidnapping and false imprisonment), had given information to Gérard Vanesse about one of the traffickers, triggering searches at the home of a certain Michel Fourniret. The Fourniret file created by police officer Vanesse is even part of the Dutroux files. The protocols of the investigation file with the number 8269 bear the combinations of numbers 10458/96, 8621/98 and 8226/00. This also includes the statements of Fourniret’s wife, Monique Olivier. Belgian justice will accuse France of not having transmitted to them the information concerning Fourniret’s paedocriminal activities. It turns out that Judge Connerotte had received a letter from a Belgian who said that little Elisabeth had been forced into a white Mercedes with a French license plate. The investigation will determine that it was Fourniret’s car. The author of the letter is a Belgian pedophile who had been involved in a paedophile scandal at the headquarters of Unicef in Brussels.

  • Another point should not be overlooked. In a letter sent to his wife, Fourniret evokes the fact that he had “attempted on the life of a brother of an massonic lodge . A brother? This suggests that this scum would be a Masonic insider… This man is Robert Boulin, minister of Giscard (former french president) found drowned in 30 cm of water in 1979. Sélim, his son, recounts that his father was very interested in freemasonry, and that he boasted about being part of it.

Oli Porri Santoro wrote in his book that Fourniret was a United unseparable brother’s massonic lodge in the very known Grand Orient de France massonic lodge.

We were again served the episode of the isolated predator who was able to act with impunity for years because of information that did not circulate between the judicial authorities of France and Belgium. What a mess ! It seems obvious that Fourniret is not an isolated predator, he was operating at the heart of a network, THE network mixing cases of banditry, paedocriminality and fraternal lodges. Certainly this sick man had an intense pleasure in doing his dirty work but he is just a pawn in this criminal organization…



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