FRENCH CORRUPTED JUDGE – “This is not a rape, the penetration was not deep enough”

Soulard The Traitor


October 24, 2020 – No. It’s not a catchy title. It’s a very sad truth. A judgment worthy of horror movies, delivered by the Supreme Court. The executioner of this court is Christophe Soulard. To understand the case, here are the main elements in chronological order.

  • A young girl is raped for several years by her stepfather.
  • The abuse began when she was about 13 years old.
  • When she reached 19 yo and was freed from his authority, she filed a complaint.
  • On May 2, 2017, the complaint is filed.
  • The facts denounced are : Sexual assaults, committed by Mr. G…, her mother’s former companion, the latter having taken the habit of forcing her to undress, caressing her vagina and buttocks, rubbing against her and licking her sex, under the pretext of alleged punishments intended to correct her.
  • The paedo is prosecuted.
  • At the end of the trial, the corrupt investigating judge announced that instead of using the mention of “rape committed by a person in place of authority” he will qualify the abuse of “acts of incestuous sexual assault by a person in authority”, because of the recent change in French laws, this means that the pedophile would not be prosecuted as a criminal but as a correctional offence (much less serious, the sentences being extremely inferior).
  • The victim, shocked by this decision which probably resulted in a suspended sentence, sent the case to the Supreme Court on March 19, 2020.


We are still trying to find out who is the corrupted judge who pronounced the reclassification of rape as assault in order to considerably lighten the verdict of the trial and, in fact, the sentence of the child rapist scumbag . It seems that this trial took place in Meaux. We would not know if it is fear that always pushes them to hide the names, but we will find the pedophile and the pro-pedophile judge. And we will expose these dogs. Pardon… We have a lot of respect for animals, let’s not treat these men with such a gratifying qualifier. Garbage will fit instead. Note that the victim is not named – in the official papers – “victim” but “exhibitor”… Now, let’s resume. Why did Soulard(which means drunk in French, by the way) confirm the qualification of his pro-pedophilia colleague as an aggression and not as a rape, and what were the official reasons? Here they are:

  • The depth of sexual penetration does not constitute rape.
  • Vaginal penetration experienced by the victim is not “of significant depth”.
  • The victim, who had indicated that Mr. G… had “penetrated her with his tongue by force of insistence” was not accompanied by any precision in terms of intensity, depth, duration or even movement.
  • The whole not characterizing – according to Soulard – sufficiently a voluntary introduction beyond the edge of the vagina, deep enough to characterize a deliberate act.
  • Holding that Mr. G…’s intention to impose vaginal penetration with his tongue on the exposing woman was not sufficiently characterised.
  • That the pedophile (and I beg you to go to the source to see that it was indeed written in black and white in little point 2) had taken “care” to never really penetrate the victim.
  • That on the basis of this, to judge that the intentional character of the vaginal penetration inflicted on the exposant by Mr. G… with his tongue was not established.
  • That there is no evidence because the victim was not subjected to a gynecological examination.
  • She explained that “I felt that he penetrated me with his tongue by force of insistence” but that this statement, which was not accompanied by any precision in terms of intensity, depth, duration or movement, does not sufficiently characterize a voluntary introduction beyond the edge of the vagina, deep enough to characterize an act of penetration.
  • That the request for requalification as sexual assault is not inappropriately motivated.(what the fuck does that mean?)
  • The appeal is therefore dismissed.


Have fun while you can. We can promise you that you will not go unpunished. Your heads and names will be added to the long list of corrupt, rotten, pro-pedophile collaborators and the judgment will be terrible. This trial is shameful, disgusting, sickening! The corruption of the French pedo-judicial system is totally inadmissible and goes beyond all conceivable and tolerable limits. Shame on you, you filthy scum! To the last one, you will all be exposed. Source 1, 2.



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