FRENCH ELITE PEDORING – The Pink Ballets [1959]

The Pink Ballet French Pedoring Elites


FRANCE – 1959 – An old case but still worth being mention on our website as we try to archive all cases especially in France. The case broke out with a policeman accused of embezzling minors while organizing a party at the Pavillon Butard in the forest of Fausse-Reposes near Paris, a hunting lodge put at the disposal of André Le Troquer, President of the National Assembly in 1959. His perversion for children, sado and libertines were also held at the Opera or at the Palais Bourbon. Moreover, not only of rape of minors were reported. In the complaints, there are also mentions of violence. Some young victims were threatened during the trial. Attempts were also made to kill them in order to silence the case. During these “pink Ballet”, the Russian companion of Le Troquet, Elisabeth Pinajeff, imagined erotic choreographies for the young girls that they had to reproduce during the evenings for pedophiles. The expression “ballets roses” was coined during this case by the France-soir journalist Georges Gherra to refer to orgies with underage girls. This expression reappeared in 1979 with the Pinon ring. A “textbook case” which already at the time proved and underlined that politics, governments, indulge in these perversions and manage them from the highest levels. We can continue to say that networks do not exist ( ndlr – the official speech of french officials is “Pedoring do not exist”), even though 61 years ago, several cases of this kind were put in the spotlight. Unfortunately, even decades later, there is a very long list of names that we will never know, high profiles, all involved in this trafficking of minors, for the pleasure of the French political rot and their friends….


  • André Le TROQUER Lawyer for Léon Blum. Minister of General De Gaulle and President of the National Assembly. Sentenced to 1 year suspended imprisonment
  • Pierre SORLUT Ex DST driver (DST is the equivalent of the CIA in France). He used to bring minors to organized parties. Former owner of the restaurant “Les Cornouailles” in Paris. Sentenced to 4 years in prison
  • Elisabeth PINAJEFF Former Russian actress, girlfriend of Le Troquer
  • Arturo GUGLIELMI Hairdresser. 18 months suspended prison
  • Guillaume G Hairdresser
  • Georges BIANCHERI Glacier Restorer. 18 months suspended prison sentence
  • Jean GESSIER or JESSIER Sales manager of a clothing company. 18 months suspended prison sentence
  • André GAUTHIER Police Officer
  • PINABEL Police Officer
  • Pierre GABRIELLI Commissioner
  • Jean-Francois “JES….”
  • Maurice “BENA…..
  • Other people were heard following the depositions of the children but were not charged: Mimi la Cannoise. A famous painter. A famous statuary. A famous conductor and his pianist. A singer from the Opéra-comique called “Madame Offenbach”. An Italian marquise named Andrea. A very worldly doctor. A French colonel. An American Major.

Court that heard the case :

  • InvestigatingJudge : Marcel Sacotte
  • Court president : M Capel.
  • Judge : Noguès. Crespy. 
  • Substitute : Bernard Guyot.