FRENCH MILITARY LETTER – Don’t fall for it. Here is why…

Open letters against the government, calls to order, the media all fired up and exposing without censorship the pseudo-revolt of the French armed forces? The little play offered with popcorn by the government and its puppeteers…


  • Who: Colonels, generals, soldiers / At the initiative of Jean-Pierre Fabre-Bernadac, career officer and head of the Place Armes website
  • When: April / May 2021
  • How: Public letter of protest against the government Public letter of protest against the government
  • Relayed by: All mainstream media (valeurs actuelles, BFM, Le point, Le parisien, L’opinion, Sud ouest, BBC, Fr24news etc.)
  • Intox: The military are revolting against the government and the government wants to punish them


Prologue – If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, moves like a duck…

We could easily summarize the whole by an incontestable pointed evidence. A singular sentence, two words exposed without embellishment in the middle of these letters… If we had to retain only one point, proving with a precision worthy of a plastic surgeon operating on the old decrepit face of a well known pedophile in chief sleeping in the president’s bed, it would be this term: CIVIL WAR. This is where the putrid smell resides with so few (if any) realizing the scam. It all started at the end of April with a letter published in Valeurs Actuelles. We hold our breath before starting the pamphlet which will be in the end difficult to digest: We begin our reading, our hearts full of hope to see those that our taxes finance, finally be able to offer us a rare possibility leading to liberation. Liberation from the tyranny, from the dictatorship coming from a runt of the litter and psychopath faking his heterosexuality who disguises himself as the husband of an experienced child molester and who destroys, with each passing second, the little bit of France that we have left. Oh yes, it was beautiful the hope to discover scathing and threatening ink, of a still patriotic army being on the verge of engaging something that could save us. But within the first 10 lines, we are quickly disappointed. While the fundamental liberties fly away one after the other like grains of sand from a Breton beach in the middle of winter, while our children continue to be kidnapped, raped, trafficked by this small caste of dogs taking themselves for kings, while BigPharma gorges itself like big pigs with the money of the taxpayer via a large scale world deal whose only vocation is the destruction of the states, of the economy and of the human rights… While the police, this institution composed of 80% of morons recruited on the wire in order not to think too much when it will be necessary to flout the laws and to violate its people with truncheon and fines for not wearing a mask or simply because of a toe put outside in time of confinement, whereas… Should we finally continue this list?… The current gang, stuffed like geese with power, gets up every morning to defecate on our faces, keeping us full throated to swallow what falls on us, helped by the police, forcing us to keep our mouths wide open… The army arrives with uncensored letters and talks to us about… CIVIL WAR. And ostensibly, of separatism… Do you understand yet ? The people are angry and because our elite is fearing it as fuck, the started few months ago to start again with their false flag attack like ISIS is back in France and the great danger only resides within the islamic people living in our country. But the problem is, they did not get the attention they wanted and so… They need to try to force it again in our throat, using this time some fake patriots in the army, writing an open letter to the French…

The choice of words – Calculation & result

This is the subject of this letter: The civil war that hovers and Islam, through the radicals mostly financed by the same purse, pure product of the system, the Elysee and above. It is there that one understands very quickly what it is drawn up. These pseudo-military who wipe themselves every morning with patriotism and love of our country, talk to us about separatism, Islam and civil war. They have forgotten that a large part of the citizens here and elsewhere know perfectly well what this putrid elite with its evil plans wants and will try to create. A civil war. For it is only this that will divert the possibilities of seeing what they really fear: A REVOLUTION. So we read this first letter, quickly followed, to keep the attention of this public of uninformed morons, by a second one, coming to put back a small layer. Change of speech? Of course not. Censorship? Even less. No mainstream media did not talk about it. All did, over and over. It is necessary that the moron swallows his porridge and that he keeps in memory his taste. Which one ? The one stating that the one and only problem in France is “the others” and not the government. The civil war must be pronounced a maximum of times, it is necessary that the population assimilates it, caresses it, accepts it then adopts it. The enemy is the other, not the power. “We see it, it is no longer time to procrastinate, otherwise, tomorrow the civil war will put an end to this growing chaos, and the dead, for which you will bear responsibility, will be counted in thousands.” Says the letter. Do you see the clever juggling? “Otherwise civil war” the word otherwise signaling danger but immediately followed by “will end this chaos” thus suggesting that this is what we must wait to get out of it. Considering the deplorable intelligence of these inbred complexed in power, there is no doubt that they needed three months to concoct this pamphlet worthy of an old bad Disney story.

The problem – “the others, not us”

Thus, the French must look ahead, behind, to their left and to their right. Otherwise, there is danger. The French, never, ever, must raise their heads. For above, they are the ones who overlook everything, who control everything and who could be targeted. No. Let’s create false cultural or religious conflicts. Let’s turn the French against each other. That way, we keep them distracted from the real problems: the powerful elite. If you hit each other in the face, it’s not on them that the blows are aimed. And better! If you hit each other hard enough, burn a lot of cities, smash a lot of cops, then we’ll just have to send in the armed forces and hello martial law. You were complaining about confinement? Wait until you see coupons authorizing you to buy only 300 grams of pasta and half a kilo of flour between 6 and 8 a.m. before returning, by force if necessary, to your home without a sound, looking down, along the walls of your city where the military is inspecting compliance with the new laws… Band of idiots…


No one is clairvoyant. Nobody can afford to affirm with absolute conviction anything, and neither can we. Our analysis remains that in these times of voluntary abandonment, of a large part of the population formatted on BFMTV (The most mainstream media liars which the boss financed Macron’s campaign) and TMPM (live show with extreme low IQ people making french even more idiots), of our most fundamental freedoms: That of displacement, of medical freedom being only absolute and unconditional master of what one makes has our body, has the dilapidation of the little that our country still possesses, I pass and of the best… A letter of sling concerning mainly a subject that the state tries with difficulty to impose in the mind of the people – the separatism – it can only be suspicious and not frankly debatable that the theme approached by these so-called slingers is neither of current events, nor in the center of a major problem that the population of France (and elsewhere, that said by the way…) does not have to fix quickly. Extremists ? They are everywhere and in all religions/communities. Separatism ? The most obvious and the most marked is and remains that caste in power, all of them, without exception. Civil war? The government is not succeeding in this, despite its best efforts. No. What must be settled is the death of the major and worldwide operation aiming at putting the populations in slavery pushed by the introduction of the vaccine passport, the forced vaccines, the impossibility to move, the totally illegal forced mask wearing, the introduction of the future single digital currency and all that this will entail. So, the problem to solve and the actions to take are and will remain locking them all up, the judgement and the punishment of the caste in power and their puppeteers. Not the division between citizens of the country as these pseudo-contestants try to make us swallow sprinkled with imminent civil war… And then honestly, the most dangerous topics for the government are censored, all of them, without exception. So explain to us why all the media, in concert, have all set out to make this pseudo-military protest as newsworthy as possible? Is this it? Did the Brain just switch on? Is the light on? What a sad thing to have to do… So if this so-called caste is not the origin of this pamphlet, at best, it is the Front National (far right party) in anticipation of the presidential elections that is approaching. And once again, this remains a manipulation that diverts the French from the real problem and those to come.


A special mention for those who signed (within the armed forces) and thought they were doing the right thing. You idiots… At best, you have just burned yourselves out and been listed as opponents of the system. Because if we remain logical, it is obvious that the “small signatories” who were added to the list later did not all do it for the same reasons and for sure, with total understanding. Some surely signed in protest. Others to support those they may consider brave and/or courageous in this list of senior officials leading this initiative. There may be 1001 reasons and not necessarily all of them bad. Whatever happens, in a country of nazis like France (speaking of people in power and not of its people), there is a very large possibility of a small indexing as they like to do. Welcome to the data center of the “fichés S” (list of people suspected to be terrorists and that must be followed and looked at but composed exclusively of people that are speaking against the governement like youtubers, writers, journalists etc…) a file where there are more protesters than “real” terrorists. A trophy just for you and your superb naivety, when this one is not doubled by a deep stupidity.


You call yourselves patriots and that’s where I would start, because this term, you have no legitimacy to use it. You have nothing patriotic, you have sold out, betrayed. You have spit on France and all French people. You are a disgrace to the real fighters who fight every day to defend the little freedom we have left. You have tried to divert attention, you have knowingly gone in the direction of the globalist plans by forcing a news that is not pressing in the gullet of the French rather than using your pen to generate a real uprising against the real problems. Modus operandi of the elite since ever! We know who you work for. You will be exposed. You are a disgrace to all that is dear to human conditions, you, who have the power and the ability to put an end to the scandal of the French situation which is not limited to our borders. You who know perfectly well – for those who were sent there – what happens in the countries where you dare to claim to fight radical Islamism. You who have set off bombs in civilian weddings to oust one and only individual threatening the plans of the French power to steal the uranium wealth of the country you recognize. You who deliver weapons and gold to the very forces you dare to say you are fighting. Yes, we know. Fortunately, there are real patriots in your country who are ready to denounce your actions, and we have taken note of them… You who turn a blind eye to the small pedophile networks (when you are not yourselves accomplices) in these same countries where the army was sent. You who are involved in every possible and imaginable traffic, all financed by the same political caste. There are not as many people as that in the ignorance of the real reasons of your current or past presences in the countries where you try with a lot of difficulty these last times, to make believe to fight the terrorists. We know and you know, so how dare you pass yourselves off as pseudo-resistance fighters and heroes in the eyes of the French by publishing a letter that has NOTHING to do with what is happening in France? This, with your silence, indifference and even complicity? Be sure that, as the whole caste in place having probably asked you to make your pamphlet (if they did not write it themselves…), you will be judged, punished and condemned. There is nothing worse than treason and collaborationism. There is nothing worse than pretending to be a resistance fighter while bending the knee to the enemy once the curtain is drawn. We will not forget you, you made the major mistake of publishing your names. They will be kept preciously until the day of the liberation of France and on that day, we will be numerous, very numerous, to remember you. Shame on you, collabos! You are neither worthy of being French nor worthy of being part of the army! Without the slightest excuse and without the slightest respect.

A BIRD that tries its best to change things…


If by chance some real patriotic soldiers, gendarmes, policemen would read this article, you know the solution and you have all that is necessary to put it into action. You have the logistics, the training, the ability to execute it. Go get them, go get them all and put them in military prisons. Make no exceptions, no compromises. Go to the Elysée, to their homes and to their VIP restaurants. Handcuff them, put them all in the shade and share with the people the decisions to decide for the future of France. The garbage should be in a garbage can, not in the Elysée. And when you will have finished, we will help you to do the same with the collabos, and traitors by starting with the journalists… A war of the people against the power, not a war of the people between them…

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