FRENCH PIZZERIA – Another “Comet Ping Pong” ?

We had broadcast during a live show in mid 2019 the google page of a Parisian pizzeria with a strange look (rue vaugirard – Paris – France). We had even asked the community to try to pinpoint what could potentially take place in this company, by phone calls and emails, asking for pizzas in a strange way to see a little bit the reaction. Personally, we had forgotten this story a bit but now it’s resurfacing on the web, which is interesting. People are still a bit slow to react, but let’s move on. An article appeared in several media over the last few days to defend the sign in question. Today, we have no proof that this pizzeria has any pedophile activity HOWEVER, let’s go back for a moment on what made us tick at the time.

The name – “pizza girl”. The owner defends that this was a concept at the time of the creation of this company, proposing to deliver the pizzas by women. Except that, my dear, a woman in English is called “woman” not “girl”. Girl being for girls and not women. (Ndlr – In french : Girl = filles – Woman = Femme)

The menu – Composed of pizza like the “Mexican girl” or “French girl” type. Again, very strange but let’s assume that all of this is a coincidence…

The logo – Individually, these elements do not weigh much. But the logo alone raises a lot of questions. So when you add to that the elements together, putting the pieces of this very suspicious little jigsaw puzzle together, then the result is quite different. This is the OFFICIAL symbol for pedophiles, put forward more than 10 years ago by the FBI ! Everyone knows the FACTUAL story of what happens at “Comet Ping Pong” where the Pizzagate exploded and its sequel to the “Voodoo Donuts”. You won’t fool anyone. There’s nothing more factual, when it comes to paedophile networks across the Atlantic than the Pizzagate, despite the slutty propaganda that the media has made about it over the years. Apart from the morons, everyone knows the truth of this case. E V E R Y O N E.


Yes, your pizzeria is shady. Yes, there are a lot of questions. Yes, it’s a pedophile logo that you’re displaying as your company’s visual identity. No, a woman doesn’t call herself a girl. But actually, no, there’s no evidence of any crimes. But if this case can spark a lot of interest to get people to observe and keep an eye on your pizzeria’s activity, that’s fine. Maybe it was the designer you say you hired to make this concept who made a big joke, or was he a frequent user of the paedo networks, but either way, next time – and only if you’re innocent of anything – you’ll be careful about the “concept” you want to put forward. You’ve been warned.



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