GAMERS & STREAMERS : Raulzito & Prod1gyX both pedos

New pedophile’s Hobbie: Becoming a celebrity on the internet to attract children. Gaming & stream as a modus operandi.


  • Date : July 2021
  • Name : Raulino de Oliveira Maciel – AKA Raulzito online
  • Country: Brazil – Florianopolis, Santa Catarina state
  • Job :
  • Victims : uncertain number – BOYS victims between 10 and 14 years old
  • Status : In custody according to the latest information
  • Online location of the crimes : Twitch, Youtube, Instagram
  • Job : SBT game (employer)


What this man, with his beard and hair not too far from the LGBTP flag, was doing is by no means very clear (and we can understand why). Beyond being a youtuber not much is communicated in the few newspapers that have covered this case. What we do know for sure is that he claimed to train children to become actors. He said, in the description of his youtube channel, that he had “a HQ composed of many talented children” as well as a place in a gaming company called SBT game that paid him to broadcast these videos. The victims, 2 little boys, were all little actors from theater, TV or movies. Like many of these scumbags, Rochebin to name but one, Raulino promised, to lure them, to make them reach heights of popularity, jobs related to entertainment and claimed to be in contact with a showbusiness big boss. It is funny to read that this pedophile is, according to the media, followed by several thousand fans, while his youtube channel alone counts almost 2,000,000. This is a far cry from the small youtuber with 10k subscribers. Just imagine the number of potential victims that could be involved in this case. Between Youtube, Instagram and twitch, the damage must be terrible. Youtube banned the pedo quite quickly but it is noted that Twitch took much longer, leaving his videos and his account online long after his arrest. Why? This raises some legitimate questions, especially when we know that Twitch is a den of child molesters… I invite you to go on any live gaming fornite, to see the reaction of children and to see the predators show up just as quickly. Twitch is becoming a bigger pedo den than Youtube and the company behind it doesn’t give a shit. The police are convinced that there are many more victims than the two who exposed the pedophile. But will we know the full truth ?


You think those little rainbow colors in their hair are just a new 21st century craze? Let me stop you. Isn’t it those flashy colors that particularly catch the eye of children? You probably just raised your eyebrows when you realized the obvious. Look, just follow the “fashion”: A few months after this case, same head, same style, same delirium, and moreover same game! Fortnite. Robert Paz alias “Prod1gyX” on the web, streamer, gamer, LGBTP and pedophile. He too raped children, he too had understood how to attract these preys in his nets. This Honduran streamer living in the USA, became known in 2009 after winning, in the Guinness World Records, the highest score in Rock Band with a drum set. He also participated in the first season of the reality show World Cyber Games Ultimate Gamer on Syfy in 2008. He also abused several children and could be found on twitch. The result of his trial should have fallen a few months ago. It is nothing to this day, September 2021.

For your information, Twitch belongs to Amazon, owned and managed by personalities close to Epstein and many other well known pedophiles. Think about that. twice.

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