• Date : Juily 2021
  • Name : The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus (SFGMC)
  • Director : Chris Verdugo
  • Sponsors :  AT&T, Airbnb, Ketel One, Bloomberg, Wells Fargo, US Bank


“We will convert your children
Arriving little by little
Silently and subtly
And you will hardly notice it
You can stop them from disco
Warn them about San Francisco
Make them wear pleated pants
We don’t care
We’ll convert your kids
We’re coming for them
We’re coming for your kids
We’re coming for them
We are coming for them
We are coming for your children
For your children “


It all started after a gay choir took the liberty of exposing a disturbing little song to the world, claiming loudly that they were “coming for our children”. It didn’t take long before people of sound mind and spirit were outraged that such a song was being promoted. Then the scandal broke. A scandal, yes, but not in the sense that you might imagine. Some angry people would have threatened the choir and these… “singers”. Of course, this is what the mainstream press will focus on and not on the lyrics of the song, which are at the center of the problem. All their favorite expressions are thus put forward with for head of thread their unavoidable “homophobia”. Easy. A group of men yelling into a microphone that they are going to come and get our children and being outraged by it makes us homophobes. Welcome to modern society. This group of pigs proclaim themselves “A Social Justice Organization”. Yes we know what it is, the famous SJWs, contempt remains. To defend themselves they call the context of the lyrics “satirical” and don’t hesitate to congratulate themselves on their success with a charming “we are the first gay choir that ever existed”. Oh well, I guess that explains and forgives everything… And of course, criticizing this verbal vomit can only belong to the American right-wing extremist clan, they insist. Here is their statement, unapologetic or remorseful, published on the main media to defend them..

“The far right conservative media found our video and made it their cause. This has all happened in the last 24 hours and continues to escalate. They have taken the words of the video out of context to support a narrative that meets their needs for intolerance and hate. It is clear that dry humor is lost on many. As a result, we have seen user comments on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram become increasingly alarming. Emails to individuals and the choir office are vitriolic – including death threats. We believe the first step to ensure the safety of everyone involved with the choir and the making of this video is to make it private. We are in contact with law enforcement, both locally and nationally. We will not be threatened and will follow the legal steps to act on these threats. We will always accept others who may have different values, but when violence is their choice of expression, since 1969, we have not backed down. After decades of indoctrinating children and teaching intolerance of anyone “other,” from using the Bible as a weapon to reparative therapy, it is our turn. We have dedicated ourselves to being role models, teaching and spreading the message of love, tolerance and celebration through our music. Our second action is to work to control the narrative. The video is illegally copied and placed on YouTube, Instagram and other websites. Others have the right to follow fair use laws, but that is not what is happening here. As a result, our social media and marketing staff works around the clock to alert YouTube, Instagram and Facebook moderators and file DMCAs (removal of websites with stolen content). So far, this action has been successful..”

You understand, you homophobes! It’s only a message of love and tolerance! In which is an undisguised threat to come and take your children by force. Where is the evil? So, let’s investigate! If it’s a message of love and tolerance, there shouldn’t be any pedophiles in the choir, should there? Let’s investigate.


Did you really think the world would fall for the satire? So how come there are quite a few pedophiles in your little shitty choir? Oh, and not just seeming pedophiles, no no, pedophiles who have been arrested in the past for abuse. Oops! It’s still surprising to find pedos already caught by the police but what is even more surprising is that most of them are part of the choir directors! So there is no need to ask more questions about the origin of the lyrics or the clear path they are heading towards. Oh and wait, you don’t know everything… The choir also has an outreach program in elementary, middle and high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area… As a result, since some were quickly identified as filthy child rapists, the choir has deleted the entire list of members and leadership from the internet and everywhere. Why? Fortunately, we found it and keep in mind that only a small part of the members were sought for the moment. Now try to defend either the song or this group of degenerates.

  • PEPPER KEITH AARON : He is on the Board of Directors of the Choir – 1998, Obscene Acts with a child under 14 years old. He lives within a mile of 5 schools…
  • CUADRA LUIS RODOLFO : He is on the Board of Directors of the Choir – 1998, Obscene Acts with a child under 14 years old.
  • FRIEDBERG LAWRENCE EARL : Tenor group 2 – Choir member – 2001, Obscene acts with a child under 14 years old.
  • WALLACE DAVID EUGENE : Obscene acts with a child under the age of 14.
  • JAMES GRAHAM : convicted and released in 1993 for continuous sexual abuse of a minor.


Pedophile encourages you to get the vaccine. Of course. Make sense.

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