GERALD MARIE: A derivative of the EPSTEIN network? [1980-2020]

Monday September 21st, Gérald Marie de Castellac, the ex-boss of the model agency Elite Model Management Europe and organizer of the famous Elite Model Look model contests, ex-husband of Linda Evangelista is accused of sexual assault and rape by four women, accusations which he obviously denies.

At 70 years old, he has always had the reputation of being a sulfurous and uncompromising man in the “milieu”. The photographer Jacques Silberstein says of him: “He liked to sleep with girls. His philosophy was : If you want to work, you have to fuck me“. A scumbag. At the same time, at the end of the 70s, John Casablancas, founder of the Elite agency, set out to conquer the United States and he soon unleashed a veritable war of agencies, poaching certain models, also using his position to take advantage of the young girls who came to him. In the 80s, Casablancas, at first reluctant because of Gérald Marie’s reputation (rather cheeky considering his profile), accepted a collaboration and put Marie in charge of the Elite agency at the European level. For years, these two filthy scum will wear and abuse girls, often minors, to satisfy their gross disgusting perversions, working with some people like Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista.

Already at the end of the 80s, Marie’s practices were problematic. Marie Anderson, Vice President of Elite Chicago in the mid-1980s, says she witnessed an unusual scene. In Ibiza, in one of the properties of this garbage, Lisa Herzog and Trudi Tapscott, two of the top managers of the Elite agency, were angrily imploring Casablancas and Marie to stop sleeping with underage models. Marie replied: “We are men, we have our needs”. But the sledgehammer blow came in 1999 when the BBC broadcast a documentary filmed with a hidden camera following Gérald Marie for several months, revealing the true face of this obsessed pedoman. Initially suspended, Elite reintegrates him at the head of the agency after having negotiated the suppression of the documentary with the BBC. There will follow many other testimonies proving that Marie is a dirty pervert, a pedo who works under the approving gaze of the milieu. In an autobiography published in 2011, model Carré Otis talks about the many rapes that Gérald Marie subjected her to when she was 17 years old. Carolyn Kramer evokes these rapes of which everyone was aware: “I was confronted with a characterized minor embezzlement, and I could do absolutely nothing about it”. But nothing marred Marie’s career. To believe that all these accusations are only banalities, that these young girls are only merchandise! A precision: Marie knew Haddad and Jean-Luc Brunel very well. Of course, we won’t find much on the net to direct us to her friendships or even to her professional partners either. But we do know that many photographers working in the fashion industry in the 80’s and 90’s were accused of being pedophiles. And it was also during this period that Nicole Junkermann took her first steps in this agency. In short, all this is related to Jeffrey Epstein, really small the world we live in, isn’t it?

Today Gérald Marie runs the modeling agency “Oui Management”, he seems very serene about what’s going on and we don’t hear anything anyone, apart from the victims, denouncing this commodification of childhood. Not even feminists! We will all agree, modeling is purely and simply one of the authorized showcases of the exploitation of minors where sex and money reign supreme. Disgusting…



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