Louvin & Moyne couple pedogay again under the spotlight after the denunciation of a direct witness. Sex tourism on boys from Brazilian favelas during paid private parties.


  • Names: Daniel Moyne and Gérard Louvin
  • Crimes: sex tourism on boys of the favelas
  • Location: Brazil
  • Date: In 2004
  • Denunciation : by witnessES
  • Status : Free as a bird


FEBRUARY 2021, we published the case concerning Louvin and his husband, the two pedophiles from the French show business elite. The media collabos had of course not gone beyond an article or two, hoping to see the scandale fade away, Well, it is not over, it continues. It is through witnesses that new evidences are brought on the pedogay couple that are Gerard Louvin and Daniel Moyne. As everyone suspects, as they are all in the upper echelons of Paris to indulge in different poor countries, it is the turn of these two dirty pedophiles to be denounced as sexual pedophile tourists. Country concerned? Brazil. The victims? Young disadvantaged boys from the country’s favelas. To top it all off? These pedo meetings were paid ones. The whistleblowers? A couple who resided in Rio de Janeiro between 1999 and 2009. They report the indiscretions of a popular host in France: Julien Courbet. This last having confessed to have attended a party at the end of 2004 in Brazil during which Gérard Louvin and Daniel Moyne “received minor children during paid illegal sexual orgies”. To this, of course, the two pedos deny in block and the pro-pedophile lawyer defending them announces at once a complaint for defamation with the couple having thrown the information. The couple in question: Marie Duguet and Jean-Noël Gérard who are both part of the entertainment world. Also it is noted that as usual these journalistic prostitutes do not give you the entirety of the case, leaving subtle traces of the truth without really revealing it. Because what you need to know, as explained very well by the source three coming from information from Brazil directly, they did not “participate” in these pedogay parties, they were the organizers and both asked for money to access these disgusting pedogay parties ! Also, be aware that the newspapers have known about this since the beginning of spring 2021 and it is only after the summer that the case is finally public. As usual, be sure that when something like this, exposing this type of personality, is published, it’s because they have no choice but to do it! Let’s go further and unveil the words of the whistleblowing couple:

“We welcomed Julien Courbet and his wife at the end of 2004. […] who had to cancel their trip to Indonesia because of the tsunami and turned to Brazil. They came to have dinner with us.” It was during this famous dinner that the revelations would have been made. The couple living at that time in Brazil had proposed to Julien Courbet and his wife to attend the New Year’s Eve fireworks from their terrace, invitation that Julien Courbet refused because he had already been invited to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the suite of Gerard Louvin and Daniel Moyne. It was therefore decided that the day after New Year’s Eve, Julien Courbet and his wife would have dinner with Marie Duguet and Jean-Noël Gérard. It was during this evening that the revelations were made by Courbet to the couple. Of course, cowardly and ball-less, Courbet lies and denies having made such confessions. Stop it, Courbet. Do you really think that a couple such as these two scumbags were not suspected of doing what you confessed they did in 2004? Couard. The couple also says that: “He (Julien Courbet) told us that they would have done better to stay with us because they were very shocked by the atmosphere in which they found themselves. He informed us that these two people (Gerard Louvin and Daniel Moyne) received underage boys for paid sexual relations”.


If you have any information regarding this case, please leave us a comment under any twitter post @teamfsociety0f1 or via the contact tab of our site for a direct email. Evidence of other “participants” would be very beneficial to the fight and add a layer to this scandal. Your anonymity is, like all the others before you, assured

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