[many sources will be visible in this article but I really need to mention G. Fernandez that, even as today, keeps fighting for the truth to be put under the light. Thanks to his investigations, I was able to do this article]


David Crowley was a military man who served the country at war in Iraq and Afghanistan for many years and worked for the U.S. Army in 13 different countries. He was not just a soldier. He had important positions in the army, obtaining 4 military awards! Air Assault Medal Army Recommendation Medal (x2) Combat Infantry Medal Infantry Expert Medal! At the age of 22, he was already a sergeant. It was on his return, then in his twenties, after seeing the backstage rot of our elites declaring wars for reasons extremely far removed from the official speeches, that he decided to make a film. He started at first with a film school, while writing his script in parallel, starting in 2010. He described the scenario as follows A totalitarian regime conquered the U.S.A. with a group of resistant patriots as its enemy. “A film about the near future of the fall of society under martial law”. Finally, you should know that Crowley was a freelance journalist for a year. We find him in important events:

  • Bilderberg 2012 (documentary “The Turning Point”)
  • Occupy Wall Street
  • We are change
  • Private meetings with military officers, cops, whistleblowers, politicians, etc.

He is a young man appreciated in his neighborhood and by his relatives, living in Apple Valley, Minnesota. He had a wife and a very young daughter who is only 5 years old. A nice family, a nice house in a nice neighborhood and a passion, determination and joy of life described by everyone who has been close with David and his lovely family. With his own money, only $6000, he started the “Gray State” project. His ultimate goal: Waking up the masses. He said it himself: “People don’t see anything, don’t understand what’s going on behind their backs. If you show them through a movie, they will be more receptive and many will understand what’s really going on, because that’s how the gov programmed them.” He was smart. He wanted to use the same methods that the elite uses against the people. They have been propagating all the filth of this world on a daily basis, trying to make the whole planet accept the unacceptable through multiple industries such as music, movies, TV series, the daily life of actors, singers and other collaborators of the system. As a singular example : Show transsexuals in all the latest TV series, or make one the finalist of major world song contests, promulgated – with the help of doctors who all deserve the electric chair – sex change through hormonal therapies and surgeries, and slowly push the population to accept this violation of the natural order of things and of the universe. Do the same for all areas: feminism, homosexuality, abortion, pedophilia, immorality, crime, careerism, infidelity, divorce, violence, abuse, prostitution, rape… It goes by itself. The list is long and is made up of things more or less worse, but all these things are promoted in a singular way, and it works: Entertainment. Starting from there, David Crowley understood it well. If you show people a near future that looks like reality, with central points they already know, with institutes they know, with world financial decisions they’ve already seen on TV, then there you open a door in their subconscious mind of the lobotomized slaves and you incorporate the possibility of questioning and – later on – a potential revolt once the real awakening has taken place. As a result, Gray State was never to see the light of day and David Crowley has to be killed.



But what was Gray State talking about? What was so disturbing to that little group of human waste that has enslaved us all for centuries? Here’s a little preview of the movie you’ll never see. Read this chapter carefully because after the transcript of the trailer, we’ll go on to the images. Keep in mind what doesn’t need to be re-emphasized: The FEMA camps, the LOCKDOWNS the SHUT DOWN (economy and stores). Largely visible in the documentary of the movie, the trailer and the script (see below). Here is the transcript of the trailer (hard to find on the internet because the results are polluted by “a gray state” the documentary about the film and his death) at the end, I suggest am unexpected theory.


It happened, while we were sleeping : metaphor, the people are asleep, “they” took the opportunity to launch their great conspiracy against the people..

The lines are drown, but which side we’re on, is chosen for us : The plan had already been written well in advance and what we will become individually, has already been decided by the elite.

When society falls, those who panic die first :Those who panic are those who did not see anything coming and do not understand what is happening and therefore act stupidly and indiscriminately. The others, awaken, have seen what was about to happen and therefore will be better organized. Thus increasing their chances of survival. If we popularize a little we could say: The sheep will be the first to go. And this is very true.

With every weapon of the state turned against us, how long can we resist ? :Of course you understand what he means, but it is imperative to note the composition of the trailer that shows these weapons: The technology through surveillance, the rfid chip – the weaponry and the collaborating men shown here as being not the military but the FEMA – The laws, with the introduction of martial law – The official mandatory papers, with the ban on travel, closure of airports – The control on food supply, with the promotion of buying rather than growing, we can see the scene where a woman enters with a shopping cart in a supermarket completely empty. Consequences of having given everything to these dogs, total control, and now how long will we be able to go without food, without weapons, with surveillance and FEMA collaborators and murderers on the streets?.

The second American revolution may not be remembered : Two solutions, either it implies that there will be such totalitarianism, such a dictatorship, that the dissidents who would like to inform later on how the people were put into absolute submission, will no longer be there to talk about it and the others will not be allowed to do so under the threats of enormous sanctions. Or everyone will be like zombies or even dead… Either way, he suggests that there won’t be many people left to talk about it.



2a Gray State Image Du Trailer Film

00:18 – A couple at home at the dinner table is watching the camera filming them. A man is behind multiple screens watching them. Six years ago, when the film was created by Crowley, there were very, very less cctv then today’s mass surveillance!

00:26 We see a television news. On the screen is written: ” FREE FREE FREE FREE – RFID – CLINIC”. Followed by a child who is tattooed with the chip that is immediately tested if functional with a device that scans it from the inside of his wrist. And what do we find in the 2020 / GAVI / Gates / ID2020 alliance? A health passport and a digital chip proving your vaccinations. Wait, this is just the beginning! What about the infamous Gates digital quantum tattoo that contains the information to know if you’ve had the vaccine or not? Everyone expects a small chip between the thumb and index finger. Crowley knew or was clairvoyant enough to guess that it would be a tattoo? For those who are still sleeping soundly, click on the official links of these companies, it’s written in black on white. That’s exactly what is planned. A quantum tattoo containing nanos. Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

00:40 – A wrist is scanned at the checkout of a supermarket and on a small sign above the checkout is written “BE SAFE BE SMART SIGN UP AND…” You get it ? What is already hammered everywhere? “be safe, stay at home” or “be safe, wear a mask” and soon “be safe, get vaccinated” and then “be safe, get the chip” … What have people like us and many others around the world have been saying for months about that plandemic? That it will be impossible to shop without a vaccine… If you take a quick look at the world news, it has already been announced. Source MAINSTREAM + vaccine :National Geographic , 20minutes,

00:45 On the scrolling message on the TV it says: “The new tracking iphone tells you where your child…” interrupted without knowing what was suppose to come next that sentence. It reminds me of Netanyahu who said a few months ago on TV that he wanted to chip children “like cars”… At this point I wonder if Crowley didn’t have Mrs. Irma (known fortune teller in France) as a cousin… Source : Jerusalem post.

02:17 – The guy in white coat, white mask, looking like those guys we see everywhere since the beginning of the plandemic… Personally, I was really disturbed when I noticed this quick scene…. Small symbolism too (but more visible in the documentary than in the trailer) the guy who seems to be releasing propaganda videos about the virus near hospitals also has a masonic apron.


1a Crowley Family Crime Scene Photos Pictures 01

Official speech: He killed his daughter, his wife and shot himself. They stayed several weeks without anyone noticing their disappearance (friends, family etc…) during the Christmas time. His head is partly missing, his right hand too, his wife’s head too, his daughter’s complete arm too. They’ll say it’s the dog who ate it but won’t analyse the poop. In 24h it’s officially declared to be a double murder / suicide without any proofs. “Allah Akbar” was written on the wall of the living room in his wife’s blood(without any fingerprints, although the inscription seems to have been made “by hand”)and the words “Allah is great, submit to him now” were written on a notepad above the kitchen. However, his friends in the army will confirm that he hated Islam because of what he saw during the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and all of his relatives confirm that he was very Christian. His wife converted for him. Another important note, even if it remains very subjective. There are videos in his phone showing moments of daily life with his wife and little girl. In several videos, he and his wife talk about disturbing impressions of an unhealthy presence in their home as well as about voices being heard (facts confirmed by relatives with whom he had questions such as “what does an energetic attack look like” or “how do you recognize a supernatural attack?”). When we know the topic about psychotronic attacks and other such attacks(facts confirmed directly from the government with countless declassified files that you can all find here)we can ask ourselves some very serious questions. You should also know that 8 months later, Kathryn Crowley, David’s mother, was found dead on her patio in front of her house. She had no health issues and no one knows how or why she died…(source) . Now let’s move on to the evidence, police report, crime scene photo and testimony from neighbors. Most of the following can be checked with source 5 at the bottom + police report.

  • FIRST AND FOREMOST : he said in facebook around mid-november “if anything happens to me, I would never kill myself.”
  • The back door was opened when police arrived
  • Many weeks past and no one notice anything ? No one is worried ?
  • Declared suicide for David + murder by David on his family in only 24 hours of investigation. A bit fast, isn’t it?
  • His wife was shot twice at close range. A soldier who makes 2 wars misses his target at close range?
  • No analysis report on powder traces from the gun on David. They will just point out that his right hand was missing… The gun being few inches from his left hand. The powder lands on a larger perimeter than a singular hand but yet… No analysis
  • The date of death of D.C. and his family would be December 25. A newspaper was found in the inside trash can with the date “December 26”. The deliveryman said he delivered the newspaper on the 23rd. This will be contradicted by the company itself. False testimony. Why?
  • The neighbor see the piles of parcels in front of the house and will come near his house and look. He will state at this precise moment that he saw mannequins on the ground.But further down, we will discover something else…
  • Messages and posts on D.C.’s account (facebook)were deleted after his death. The deleted posts were about David wanting to start a new team “this time trustworthy”. (screenshot taken by several Internet users who found it strange).
  • According to page 45 of the police report “All of Rani’s right arm and shoulder were missing” , the 5 year old girl. It did not raise any questions. They will say that it was the dog that ate the arm…
  • It is said that he wrote – with his wife’s blood – Allah akbar on the wall (there is a photo of the crime scene, you will find this photo in the sources) but the inspector will say it is false. Where does this forgery (the photo in the police files) come from? Then after, the police will change their speech, telling it’s true. What the fuck ?
  • The bullet that killed Crowley was not found by the police. It is the cleaning company which will contact the police later to say that they had found the bullet by moving a carpet…
  • It is said that the missing body parts were eaten by the family dog“Paleo”. A dog would never eat his masters. Moreover, the back door was open. The dog could have run away if hungry. If he did not, it was to stay with his family. Not to eat them…
  • The journalist who made the biggest fuss about the murder asked the police if it was possible to have any evidence, even blurred (in pictures), that the bodies of the family were in their house. Proof that they were actually killed and left behind. The police refused.
  • The alleged murder weapon was found next to David Crowley’s left hand. He was right-handed.
  • A hole was located on the ceiling. It was established by the police that this was the bullet that killed David Crowley. Why was the bullet found 2 months later on the carpet, in this case? Would it have disappeared in the sky and then fell again 2 months later ?
  • The missing parts of the bodies were mainly pieces of heads and hands. If you don’t find that strange, I do.
  • Why is the police report redacted at some very sketchy parts in their report?
  • Why does the girl have a broken rib when it says that there was “no sign of violence/resistance” in the police report?
  • The trash can had been emptied (outside) see crime scene images source 5.
  • Image of the crime scene, Source 5, at 2:44 and 2:53: The dog would have eaten the corpses so he must have stepped in the blood? Where the fuck are the blood’s traces on the ground? (dog’s paws traces???)
  • The position of the bodies is really very suspicious(source 5, 2:59) Moreover, there are traces of blood on the wall above victim 1 (white bag), Also, nothing above the victim on the right. Magic?
  • In the report that was made about Crowley and his film, there is an interview with the neighbor who is the one who called the police. He said certain things in the police report, (see above) contradictory to his others interventions. And in the report he said he saw “A small body, held in the arms of another body” now go and see the photos of the crime scene again. The bodies are far away from each other. There is a big big problem. (source “a gray state documentary” a 14:18)
  • Also at 2:59 on the computer on the kitchen bar, the camera is hidden by a piece of paper. That’s when you’re afraid that someone is trying to observe you… The other computer in the office (at 10:56) is also turned on. In the police report (page 45), it says that when the police tried to take fingerprints, the computer went out of sleep mode. BULLSHIT!! The guy puts a tape on the camera but doesn’t put a password ? Are you serious ???
  • According to the police report, the inscription Allah Akbar made with the blood of the mother, no fingerprints were found .
  • Source 5, at 3:27, no trace of blood around the body.
  • On the computer, as if by chance turned on after several weeks (source 5, at 4:17) he would have left a note containing the following words (see source 6)“I have loved you all with all of my heart.”. How convenient! With a hand written note it would have been necessary to know how to redo his handwriting… A notepad was however less than 10 centimeters from the computer with a pen on top…
  • Last disturbing element, a neighbor will affirm to have seen a certain “Cline” a few days after their deaths. The latter will tell the police after being questioned (although denied by the police when they were questioned on this issue) that he had been there with David’s father and brother. However, both the brother and the father will say that they were not there… Also, this man will talk about the hole in the ceiling and on the floor that he saw in those days. There is a huge mystery around this mystery man and no one could solve it. What was he doing there? Why did he say he was there with the father and the brother? How would he have gotten into the house to see the hole in the ceiling if he is not a relative? Mason hendricks (David’s old friend and main actor of Gray State) says he was there when the holes were first discovered (so with Cline?).
  • These holes in the wall had not been seen/identified by the police the first time (it’s in the report). It is said that it was only after this “Cline” saw it first (written in three different ways by the police in the reports: Klein, Cline, Klien)
  • Look at the face of his best friend, his relatives, his brother, 4 days after they were found dead, in a photo posted on their social networks… Does this deserve the slightest comment? Photo
  • Page 91 of the police report, indicates that the police did not wish to have the D.C. handwriting analyzed with the note “submit to allah now” from the notepad. For an investigation that includes three dead bodies, one of which is a 5-year-old girl, this is really strange. The reason given by the police: It’s useless. What. The. Fuck?

We stop there. We could write 50 pages about all the strangeness of this so-called double murder-suicide. The conclusion remains clear, he was shot, he, his wife, his 5-year-old daughter. Peace to their souls…


3a Sad Family Sean Wright Daniel Crowley Herzog A Gray State 01

This documentary of 2017 is very interesting because it gives as much evidence as it tries to force you to believe in the official speech. We see scenes from the filming of The Trailer, the perfectionist way Crowley worked. The love and overall joy of life. His extensive knowledge of N.W.O. topics (it’s thanks to him that I have learned, investigating his death, that veterans are always under surveillance because they are a potential threat to the establishment). That he is extremely intelligent. And by that I mean very, very, very, very smart. We learn that he potentially suffers “not very natural” attacks (see point above). That he is incredibly determined. All of this through audio and video footage of him on video camera recorded by himself, all the fucking time. On the other hand, when they start to disassemble him as someone who has – let’s say it clearly – lost his mind, it is based only and exclusively on testimonies and opinions and never – like the first part – by videos and/or audios. Strange, considering that Crowley spent his life cataloguing everything, writing everything, filming everything, recording everything in audio. As soon as they say and affirm that he had become depressed and crazy, there, as if by chance, there are no more videos, audios, writings? Ah yes, there are, but in total opposition to the official speech (example: the list written the day before his death with what he was planning to do every day after the end of the year celebrations, or small very positive notes here and there on post-it notes and notepads). The only person who won’t play the game in this shitty production will be the dad, very affected in front of the camera. Should we mention the $30 million budget signed for his movie for the coming year ? Yeah… Not convenient with the official police report and traitors friends and family.

Important note : Herzog, who co-produced the documentary, has been working for Disney ever since… I’m going to talk here about a small, very subjective detail, subject to all the interpretations of the world, but which also makes me nervous. I wanted to discover Herzog’s entourage. So I looked for the photos available on gettyimages, as we are used to do in the team when we investigate elites that are part of pedorings. I came across 46 pages of photos. I look at the first ones and decide to go further. By pure randomness, I go to page 29 (I believe in signs and destiny, nothing happens by chance, you can take that for the stupidity of someone too superstitious but I’m like that). I come across a photo corresponding to a film that Herzog produced in 2015, “the queen of the desert”. As a “Star” actor, we find Damien lewis who is in the picture on the same page. Damien Lewis, I recognized him right away. He plays the military double agent in Homeland. In this series, Lewis is a former soldier who fought in Iraq and was held prisoner by al-Qaeda who “turned him” and made him convert to Islam. Lewis, in the role of “Brody” becomes a spy for al Qaeda and plans attacks on US soil. He is secretly Muslim. Why am I bugging on this? Homeland exists since 2011. Crowley started the Gray State project shortly after. He dies in late 2014 early 2015. The same year, Herzog shot the film Queen of the Desert with as a main actor, Damien Lewis. In 2017, this man working for the very dirtiest pedosatanic industry (Disney) shoots an ultra treacherous documentary on Crowley. Okay. It’s very wobbly. Ok, maybe it doesn’t mean anything but when you don’t believe in coincidences, there’s like a little taste of a sign here. Remember that they wanted to make people believe that Crowley – a former military man who also fought in Iraq – had secretly converted to Islam and committed murders and suicide in connection with Islam(allah akbar on the wall with his wife’s blood and the note to submit to this god on the notepad). Some will see nothing, some will see something. It is up to you to decide. Source. 1, 2.

A man of interest? A man claiming to be a super close friend of the Crowley family and part of the Gray State team, Sean Wright (the fat bald guy in the documentary) threatened everyone on social networks questioning the official version of the family’s death. Strange isn’t it? Some small comments he made on the main facebook page of the people who support D.C. and who don’t believe in a double murder-suicide (page he tried to get for him from the blogger who created the page in question, as a source 1)Here are these comments: (Source : 1, 2)

  • “DHS and FBI will put you under a microscope if you keep asking questions.” (the worst and on top, that is a fucking goof)
  • “You’re swimming in a river that’s going nowhere.”
  • “You must learn when to let go”
  • “There is nothing to go on” and “I hope you respect my words”,
  • “Stop it, man… for your own sanity.”

His so-called best friend and actor: Mason Hendricks on social networks will also speak. Again, strange… Here are some of these sentences. Talking about D.C.’s so-called murder-suicide act, he will say that it was a ” decision” they took together (killing themselves and the little girl). He will say that “he is 100% certain that David did it“. Is that so? Why and how? He called the deaths “tragic but poetic”. Now it’s getting macabre…



Crowley was quite a visionary. We know, for the most part, everything that was in his script. Martial law, RFID, totalitarian state, and freedom-destroying… But I’m curious about one thing. He knew too well the plans of the Khazarian Freemasonic elite. Where is the mass vaccination? The plague? Anyone who has been interested in these subjects for a few years will inevitably come across this plan of rottenness that has kept us on a leash for decades. Especially since Crowley had covered the Bilderberg event in 2012 and knew Rockefeller who was in a dominant position on the 2012 meeting precisely … He was known to be an extreme perfectionist. I don’t believe for a moment that he hadn’t seen and read the Rockefeller’s 2010 report, suggesting the scenario of a pandemic !! How could he not have read that paper with the thoroughness he had shown in his research work? Yet it is FEMA that takes control in his film. FEMA being used for disasters only (officially). Such as devastating hurricanes, earthquakes razing cities, anything to do with natural disasters in short, and above all … pandemics.… What if his script contained something related to this? I looked for it and found two. Unfortunately, these two scripts, both from the same year of his death, were both rewritten and edited versions over the original if I am not mistaken to believe there was another, first script. What was on the big external hard drives? And why were the damn computers both turned on even weeks later? They say that a song looped on the laptop in the kitchen, (a laptop that’s been looping on iTunes for weeks, I can’t believe the CPU doesn’t take a hit, especially on a pre-2010 Mac…). So many questions that will probably remain unanswered, and that’s unfortunate. But one thing is certain… I ask that lightning strikes me if I’m wrong, DAVID CROWLEY AND HIS ENTIRE FAMILY WERE MURDERED And we will keep talking about it until the truth comes out !


source (G.Fernandez) : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and here all officials papers from 1 website and also here

(sorry, the files are named in French, I can’t make it bilingual as I will need to upload it twice and I need to save the little place I can on our server)