2020 – The stars victims start talking? That’s the impression it gives with two testimonies. The Gucci heiress one and Paris Hilton. Tongues are starting to loosen up and start throwing out big names. Lets start with the Gucci family. It is the heiress of GUCCI, Alexandra Zarini who will start the fire with her statements available in this video. It is by threatening to disinherit her that the family will respond to the accusations. In the viewfinder: Her former stepfather, mother and grandmother. The stepfather raped her from the age of 6 until she was 22 years old. The mother and grandmother having protected “Joseph” and would have even allowed this dirty pedophile to film Alexandra naked when she was little. We can imagine that these recordings did not end up in the back of a cupboard between two Disney DVDs but most probably online and in the personal collections of showbusiness sluts and other famous paedophile celebrities. The mother and the grandmother (if we dare to call them that…) had tried in the past to strangle Alexandra when she threatened to talk. They deny it, of course. But there will not be many people to believe it. We are well aware of what is going on in your circles and have no doubt whatsoever about the veracity of the victim’s statements. She also reports that, during this attempted murder (or pressure), it was the pedophile who intervened to extricate her from the hands of her mother and grandmother and that he then took advantage of the opportunity to rape her. Again. Note that we are also talking about drugs. We can therefore raise the possibility of MK control, which most of the time is induced by the absorption of drugs by the victims. The latter who, like Alexandra, later find themselves addicted to these substances.


  • Joseph Ruffalo (the step father) – work in the music industry and movie industry + in a kids hospital as a hobby…
  • Patricia Gucci (the shitty mom)
  • Bruna Palombo (the shitty grandmother)
The face of the pedophile

Let’s move on to Paris Hilton. At the evocation of this name, the majority of us will have the image of a dizzy, rich and superficial blonde. But behind the bling-bling, Paris was hiding a terrible suffering, from her teenagehood. In a report, This is Paris, journalist Alexandra Dean reveals the other side of the coin. Through her confessions, we realize that this woman lived through a terrible and painful time when she was a teenager. Coming from a well-known family and newly settled in New York, she was harassed at school by the other students. Unable to stand the taunting and strict upbringing of her parents, she rebels and starts going out to clubs and parties. She grew to love this freedom and recklessness, to the point that she neglected her schooling. Her parents were unable to channel her frenzy, her outbursts, so they decided in 1996 to send her to a boarding school. But not just any boarding school, Provo Canyon School in Utah. Like a wild animal, she is forcibly taken from her family by two men, security guards from this school, in the middle of the night. “I heard screaming like a pig being slaughtered,” recalls her sister Nicky. Paris recounts the horror lived in this establishment: beatings, strangulations, bullying, shouting, isolation… All of this under medication, antipsychotic drugs that will even make some students suicidal. A nightmarish school with perverse and sadistic teachers, whom the authorities have allowed to act despite numerous denunciations from students and families. Paris’s parents would have sent her to this school because it seemed good, an ordinary school. Did they? An ordinary school sends its henchmen to brutally snatch a child in the middle of the night from his parents’ home?? It has been decades that this school is being accused of many kind of abuses and nobody has ever done anything about it ! How many victims could have been spared? Initially in the 70s, this school was a school for boys only. Those in charge at the time were Jack Williams, Robert Crist, D. Eugene Thorns. Just a few years after the opening of this school, compaints were already raining. In 1986, Charter Behavioral Health Systems purchased the campus and abuses continued for the next 14 years. It was under their governance that Paris Hilton became yet another victim of abuse.. Universal Health Services, led by Alan B miller, bought out the school and guess what? The abuses continued too…

Many celebrities have sent their children there: Roseanne Barr, Barbara Walters, Graham Nash, Farrah Fawcett and members of the Eagles to name a few. These rich kids lacked nothing but love and attention. To punish them, to control them, to make them be what they were supposed to be, these trash parents offered them to monsters. Violence, psychotropic drugs, rape, terror … To what end? This is not an ordinary school… In the end, Paris Hilton explains that this traumatic experience will have earned her the will to control her life without ever being controlled by anyone again. Finally, a small important mention, since we are talking about Paris Hilton’s teenagehood. Ghislaine Maxwell, at the time Paris was a young girl, had the idea of recrute her for Epstein, reports Christopher Mason, a British journalist and long-time friend of paedophile pimp Ghislaine Maxwell. Like that, everything comes together in one way or another…



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