HAPPY HOLIDAYS : French prison for paedophiles

Many people just got super mad after watching the TV show(TF1 french national channel), made in the Mauzac’s prison in France. Vacation club for pedophiles, as the title of the article on the source site says. An incredible umpteenth attempt by pedojustice under the command of the pedogovernment, through French pedojournalism, to victimize and embellish the image of the faggot child rapist. Bad luck, it’s a big bad buzz that they will get back in their teeth. According to many people, there are several schools a few hundred meters away from this holiday’s place (prison) for pedo. The fury showed when the general public (dumpling of TF1?) will mention the shitty sentence that one of these pedos had taken, having raped eight children aged between 4 and 6 years old and having taken only 5 years of jail time. For the blow, the team smiles a little bit because we try hard to show to the sleeping ones that pedojustice locks up 6 years for the theft of a sandwich and 3 months for the rape of a 4 year old child, in order to show that we are ruled by big pedophile sons of bitches, without really making enough noise to be listened to by the sheeples population. And Boom! It’s TF1 who makes public (by mistake, for sure) the enormity of our French freemason-pedojustice. Huge! Thanks guys! We’ll send you a box of chocolates because it’s a gift and all benefits for us, our fight and all the other fighters on the same front. But let’s come back to the conditions of incarceration of this garbage. Stroll in the forest, games of petanque (french game with little metal balls), telephones, no locks… But we don’t tell you all, friends. This prison is not at all an exception!

Have you ever heard about the fact that many pedophiles are sent to Corsica to serve their sentences? No ? Hold still, I’ll show you all this. So, to Casabianda, child rapists are sent. Very often, it is the gratin of pedocriminality who ends up being sent directly there rather than – the poor – suffering the dirty Parisian prisons. Small side-by-side,Olivier Bailly, Will the arrested pedo judge for children be sent there? Simple question. But lets go back to the topic. So in casabandia, it is the 5 stars resort of incarceration for pedophile in Corsica. An open-air prison, without bars, without surrounding walls, without locks on the doors and practically without surveillance, to speak only of the security aspect. Americans, I guess you are going to hallucinate reading this, yet, it’s not a joke… There’s going to be vomit on the keyboards, I now… Sight on the beach of Aleria a few steps from the prison, is also on the menu. The paedos have the good life. A sheepfold, a barn for animal lovers is also available. Phone available without any particular restrictions and all this (hang on…) on a voluntary basis to come to Casabianda! I translate: A pedo is fed up with his prison in Fresne (very bad prison in Paris as an example), he asks to leave for Casabianda and boom, a plane ticket is booked for him to reach the prison with all the comforts of Corsica. What a beautiful region Corsica! A paradise for pedo with open sky, what more could they want? Son of bitches…. I’m sure we can look for a few other prisons because, for sure, others like the one in the Dordogne or Corsica, also play the role of holiday club for pedophiles. You can vomit now…

Documentary about Casabianda (french but to get an idea of how it looks like…) :



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