HUGE PEDORING IN GERMANY 1/4 – Eichwald caravan park

The topic is based on four chapters. 4 interconnected paedophile networks, a link that the police, justice and media will never show you. However, the four cases are indeed linked. Social services, police, justice and state officials are involved in all four networks. We will show you all of this. (the list below lists the articles we have already done on the other rings, click on them to read the others). The cases are :


Ludge – Eichwald Caravan Park – FACTS AND NUMBERS

  • 40 victims (at least)
  • Victims were between 3 and 14 yo
  • 15 teraoctets of pedoporn
  • Around 113 000 vids and 3 900 000 pics
  • 155 proofs“losted” by the police
  • 2 police officers + 8 officials accused
  • Social services involved (child places in paedo foster home)
  • The pedo ring is active since 1998 to 2018
  • Major conflit of interest (the lawyers in charge of the accused from the social services are also advising the very state on how to proceeds. What the fuck? source)
  • They “forgot” to search a main crime scene (a cabin of the top 1 suspect)
  • More than 100 emails containing pedoporn were found at a dirty cop’s house here. He got suspended BUT not arrested or jailed…( Paderborn district)
  • Within the victims, about 30 kids were raped more than 1000 times by only 2 of the accused..
  • During many years, cops got many warning concerning the main suspects but never open a prosecution or even look at them and what they were doing. Ever.
  • 1 kids became a pedophile
  • Lippe’s police chief was suspended
  • Ralf Vetter is the prosecutor
  • Elisabeth Auchter-Mainz is the commissioner for the protection of victims in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • Anke Gruda – Judge in charge of the case

NO NAME were made public. It was very difficult for the team to go back up the network, especially since everything is in German, but despite the absence of many names, we found the links between the cases. The social services are 100% accomplices of the network. Children are placed with paedophiles living alone like “Andrea V.” single, living in a fucking célibataire vivant dans une putain de dreary caravan in a campsite. We can easily understand everything with this singular huge detail. He could, at the time, adopt the little girl ! How ? No checking whatsoever ? No. The social services, the police, the state have “offered” this little one so that the “little hands” of the network produce pedoporn that is then sold at a golden price! Child pornography brings in tens of billions each year and per country according to some associations that list it! It would be interesting to see the state of the bank accounts of the local politicians over 10 years… As well as the boss of the German CPS and of the regional police officers.



Andreas V – Nickname : Addi or Papa-Bar 

56 yo, Ludge – jobless – Suspect number 1.

2016, he adopts a 7-year-old girl who will be entrusted to him by the Hameln-Pyrmont district youth welfare office (Hameln Youth Welfare Office) while Andreas V, unemployed, has been living in a dilapidated, smelly caravan for 30 years. Moreover, he would have already been arrested in 2002 following a complaint filed by the father of a little girl for abuse. Detmold’s public prosecutor’s office will drop the charges against him.. Source 1 and 2. Also, during a barbecue, in August 2016, Jens Rustika dad of 2, 2yo girls will hit Andreas for obscene attitudes towards children and will report him that same day to the Hameln-Pymont youth welfare office who will give zero fuck and tell him that it was serious to make this kind of accusation. In August 2016, an employee of the Hameln-Pyrmont district child protection agency described a possible child abuse. She reportedly first left a message on the answering machine of the Hameln Youth Welfare Office, describing the charges brought against Andreas V. by a father of two daughters. This employee also notified the police. However, it appears that the police officer did not inform either the responsible criminal investigation department or the public prosecutor’s office or did anything once again. On 20 October 2016, the victim’s mother (friend of Andreas’ adopted daughter – Jana) filed a complaint. Indeed, her daughter, who had stayed sleeping with Andreas’ daughter for the second time, complained back home to her mother that her friend’s father had hurt her and injured her.. Source. Another indication of sexual abuse, which has already been reported, came in November 2016 from an employee of the employment agency in Blomberg. She says she was threatened by the head of the youth welfare office to stop trying to persuade the authorities to intervene. Source. A child psychologist also warns the youth welfare office in November 2016 that Andreas V. might be a pedophile, but the office will do nothing and will grant the adoption to Andreas. This is already unbelievfuckingable! It is finally stopped on 06/12/18. A search in March 2019 will find 879 image and video files. The evidence will be brought back to the Lippe police office, where a suitcase containing 155 CD/DVDs will disappear. Subsequently, the Lippe police chief will be suspended along with his colleague. Following the search, the police will ask a demolition company to remove Andreas’s Gazebo from the campsite. In doing so, the demolition contractor’s workers will still find CDs and video tapes that will leave with the rubble, destroying a small wooden shack, which had been “forgotten” during the raid. The Ministry of the Interior has declared on April 17, 2019 that the CDs and K7 videos recovered from the rubble at the waste treatment plant were of no importance (translation: was probably to show the face of some officials that they did not want to highlight). In mid-January, the Lippe district police sent its report to the authorities and stated that “suspicions of file manipulation” had appeared at the Hameln Youth Welfare Office. On 04/24/19, a new unit to combat child abuse will be established under the Ministry of the Interior. Also it is a fact that the police officer who was in charge of the investigation until the beginning of January is now accused of “child abuse” and obstruction of justice, which was not the first time. On 02/01/19, Jochen Roth, a diving andrea’s friend, will give pictures and videos of Andreas and the children to the police by himself. From 2005 to 2010, Andreas used to spend vacations in Paderborn near his friend Roth with lots of children and sometimes on Lake Nordhausen in Thuringia. It was after the arrest and media coverage of the case that Roth was taken into custody realizing that the children he had seen with Andreas V must have been under a lot of pressure to not let anything out. Or he was also an accomplice. Andreas also had another 48-year-old friend from Northeim with whom he went on excursions. A friend who will be arrested on 03/05/20 for sexual abuse of 3 children in the case of Bergisch Gladbach.

Andreas V is sentenced on 09/05/19 by the Detmold court to 13 years in prison for 298 serious sexual abuses on 10 children (1000 abuses on 29 children in one article). The 2 police officers and officials of the Child Protection Office wont be prosecuted. Here, the testimony of his adoptive daughter. Here, the invisible shack. More testimonies from Benny F (his friend), Jana (victim), Jana Again. And here about the dirty cop.


Mario S 

34yo from Steinheim, Suspect number 2.

Unemployed on his parent’s charge. In 2010 he lives with an old friend (Andreas) at the Ludge-Elbrinxen campground and in 2014 his parents will rent a camping spot for Mario to live alone. In 2016, his girlfriend (30 years old) from Prenzlau, whom he met in Berlin in 2013, gave birth to a little girl with Mario. From a previous relationship, she already had a daughter born in 2011 and a son born in 2014 that Mario will also abuse. She was also convicted of child pornography and her 2 eldest children were placed in foster care in 2017. Mario was awarded sole custody of his daughter in October 2018, a little girl who is now with Silke S (Mario’s mother, 68 years old). Source. Whereas the public prosecutor’s office of Paderborn had already received a complaint in 2004 and then 2013. The youth welfare office of Hoxter had also already received a complaint from a child in September 2017. Arrested the 01/11/19 by Andrea’s denunciation. A search on the same day at the parents’ home where he still had his room, will seize 20 computers according to the restorer working on the first floor. Source. He was prosecuted the 09/05/19 By Detmold court et got 12 years in prison for 162 serious abuses on 17 kids. later we will discover that this man was raping kids since his teenagehood. Mario also bought a motor home to Jorg L cousin (Jorg L is involved in the Bergisch Gladbach case, the second ring linked to this one) Source 1Source 2


Heiko V – 49 yo – Stade – Basse saxe(no pic)

Andreas and Mario’s Accomplice. Participates twice in the abuse via chat and sponsors them. 3 million photos and 86000 videos (42719 files) found in his home in January 2019. Arrested in January 2019. Judged on 07/17/19. Sentenced to 2 years suspended – His lawyer Jann Henrik Popkes. Source 1Source 2.


A woman – 30 yo – Prenzlau(no pic no name)

Mario S. Girlfriend. Sentenced 06/06/20 to 3 years and 3 months in prison


A man – 23 yo (no pic no name)

Mario S victim who became an abuser himself (source). His lawyer : Christian Thuner.


A man – 57 yo from Steinheim Bei Hoxter(no pic no name)

Mario S. friend. Also lived in the same camp. Raided the 07/03/19. Andreas abused his niece. He is on the run.


A man – 34 yo – Steinheim(no pic no name)

Arrested le 12/01/19. No more info yet.


A man – 48 yo – Solling / Northeim near Gottingen(no pic no name)

Andreas V, friend. He made excursions with the children and Andreas. Arrested on 03/05/20. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the acts are not related to those of Ludge … A paedophile gets caught in a big case, his buddy too but no connection? Dark assholes… The man is guilty of abusing 7 children. Source 1, source 2.



  • Mario S bought the motorhome to Jorg L’s cousin ( Jorg L = case Bergisch Gladbach). Source 1Source 2
  • Andreas V was friend with a man (no name) 48yo from Northeim, which whom he made excursions and was arrested for abuses on 3 kids in the case Bergisch Gladbach.
  • The grandfather (sentenced for pedophilia) of Jorg L ( bergisch Gladbach case) rent in the past a motor home in Eichwald camp.
  • Investigators who found pedoporn in Jorg L. home ( bergisch Gladbach case) saw that the IP address were from Ludge
  • Whether it is the Eichwald (ludge) camping site case or the Berlin, bergisch Gladbach or even more recently the Munster case, we are indeed talking about a network named BAO BERG by the authorities even if the media insist on minimizing the extent and importance of the latter. There is no ‘various cases’ when there are many interactions between them… We can connect perpetrators who know each other or live in the same city, IP addresses that wander between cases, arrests that take place simultaneously across the country. A network that alone combines more than a petabyte of seized child pornography videos and images. Victims aged from 1 month to 14 years old, children sometimes adopted by unemployed single recidivist pedophiles or daughters and sons, nieces and nephews, grandsons are exchanged, coined, photographed, filmed and abused. Of course, once again we find the agents of the youth protection offices involved and police officers. Don’t forget that it is still in a police station office that a suitcase containing 155 CD/DVDs of evidence was lost. Who could have been on those CDs? The investigations are still ongoing and so are ours. So as not to leave you hungry, here are a few debunky names that are of course the bottom of the pyramid, such as Adrian and Carina Vogel, the main suspects in the “Munster case” who regularly went on vacation with children to the second home in Belgium of the head of the city’s economic development agency Dr. Thomas Robbers. The latter, who had been dismissed from his position, had no more problems than that because during his interrogation he simply stated that he would not have lent his house to these people if he had known that they were paedophiles. Come on, do you honestly think that a notable would lend his house several times to individuals living most of the time in a campsite that he would not know? Debunke also their acolytes Enrico Lindt (karate teacher), Johannes Jotten (renowned musician), Rainer Muller-Bartels (naturopath), Gerold Sturm (chief curator), Max T Hagewald (Aikido trainer) without forgetting the president of the Salzgitter district party association Lars H Tietjen who had been hiding a 14 year old boy in his closet for 2 years, now found during the search, the list is long…. More than 30,000 suspects in this network and hundreds of child victims.



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