The topic is based on four chapters. 4 interconnected paedophile networks, a link that the police, justice and media will never show you. However, the four cases are indeed linked. Social services, police, justice and state officials are involved in all four networks. We will show you all of this. (the list below lists the articles we have already done on the other rings, click on them to read the others). The cases are :



  • 500 / 700 terabytes of pedoporn (depending of the medias)
  • 6 identified victims only
  • Victims between the age of 6 and 12 yo
  • 51 suspects
  • 11 arrests
  • Munster’s police in charge of the case.

Le point de départ de cette enquête, un suspect aurait en 2018 proposés des fichiers pédopornographiques sur internet et le retraçage des adresses IP tombait en avril 2019 sur Adrian Vogel.



Adrian VOGEL – 27 yo – Munster – ADMIN of the websitesSuspect number one. (which is a huge lie from the gov as he is only the one taking care of the websites, there is many more people above him)

Computer scientist. Sabrina, also accused, is his companion. She has a 10-year-old son from a subsequent relationship. Adrian prostitutes Sabrina’s 10-year-old son. 4 defendants allegedly abused him as well. Main Accused – accused of 15 serious acts of sexual abuse between Nov 2018 and May 2020 and of producing, distributing videos and films on the darknet. Abuse of Karina’s son and the 5-year-old daughter of the accused from Staufenberg, among others. 2010 Conditional sentence for distribution of child pornography on the internet (He was 17 years old). Had already been convicted for the same acts on January 16 and June 2017 and in both cases had been given 2 years suspended sentences. Following a search of his apartment in Munster on May 2020, he was arrested on May 2020. On the day of this arrest, Sabrina’s little boy was with the 2 men from Hanover who will be arrested a little bit later. Following the arrest, the child will be entrusted to the youth protection of Munster. Another search will take place on the same day in the Gazebo of the ‘allotment gardens’ Am Bergbusch plot 30, where a complete room of 7 computer servers each one able to store 160 terabytes will be discovered in its cellar – 700 TERAS of data according to the press. At the address of the Gazebo, the neighbors say they received TONS of parcels for Adrian Vogel who was absent when the letter carrier passed by. Adrian and Sabrina were on vacation together in Belgium 2018 at Thomas Robbers. Source 1, 2.

Dr Thomas Robbers – 56 yo – Munster

Head of the economic development agency of the city of Munster until End of May 2020. Resignation from his position. CEO Wirtschaftsförderung Münster GmbH. He regularly lent his house in Belgium to Adrian Vogel accompanied by a victim. He is the godfather of some kids from a charity… He also is a member of rotary club. Source 1, 2.

Enrico LINDT – 42 yo – Schorfheid

Married – 3 children. President of the allotment garden association SANKT GEORG of Eberswalde where he also has a hut and has recently built an ‘armoured’ room next to it. So a neighbor of Adrian Vogel. Karate trainer at the ISAMU Karate School in Eberswalde. Working as a carer for the elderly. His address was found in Adrian Vogel’s car. Arrested 4th June 2020. Source 1, 2, 3, 4.

Carina VOGEL – 45 yo – Munster

Adrian Vogel’s mother. Works in a childcare center “little England” Kita Bergmannshof Landeier which is located in a farm near the Am Bergusch allotment gardens “puschelpatt”. Owner (mother’s inheritance) of the Gazebo of the “allotment gardens”, where the cellar of the 500 Teras is located. She knew what her son Adrian was doing. She would also have participated in an abuse in 1 case. Arrested June 4th 2020. Searched on June 2020 in her apartment in Munster. Found a tablet and USB key. Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Sabrina K – ?

Adrian’s girlfriend, mom of the 10 yo. Source.

Man from Norderstedt – 52 yo – the 21th suspect

Schleswig-Holstein district of Segeberg. Abuse of a 10-year-old child. Arrested February 7th 2020. Source.

Man – 30 yo – Staufenberg

Father of the 5 year old child victim. On Adrian’s hard drive we find abuse of this man with his 5 year old son. Arrested on June 4th 2020.

A French man – 62 yo – Sarrebruck

Arrested on August 8th 2020. Court of koln. Denounced by Adrian Vogel. Had a weapon and a cannabis plantation. Abuse of a child in Pulheim in December 2018.. Source.

Man – 35 yo – Hannover

IT Expert. Arrested June 6th 2020. Adrian’s friend. Was with Adrian’s stepson the day of the arrest… Source.

A man – 29 yo – Hannover

Friend of the 35-year-old man from Hannover (just above). Friend of Adrian. Was also with Adrian’s stepson at the time of Adrian’s arrest.

A man – 29 yo – Hannover 

Arrested June 30th 2020. Source.

A man – 43 yo – Kassel

Has a 12-year-old nephew. On Adrian’s hard drive we find abuse of this man with his 12-year-old nephew. Arrested May 29th 2020.

A man – 41 yo – Koln (Cologne)

Abused sabrina’s 10yo kid. Arrested may 30th 2020.

A man – 36 yo – Langenhagen

Would have spent time at the Low-Saxe with Adrian in July 2019.

A man – 29 yo – Heiligenhaus

No infos.

Lars H TIETJEN – 49 yo – Recklinghausen-Grullbad

1st President of the Salzgitter District Party Association. Court of Bochum. Convicted in March 2018 – While searching his home on december 2019 in Recklinghausen, Marvin, 14 years old, who had been missing for 2 years, is found. Lars H had been hiding him in his closet for 2 years. Raped 474 times. Source 1, 2, 3.

Niko B – 29 yo – Hanau

Painter varnisher living with his mother. Distribution of child pornography. On trial on June 2020. Source.

Robert V – 35 yo – Pirna

Hockey coach. Abused a 13 yo girl. Sentenced 2 years and 3 months in jail by the Pirna court.

Stefan D – 57 yo – Hannover – Badenstedt neighborhood

Expert in public relations. Married to a 41-year-old Russian woman, 2 children. He is hiding, name of his ex on the mailbox. A lot of children go to their house… 2017 sentenced to 17 months suspended probation for child abuse . Camping Scharbeutz on the Baltic Sea. Search in his apartment, 15 computers May 2020. 10 abuses between 2012 and 2020 on a brother and his sister (now 16 and 13 years old). Arrested December 19th 2019. Abuse and dissemination. Source 1, 2.

A man – 32 yo – Remscheid

Arrested on June 25th 2020. It would have loaded on Instagram child pornography images. Abuse of a 13-year-old child. Search at his home in Remscheid and at his workplace in Huckeswagen. In court of Wuppertal on June 2020, he is in provisional detention.Source

Mario P – 33 yo – Sellershausen

Geriatric nurse. Rape the neighbor’s son Marcel who spends weekends at home. In Leipzig court on June 2020 sentenced to 4 years in prison.Source.

Daniel G – 37 yo – Gorlitz

Attracts young girls to the Knuddels platform. Four cases of serious sexual abuse, rape and pornography. Court of Gorlitz. The victims – Anna-Sophie R. (13 years old), Emely L. (14 years old), Cindy J. (13 years old) and Anna-Lena S. (13) – came from Brandenburg and Saxony. Sept 2019 goes to court in zwickau for abuse in hohenstein-ernstthal. His trial in June 2020. Source.

Tolbias S – 26 yo – munster

Swimming instructor. DLRG camp in Luneburg (the vice-president of this association is Thorsten Pingel). Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft. Worked at the German Life saving Society . Abuse of 5 children between 11 and 17 years old. Allegations known in April 2019. Quite a lot of data in his apartment in munster since 2015. Source 1, 2.

Werner – 54 yo – Bams 

Lives with the daughter (Lisa T whose partner is a doctor) of his wife and grandchildren. Indictment on 31/10/19 Ref: 540 Js 2125/19.

Niklas HART – 21 yo – ?

Soccer coach. 1. FC Eintracht 1926 Poppenlauer. Sven Gessner is on the board of directors of the club. Also in training as an educator. Born on 05/11/99. Twitter @niklas_hart1. Arrested on February 13th 2020. Court of Schweinfurt, accused of rape, serious sexual abuse, dangerous bodily harm and production of child pornography. 20 Victims. Source 1, 2.

Roy W – 50 y0

225000 video and 530000 pics. Chemnitz. Source.

Mario G – 48 yo – 

Police officer. Got out of prison in 2019. 10000 pedoporn files. Source.

Man from Nordersted

No info except the source.

6 other charges in trial as of June 2020. Source. A source for this case in English.



  • Whether it is the Eichwald (ludge) camping site case or the Berlin, bergisch Gladbach or even more recently the Munster case, we are indeed talking about a network named BAO BERG by the authorities even if the media insist on minimizing the extent and importance of the latter. There is no ‘various cases’ when there are many interactions between them… We can connect perpetrators who know each other or live in the same city, IP addresses that wander between cases, arrests that take place simultaneously across the country. A network that alone combines more than a petabyte of seized child pornography videos and images. Victims aged from 1 month to 14 years old, children sometimes adopted by unemployed single recidivist pedophiles or daughters and sons, nieces and nephews, grandsons are exchanged, coined, photographed, filmed and abused. Of course, once again we find the agents of the youth protection offices involved and police officers. Don’t forget that it is still in a police station office that a suitcase containing 155 CD/DVDs of evidence was lost. Who could have been on those CDs? The investigations are still ongoing and so are ours. So as not to leave you hungry, here are a few debunky names that are of course the bottom of the pyramid, such as Adrian and Carina Vogel, the main suspects in the “Munster case” who regularly went on vacation with children to the second home in Belgium of the head of the city’s economic development agency Dr. Thomas Robbers. The latter, who had been dismissed from his position, had no more problems than that because during his interrogation he simply stated that he would not have lent his house to these people if he had known that they were paedophiles. Come on, do you honestly think that a notable would lend his house several times to individuals living most of the time in a campsite that he would not know? Debunke also their acolytes Enrico Lindt (karate teacher), Johannes Jotten (renowned musician), Rainer Muller-Bartels (naturopath), Gerold Sturm (chief curator), Max T Hagewald (Aikido trainer) without forgetting the president of the Salzgitter district party association Lars H Tietjen who had been hiding a 14 year old boy in his closet for 2 years, now found during the search, the list is long…. More than 30,000 suspects in this network and hundreds of child victims.



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