To make up for the lack of occupancy and keep the finances afloat during the Convid crisis, the Alona Hotel covered up a network of underage prostitution on its premises.


  • Name : Cynthiara Alona ( Mba Cyinthiara Alona )
  • Place & country : Hotel Alona, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia.
  • Date of the case : March 16th 2021.
  • Victims : Minimum 43 women and 15 kids
  • Charged : 3
  • Crimes : Prostitution (adults and kids) and facilitation of obscene acts.


Cynthiara Alona is a famous actress and model in Indonesia. In this case, another accomplice is charged – It is a pimp named D.A. as well as the manager of the hotel named Abdul Azis (named A.A in the press) who is none other than Cynthiara Alona’s brother. Following numerous complaints from local residents, the local police were warned of the ongoing maneuver. Indeed, the inhabitants found many condoms strewing the surroundings down to the hotel’s corridors. Cynthiara Alona, an actress and model, was arrested and found to be the potential leader of the hotel’s secret prostitution ring involving underage girls. Her brother, then hotel’s manager, and a pimp were also taken into custody. According to Jakarta Metro Police spokesman in charge of the case, Yusri Yunus, the 3 suspects are accused of offering illicit services with underage children via MiChat, a messaging application associated with online sex work in Indonesia. At the time of the raid, all 30 rooms in the hotel were booked and kept for prostitution. A total of 43 women and 15 kids between the ages of 14 and 16 were found. 17 people were also arrested as alleged clients. Of course, the pedophiles’s name were not disclosed. As usual. Cynthiara Alona likes to make the tabloids and not always in the best way. The character is attracted to glitter and interested in money, all the whimsical things about fame. In a youtube video in 2014, then 29 years old, we can see her proclaim that she is on her honeymoon with her new fiancé, Lufti Agizal, a young youtuber then 20 years old. Love you think? Indonesia, by its poverty generated by this global and worldwide elite leaders plundering the wealth where it is possible to accentuates every day the nauseating traffic of children. Whether it is for forced labor, organ trafficking and of course, here again in indonesia, the pedorings, for pedophiles who venture fearlessly into these countries to take advantage of the poverty of the place and abuse without remorse the innocence of children …

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