INDONESIA – Pedophile publicly whipped

December 2020, in Indonesia, Idi Rayeuk, Roni, was convicted of child rape and sentenced to be flogged 169 times in public.

Prior to his sentence, he had spent six months in prison, which reduced his sentence from 175 to 169 (one for every month he was behind bars). After 52 lashes, he collapsed in pain. The doctors who examined him felt that he needed treatment because blood vessels could burst and bleed and ordered that the beatings be stopped. He received the rest later. It seems that child rapists have rights… This is happening in the province of Aceh located on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra, where the policy is ultra-conservative because Islamic law is applied to the letter. The criminal punishment of this criminal is astonishing because in 2015, the Indonesian state adopts a new law to legislate on child rapists: perpetrators of sexual assaults against children will now be able to face the death penalty and chemical castration in Indonesia in addition to the obligation to wear a microchip after their release. Indonesian President Joko Widodo had approved these radical new measures to punish those who sexually abuse children. Nothing could be fairer.

To be condemned to be beaten with a stick or a whip is not in our contemporary Western culture, but was used in the past and banished afterwards.

Corporal punishment, in addition to being a violent act, is also humiliating because it is public. Double punishment therefore and well deserved for this kind of individual. It has the merit of setting an example. We are not suggesting that it is just for other crimes that we think it should be taken on a case-by-case basis but when it concerns violence against children, sexual or not, this kind of punishment makes sense. Humiliation and corporal punishment. After all, many would think twice before attacking the innocence of a child if they saw on the 8 o’clock news 100 lashes on the back of a pedophile. It’s up to each individual to make up his own mind. Ours is pretty clear.

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