J-M AUROUZE – French pedophile mayor

The mayor of Montgardin – Hautes Alpes – Jean-Marc Aurouze, child rapist, accused and arrested after multiple rapes and abuses on young children.


  • Name : Jean Marc Aurouze
  • Date: March 25, 2021
  • Place : Montgardin [Hautes Alpes].
  • Crimes : Sexual assault, rape, abuses, possession of child pornography
  • Victims : 7 victims from 10 to 16 years old
  • Job : Mayor. Formerly employee of the post office
  • Status : Police custody then provisional detention


It was in a small village of 460 inhabitants that the 69-year-old pedophile abused children. According to the victims who came forward one after the other to the police, the abuse took place over several years. The victims, 7 to date, are 10 years old for the youngest and 16 for the oldest. We are surprised (or not..) that France Info (french corrupted mainstream media) only talks about teenagers. If at 10 years old a little girl is considered as a teenager, as the other would say, this explains that. The rapes were committed at his home. How is it possible that the scumbag can welcome children in his house? Where were the parents? Why did they allow this? What were the reasons for these visits? Many questions and very few answers. Still, when he searched his Facebook friends list, it was already surprising that the page was still there and not so protected. Indeed, his friends list was still visible and we took a look at it. For the most part, his entourage consists of men and women working with children… In schools, kindergartens and other similar sectors. Another strangeness underlined in the press but without explanations, the prosecutor withdrew himself from the ongoing investigation to entrust it to the services of Grenoble. Why did he do this? A friend? It is the prosecutor of Gap, FLORENT CROUHY. This is now Eric Vaillant who received the file in Grenoble. The pedophile has been charged with sexual assault on minors over 15 years of age, rape of minors over 15 years of age and possession of child pornography images. Oh, and the 10 year old child victim is thrown in the garbage? Yet we are talking about 7 young girls (for the moment…) aged from – and I quote – 10 to 16 years old. What about the other little girls? Shameful, for a change! The scumbag normally risks up to 20 years in prison, according to the law that has never been applied in our corrupted country. But when we see that already and without the slightest embarrassment to lie like the big rotten that the pedojustice represent, that the accusatory facts name only teenagers of 15 years and more, we already know in which direction the future verdict is heading. A pro-pedophile ruling, directed by a pedo-justice and a pedo-magistracy that never defends and will never defend children. But one day, all together, we will take care of it…

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