JEAN CLAUDE NICOLAI – Pedo-Pseudo-Artist

Art … a concept, a call to the awakening of the emotions, to the intellect. The artist … an individual deploying his creativity, his originality to shape his work. Jean-Claude Nicolaï is one of them, an internationally renowned contemporary visual artist who “considers himself a painter but also a storyteller”, who expresses “his extremely powerful, frontal, violent vision of the world and human civilizations”. For him, the most important thing is to paint in “ardor, in strength, in happiness, in Life” with multiple media and materials: drawings, oils on canvas, alternative photography, multimedia performance, events, videos …. Blablabla. Well we’ll make it simple, JCN alias Ialokinne is a 70 years old artist as perched as many contemporary artists can be but it is above all a dirty pedo. He was arrested in Fléron in Belgium for possession of pedoporn. How? In November 2018, the pedo suffered a computer breakdown and dropped off his equipment to a repairman who then discovered dozens of images of children being raped and thousands of pornographic images. JCN is not very clever, one must believe that creativity is not everything! It is overflowing with inspiration that he throws to the judge to justify himself that all this is only an artistic approach, basically he inserts photographs in his works. Uh … why not in principle. Except that there are photos of raped children, what is there to highlight, to tell with these horrors if you are not a psychopath? “The word “pornography” does not please me. In fact, it’s the concept of the ‘beautiful-unexpected’ that I like. During my life, I have taken pictures… I felt an artistic need to share my “alternative” and mysterious vision of this art of nudity”. Provocation or chance: his lawyer compared him in court to David Hamilton, a photographer who raped children. The prosecutor, for once, rejected this justification and requested a 6-month suspended sentence. On the other hand, as is often the case, the psychological expertise determined that he did not present a worrying profile but that he showed a weak capacity for questioning. No, it’s sure, there’s nothing worrying about the fact that a man likes to look at pictures of child rapes, nothing worrying … Anyway, we’ll follow the trial of course, which is scheduled for the 15/07/21.

Let’s have a look at the artist’s life and his non worrying profile. He was born in the former USSR. In 1990, he was expelled with his mother when he was only 10 years old. “These are experiences that I put into my paintings. “Initially trained in finance and forensics, he turned to plastic art and “monumental” painting before taking courses at the Royal Academy of Brussels. He first works under the shadow of the mysterious pseudonym of Ialokinne. “I seek in life simple happiness, but to be true happiness must be shared, so I paint so that it is with me and with the lovers of my art. My paintings are mostly imaginary creations that take into account my aspirations to enjoy life simply in the beauty of nature, to be happy while trying to make others happy, to be interested only in the essential and therefore very little in the “material”. The artist in all his splendor! JCN has an “official artistic rating” in France and across the Atlantic. It is necessary to believe that there are many amateurs of the works of this twisted. He is also affiliated with several entities:

  • Member of the literary and artistic circle of Brussels and Antwerp
  • Former co-operator of the A.P.I.A.W (Association Professionnelle Internationale des Artistes Wallons), under the direction of Jacques PARISSE, professor and artistic critic of the Journal La Libre Belgique
  • Member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Liege
  • Member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Verviers
  • Effective member and teacher-consultant at the plastic workshop “GRAF
  • Member of Art Total Multimédia in Quebec
  • Member of the International Collective of Artists “ArtZoom
  • Professional member of CIAAZ for Canada, the U.S.A. (New-York) and Paris (France), an international collective of professional visual artists CEO Nicolaï Foundation (Paris) and Ialokinne Foundation.

But the most interesting thing is the foundation he created in 2003, the Nicolaï Art Humanism Foundation. A kind of obscure philanthropic foundation that aims to overcome social and human misery. “Girls and boys should have the same rights. Children must overcome the psychological distress caused by conflicts and uprootedness. In the long run, our commitment should not be limited to misery, poverty, etc., but to HUMANISM. The Nicolaï Foundation takes care of displaced children whose lives have been disrupted. We help them go back to school. We provide them with meals and an environment where they feel safe. In the long run, our commitment should not only be to misery, poverty, etc., but to HUMANISM. The works of Jean-Claude Nicolaï are all sold for the benefit of this foundation. The revenues are transferred in trust for the success of social and associative volunteering in Africa. “Yeah, nice words but big doubt about the honesty of the approach. Once again, history repeats itself: a humanitarian work, poor countries, children and families in distress, donations of unknown origin, no traceability of accounts … and an extraordinary provocation: on the Foundation’s website, you can find the convention established to frame the work of volunteers. Here are a few extracts: “The persons welcomed must be treated with consideration and respect… Acts of violence or abuse (physical or mental) are totally forbidden and constitute serious misconduct … The volunteer undertakes to provide, before the beginning of the execution of the agreement, the following documents: a recent certificate of good conduct … If this is not a joke…

The artist, Ialokinne, the humanitarian philanthropist … no matter what name is attributed to him, Jean-Claude Nicolaï is a filthy pedo from whom we would only retain a quote: “Under my artistic fame, there is a serious problem: I am – alas – still alive … “.

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