JEFFREE STAR – Promoted paedophile from the lgbt”P” lobby

 Jeffree Star by his real name Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. is an American cyber celebrity, makeup artist, entrepreneur and musician. He is the founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. After getting into music, he became what is known as an influencer, but he’s mostly an ultra makeup degenerated and vulgar freak. He’s not the only trans or whatever lgbtpz he considers himself to be, to be put forward in social networks to serve as a role model for children and teenagers. With 17 million subscribers on youtube only and over 2 billion views on his videos, Jeffree Star offers photos of all kinds dirty and trash mostly. A real gallery of horrors. Would aesthetics and beauty criteria have been sacrificed on the hotel of progressivism? And once again in the wonderful world of LGBTPZ, we see accusations of physical violence and sexual abuse. And especially an accusation of sexual assaults of a minor where he would have forced a boy to have oral sex without his consent.

The victim making these accusations is 17 years old and his name is Arthur Gage. He was a homeless teenager at the time of the abuses. After rejecting Jeffree Star’s advances at a movie theater in 2009, he was punished by getting a taser shot … Arthur also accused Jeffree Star of having given him later in his apartment, an Ambien, a hypnotic of the imidazopyridine class. It is a powerful sleeping pill. The goal is to drug the victim and to make him docile. He was then forced to perform fellatio on this dirty pedophile. Another victim, at the time of MySpace, Chris Avery Bennet said that Star sent him a naked picture when Chris was 15 years old. Bennet, said he was running a MySpace page for gay rights when he received an anonymous e-mail containing a penis. He later found out who was behind it. Chris Benett said he had refused a $10,000 payment from Jeffree Star to withdrown his accusations. Also, inappropriate messages were reported by a model. According to the Daily Mail, several people who accused Jeffree Star of sexual assault recanted their accusations after being offered $10,000 by the youtubeur. His lawyer denied this, but all this was made available during the complaints by numerous proofs via messages exchanged between Star and these victims on social networks and other means of communications.  (source 1 , 2 et 3).

We also learn that Star used his weapon (stun gun) on his entourage to take revenge after getting repeatedly rejected for his sexual propositions. Sometimes even, for fun only… Of course, all this doesn’t harm his reputation, because the decerebrates who follow him are blinded by the false light of cardboard celebrities. So, to this day, there are more than 17 million assholes and/or naive people following and financing this Jeffree star paedophile shit through the views and purchases of his cosmetics. Let us note, finally, that it is important to understand that this kind of mentally ill people are of course tools of the system to create the most degenerate society possible and promote by the same token the worst things in the world . LGBT-P– included. It is because of sick people like him, that today, 8 year old children are allowed to change sex. There is always a specific goal behind the psychological degeneration put forward by the system. This pedo is part of it.





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