JULIA PIETRI – Pedo propagandist for Kindergarten !

Julia Pietri, degenerate creator of the “clit gang” the new face of pedophile propaganda on your screens. On the menu, clit, cock and sexual pleasure for kindergarten. Parental consent, they all sit on it.


  • Name: Julia Pietri, born August 23, 1986 (34 years old)
  • Occupation : Pedophile propagandist for the state and an LGBTPZ+ influencer
  • City : VERNON (according to Copains d’avant)
  • Friends : Hubertine AUCLERT center + other sexually obsessed influencers Elvire Duvelle-Charles, Julia Pietri, June, Camille, Dora Moutot, Sarah Constantin + city of Paris and Culture
  • Crimes: pedophile propaganda, verbal and psychological aggression of a sexual nature on children under 10 years old (kindergarten).


First of all, Pietri owns/owned – because it pays to propagate the pedophile society we live in – several companies. SAS Made in Love, a brand of condoms that claims to be “luxury” that she created with her two sisters of the same ilk: Lizza and Manon. She also owns a publishing house and communication agency. One in her name and the other in the name of “Better call Julia”. Also, a club linked to the latter, bearing the name of “thank you simone club”. As you can imagine, it refers to the degenerate pedophile, de Beauvoir. This filthy woman advocating at her time the sexual relations with children and surrounding herself with the biggest bunch of active French pedophiles of the time. Ah la Simone… Pietri also created the club of “gang of the clit” LGBTPZ. It’s always very funny to see feminist collabos considering women as a clit only… A bit like the demonstration of intellectually deficient women, on the day of the woman, who had no better idea than to expose in the middle of Paris a giant clit on May 8th 2021 at the Trocadero… And these things say they defend women. What a joke. Do I have to point out that, of course, this sublimely beautiful idea came from this Pietri? The justification? She claims that society is suffering from sexual illiteracy. Just that… Is she paid to say such crap? At this point, this is psychiatry. Sad world. And that’s not all. Pietri thinking only with his C***, forgive us the expression and the vulgarity, which however has only legitimacy compared to hers, also has a website (source 6) called “it’s not a pretzel” having only one page showing a? I give it to you in thousand. A clit… In 2019, “clit on fire” to remain on its lineage, it comes out a distressing verbal diarrhea: “the small guide to female masturbation”. One can only laugh when thinking what this pseudo-female would do if she were a man. Honestly, apart from porn, I don’t see much. It’s surprising (although we can’t verify it) that she didn’t start her career in this field. Let’s continue with the clit, because she takes it out in all the sauces. But this time, it goes further. Candies in the shape of clit, relayed for their sale by Le Parisien. Attention, they are vegan… It will also benefit from a promotion from Paris Match, with some of these friends with names that deserve no comment (we tried to translated them all in english) : Did Ya came? I don’t give a clit, Cum Club, and Clit Gang, Elvire Duvelle-Charles, June, Camille, Dora Moutot, Sarah Constantin. A superb sentence that easily shows its intellectual limitation and its feminist hypocritical disgust, that’s what, from its own words, represent the woman: WE ARE CUMMERS. Very elegant… Nothing more can be said. We are investigating her family who also seem to be involved in all this crap (from near and far) and will update this article in due course. Lizza Bianca Lolita PIETRI, her sister (wink to her third name which can only make you shiver with fear) and Manon Pietri. Last point, she promotes a dating app named Peachy, of which she is a partner on linkedin, unofficially “Leuphoria”, directed by Mikael SOUNDARDJEE, manager and owner of an obscure company located in Antananarivo, dedicated to logistics and international transport… Nothing particular but we think it is useful to keep the information available.


*Translation “for kids starting at 4yo” with a drawing of a vagina…

Already, you should know that this […] advocates the teaching of the clitoris in all kids textbooks at school and even made a petition in this respect. Below, you will find the long and disgusting list of people supporting Pietri in her psychotic delirium, her collaborators, her associates, her supporters etc… In this list, you will find a lot of known collaborators (French kinda-celebrities). She wrote a literary disgusting book with the sumptuous name of “Petit guide de la foufoune sexuelle” (little guide of the sexual cunty), a whole program destined, and it is written by her hand, to the Children of 4 years (subject of the scandal video). She follows the pro-pedophile sexual propaganda of the WHO and the states to the millimeter. Here, we are talking about kindergarten children. It is a psychological sexual aggression. Nothing more, nothing less. We will finish with a slap in the face of the skeptics that we will refer to page 39 of the “WHO standards” put in place by the countries of the world, France in the top 1, on the sexual education of children from 4 years old and in which it is recommended to schools and parents, to subject very young children to masturbation. You will get the official page and the official document on this link and this one. If you don’t see anything wrong with this, you are sick fucks.


  • Ghada Hatem
  • Docteur Annie-Laurence Godefroy, médecin féministe et militante
  • Angèle
  • Daphné Bürki
  • Marianne James
  • Élie Semoun
  • Clara Luciani
  • Guillaume Meurice
  • Karine Le Marchand
  • Jean Marc Barr, comédien
  • Lio
  • Bruno Solo
  • Lisa Azuelos
  • Lauren Bastide, journaliste, créatrice de LA POUDRE
  • Mouloud Achour
  • Axelle Laffont, actrice et humoriste
  • La CLEF (Coordination française du lobby Européen des femmes)
  • Jocelyne Adriant, présidente de la CLEF
  • Michèle Dubouchet
  • Gisèle Bourquin
  • L’AMICALE DU NID: Marie-Hélène franjor
  • RHFH :Réussir l’Égalité Hommes Femmes
  • Huguette Klein, Présidente & Claire Desaint Vice-présidente
  • POINT DE VULVE : Chloé Dalibon
  • CHEEKMAGAZINE : Faustine Kopiejwski et Julia Tessier
  • PAULETTE MAGAZINE : Irène Olczak, Juliette Minel, Fanny Marsaud
  • CNFF : Conseil national des Femmes Françaises – Françoise Morvan, militante et féministe, présidente de l’Assemblée de Femmes de Paris-Ile de-France
  • Soisic Belin (EN SCÈNE SIMONE)
  • MAYDEE : Julie Hebting
  • Sophie Bramly
  • Camille Emmanuelle, journaliste
  • Danielle Merian, Avocate Militante
  • Alexandra Cismond, comédienne
  • Marie-Christine Adam, comédienne
  • Aude Pépin, comédienne et journaliste
  • Jeanne Damas
  • Clémentine Fritsch, directrice de casting
  • Aude Gignac, comédienne
  • Sophie Marie Larrouy, Comédienne
  • Olivia Merilahti, chanteuse du groupe THE DO
  • Sophie lainé Diodovic, directrice de casting, membre de l’ARDA
  • Et tout un tas de dégénérés bien moins connus : Camille de la Poèze, comédienne, COLLECTIF LA DOUCHE – Ariane Geffard, agent littéraire – Iris Brey, Autrice – Patric Jean, réalisateur – Marie-Hélène Lahaye – Laurence Rossignol – L’ASSEMBLÉE DES FEMMES – Charlotte Amabrow, photographe – Laura Berlingo, gynécologue obstétricienne – Monia Maganda – Valérie Mairesse – Julie Jouvencel – LE CABINET DE CURIOSITÉ FÉMININE – Mathias Théry, réalisateur – Mounia El Kotni – Romy Alizée, photographe et travailleuse du sexe – ENTRE NOS LÈVRES, Céline Malvo et Margaux Rol – THE SIMONES : Alix et Constance – Noémie De Lattre, comédienne – Elsa Wolinski – Violente Viande – Pénélope Bagieu – BAGARRE, groupe de musique – OSEZ LE FÉMINISME – FEMEN – LE SALON DES DAMES – Dolly Cohen -Monsieur Poulpe – Agnès Hurstel – Thomas VDB – Léonora Miano, auteure – Christine Beynis, militante – Le Planning Familial –

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