KENTLER CASE – Germany – Pedophile Foster Family experiment

Germany. For 30 years the social services have voluntarily and encouraged by the government, placed children in pedophiles foster families / individuals. This was “experimental” and totally wanted and assumed by the government. Here are the facts and figures.

  • Country : Germany
  • Experiment Chief : Helmut Kentler (sexologist) + social services + the gov itself
  • Time : during + 30 year
  • From 1970 to 2000
  • A report on what happened will be published by the University of Hildesheim in 2021.
  • The experiment was “commissioned” by the Berlin City Council.
  • Attempt to shed light on the case in 2016, burried by the German government

One might not believe it, but it is a sad reality that shakes the country after the outbreak. The Kentler’s Experiment. The man, sexologist and pro-pedophile was part of the line of those who wanted to do everything possible to decriminalize pedophilia and consider that there was no crime in the act that an adult would perform on the innocence of a child. Burn in hell Kentler. The city hall (meaning the government) in association with the national social services, placed children in distress with pedophiles. As can be read in the article on “valeurs actuelles” (french magazine), they give the example of a janitor (who is in fact a rich guy, a former telecom technician, just to drown, once again, the fish of the pedo elite, isn’t it?) who, thanks to this “experience”, was able to rape 9 little boys without worrying about anything. A testimony reports that when the latter came to pick up the little boy, he offered him a beer in the presence of a nurse? It is almost hard to believe it and yet… The bitch in question had not been allowed 1 little boy but 3 in the same time, one of whom died under his roof with the reason that could never be verified of pneumonia. As for the Covid, pneumonia is still the reason of death of many people eh?…. Total, he got 9 different little boys that, once too old for his own taste, became home slaves and replaced by younger ones… The beginning of the report of this scandal notes a very important fact: The Berlin authorities did not only allow this, they encouraged it. We will quote a passage from the article in question:

“Several institutions in the capital are being singled out, such as the Berlin University FU, the administration or the Max Planck Institute, but also schools all over Germany”.

Impunity is total. It is important to know that this case should have broken out already 4 years ago, when the University of Göttingen put together the first report of what was happening. The German government wiped the case off the table, trying to stifle it. Today, it is claimed that all those responsible are dead and that the only consolation is the government’s apology to the victims. Kentler died in 2008 (and we wish him to burn eternally in hell…) A bit easy because if we look a little bit, it is obvious that many of the political and social services leaders of the time are still very much alive. But in Germany as in France, the paedophile executive are never worried… Kentler worked as an expert for the German Senate. The politics of the country is soaked in it and up to the neck. Kentler worked mainly for Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz university of Hanover. In spite of some media having dared to point fingers on this case, we will quickly notice that some important facts will be globally eluded. For example. Kentler was in direct contact with social services and with pedophile foster families and took advantage – without the slightest doubt – of the victims as well.


It amuses these corrupt collaborators to not point fingers at those responsible, preferring to talk about a government that turned a blind eye and social services that carried out orders, but we particularly like to expose the little pedophile whores who voted, accepted, encouraged this ignominy. So, taking up the facts that took place from 1970, when the senate offered to Dr. Kentler the authorization to carry out this experiment, until 2000 when the responsible persons succeeded one another without saying anything and allowing the experiment to continue, here are the names of the responsible persons that we were able to find. Let’s focus on the head of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family first.

Let’s continue with the Berlin City Hall from 1970 to 2000

The list of whores from the social services (head of the department) :

To denounce such a big crime, such a sick scandal without clearly naming those responsible is a disgrace. Once again and as always, shame on you filthy collaborators that are more commonly called “journalists”. Shame also to the German government for acting as if no one responsible is still alive to take responsibility for what happened with the agreement – as always – of the whole pedophile government !



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