LAURENT TEBOUL – French Gallery owner

laurent teboul

Anonymous testimony of a victim of a Parisian gallery owner who, according to the source and victim, would not have left only one victim in his wake.

*The name of the victim was changed to protect his anonymity.


The victim will be named Pierre to preserve him from reprisals. He was raped at the age of 5 by Laurent Teboul, a Parisian gallery owner. In exchange, as if to thank a waiter in a restaurant, he gave the victim a stuffed animal from Disney cartoons. The victim suffered from dissociation, as its often the case in this kind of situation, and took a long time, several years, before realizing what had happened to him. And the trauma did not stop with the simple dissociation of identity. Shortly after the rape, still a young boy of 5 years old, Pierre masturbated on the stuffed animal that was given to him by his rapist, a vain attempt to exorcise his drama. Due to the physical and psychological shock, Pierre could not hold back from doing his own needs on himself… He had no social life, remained very solitary, impossible for him to work, the contact with people being unbearable for him. “I have lost 20 years of contribution, without being able to work because I was completely dissociated by his fault and I have hardly today a job since 7 months… For me and the every raped victims, everything is often harder in general, because it is necessary to put more energy, if one wants to really move forward…”. He confided to us. And his nightmare is on several layers. He is what we could call polytraumatized. He survived a bombing in Paris when he was taken by his mother to what he describes as “yet another Jehovah’s Witness meeting”. Later, he was subjected to the violence of his own brother. The latter tried to kill him several times and seemed to have a sexual relationship with Pierre’s pedophile rapist, Laurent Teboul. His brother, he says, would have received money in exchange for these homosexual relations with the person concerned. Destroyed on every level, Pierre fell into drugs, as is often the case in this kind of case, and was raped a second time, then under the effects of drugs, but as a young adult of 20, once again by the same rapist. This time, suffering from what seems to be Stockholm Syndrome in all its glory, he went back willingly, in exchange for clothes and a little money. When Pierre tells us his story, he seems convinced that his first rape was premeditated and explains it this way: “He had closed the door when we entered the apartment of his parents who were not there. He said to my brother, wait for us, we’ll be back in a moment and it lasted 30 minutes. He asked me to sit on the couch, I found myself without my pants, without my underwear. He had the sex in erection, then he penetrated me, by saying to me that it is nothing, to say nothing, etc…. My ass was broken, sorry to say it like that but that’s what he did to me and I was only 5 years old, fucking scumbag…”. It took many years for Pierre to decide to act and to file a complaint. It was in 2006 that he filed a complaint with the Brigade des mineurs de Paris. The first answer he received was that as Teboul was not yet 18yo when the rape took place, he would have only had to undergo medication and not prison. It is with a disillusioned tone that Pierre added “anyway, with this shitty justice, everything is prescribed…”. Pierre learned that this man had kept children in his home on several occasions and was worried that there were other victims, which is why he asked us to share his testimony, even though he could no longer do anything legally. “We have to denounce this guy, this man must pay for what he did to me, and what he probably did to others afterwards. I have suffered too much, but even if for me it is too late, maybe other victims will come forward! Victims who do not fall within the statute of limitations…”


Gallery owner, that does not surprise us, they are numerous, for example, to compose the little black book of Epstein/Maxwell. The art world, moreover, is well known for sheltering a vast network of pedophiles in France who, as Matzneff (known pedophile writer) himself says in his book, “exchange the little boys of the network of his friends”. We think directly of the pedophile quartet Jack Lang, Pierre Bergé, Yves Saint Laurent and Jacques Granges, to name but a few. All in art and culture… Pedophile culture. Teboul is a rich gallery owner who, according to our estimation, earns several million of euros per year. According to Pierre – and we can confirm the links – he owns an art gallery Secret Gallery and a communication and art company Galuchat. Our research led us to several other companies, all located in the luxurious districts of Paris. One element disturbed us a lot. A painting, representing a Mickey Mouse covered with a more than subjective paint (photo above). Pierre considers this painting as a representation of his rape. We can only admit that we have the same opinion and it is frightening. The man is relatively anonymous because of his digital footprint, which generally allows us to trace many elements. Many victims do not get a voice in the newspapers, in the media, in the police stations. That’s why here, they will always have a platform, when they come with a concrete file and evidence that justifies the publication of their testimony. Congratulations to Pierre for being so brave and we hope that if this man leaves victims in his wake, they will contact us to testify.

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