LGBTPZ 2021 – Very young kids exposed in a gay night club

It’s almost midnight, very young children are taken to a drag night club. They are told how to dance to get some cash from it… Welcome to Planet Earth-LGBTPZ 2021.

Recorded By Angela Staton King


Thus will be the speech to defend a situation of the most abjects situation that you can see on this video. Yes ! It touches the very holy untouchable sect of “it’s gay so it’s ok” So we do not touch it, we do not criticize it, we tolerate it, we accept it, we silent and we repress our natural instinct that screams that this is anything but acceptable. But what concretely happens in this video? It is not far from midnight and children are taken to a Gay Friendly, Dragqueen club. Many people think they recognized the place in question. This would be the Night Club of “The Palace” in Miami – South Beach – USA. However, the woman who films it said they are in Los Angeles who is, I remind you, one of the gay / libtard capital of the planet … The children are mounted on stage where a Drag explains them how to dance to get some cash and adults give kids some cash indeed… Ultraviolet lights easily show the kid’s underwears to add a layer to the horror of the situation.


This is by no means the first time this kind of abomination has taken place. Remember the very young boy there to many LGBTPZ events, dressed like a … whatever you choose to qualify it… almost naked, twerking in front of some gay pedophiles that enjoy so much the kid show in a middle of a disgusting gaypride that allows kids to be abused this way… Then also remember the Danish reality show Ultra Strip Down where adults show to preschool kids their dick, balls, boobs and cunt just to “show how a body looks like” … And of course, Mignonnes, the movie explicitly made for pedophiles where kids twerk, act like adult prostitutes and goes outside half naked in the streets of paris wearing slutty underwear… They call this progress… The list is huge and all of this is or must be considerate as normal for these sick mother fuckers. And worst, this gives you the very nice and deserved monicker as “homophobic, fachist, racist and of course antisemitic”. Yes, I know, one and the other has nothing to do with it but that’s how these degenerates will nickname you… We won’t ask them to be smarter than a Mexican coyote excrement, they don’t have the ability to do so.


The legitimate question, at first glance, would be: But where are the parents? Or rather, who are they/ what type of fucked up piece of shit are they? The social services are of course, as always, never concerned when it comes to putting very young children to pasture for the pro-pedophile pleasure of the LGBTPZ cult. After all, Canada is well on its way to passing a law authorizing hormone blockers for children so that the little scumbags of pseudo-parents can freely transvestite them and make them change sex just as quickly… This is the world we live in, this is today’s society. That’s why a silent minority which, 20 years ago, didn’t annoyed anyone, is replaced by a large group of proto-ogm-pseudo-humans advancing every day more and more strongly to pervert and destroy our society. And that passes obviously by the destruction of the childhood. And if pedophiles can take advantage of this, these scumbags can only be happy about it, because after all, it is part of the final goal. To make people accept the unacceptable. So contemplate the world you are consenting to by your silence and inaction…

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