LGBTPZ – A scandalous french Law + a trans theory


This is what the LREM (Macron political party)Laurence Vanceunebrock wants to enforce. She is a French police officer and politician. She has been a Member of Parliament for the 2nd district of Allier since June 21, 2017. Illegally since she is the biological mother of a daughter whom she had by MAP in Belgium, MAP is not authorized in France for single women and homosexual couples. She got separated from her ex-partner before the opening of homosexual mariage in 2013. Having not carried her ex-partner’s child, she was unable to legally adopt her daughter. Following attacks on her absence from the Chamber during the months of November and December 2018, Laurence Vanceunebrock defends herself and announces that this absence was due to the adoption of two children. Her bill aims to ban “conversion therapy” which is a set of psychological treatments of various origins used in an attempt to change the sexual orientation of a person from homosexuality or bisexuality to the heterosexuality. Such therapies are also often offered to transgender people. In her proposal, she also included a more controversial aspect and therein lies the whole problem: mandatory education from the early / very young age on questions of sexual orientation. Dirty whore … Here is the article of law which is added to article L. 312-17-1 of the code of education:

« Art. L. 312-17-1-1. – Information on respect for sexual orientation, gender identity and their expressions is provided at all stages of schooling. Schools, including French schools abroad, can partner for this purpose with anti-discrimination associations of a homophobic or transphobic nature.

Law project from Laurence Vanceunebrock

This is a joke ? No. After the porn lessons, the denouncing parents dissident lessons, the history distorted by the government lessons, here are the teaching “at all stages of education” on LGBTPZ. If you were not convinced that you should remove your children from school as soon as possible to promote healthy school education at home, here is what can help you to finish to convince yourself. We clarify one thing: There is no problem for the team with homosexual people. No. But this is in the private sphere. The sexuality is private, we do not come to the Sunday market place to fuck in public? So why should we accept or even tolerate children being subjected to how to become gay? Worse still, suggest in the minds of the little ones that “if you want to play with a small car, dear little one, it is that you have to go see your doctor as soon as possible to take the hormonal therapy to become a little boy “. Are we exaggerating? Really ? We are talking about ejaculation to the little ones of 7 or 8 years old in France or where will stop the bullshit of this government of big sluts collaborators of the degenerated system of the elite in place who only wants to make sick citizens in the head as in body ?


With all the endocrine disruptors that you ingest, did you know that 99% of them has something forbidden to pronounce because it would not fit their agendas, which is called synthetic Xenoestrogens ? Do you know where we find this thing? Pesticide, herbicide, carpet, stove, curtain, clothing, food, water, candy, toothpaste, car … Xeno is everywhere … But what is Xenoestrogen? Simple, I’ll make it short. A FALSE HORMONE which, in the body, behaves and is perceived as the female hormone: Estrogen. Because this substance “mimics” the natural hormone and is perceived in the body as such. So if a man’s body is, from childhood (and even as a fetus since if the mother is in contact with xeno, she consumes it and transmits it to the fetus) the whole body is disturbed by a false hormone who has nothing to do there.

I have had a theory for almost 10 years. Based on the discovery of this filth that is Xenoetrogen, and it holds up like no other concerning the appearance of such a vast trans men spread. Already, why does nobody ask the question of why there is 95% of trans men? Then, where are the most trans people in the world? USA. Hold on … Isn’t this the country where chemicals are the most authorized and widespread? I can guarantee that the Xeno, the Americans / Canadians, are three times more exposed to it than we are in France. Strangely (or not …) it is also there that there are more (and more and more) men who “feel” women. Xenotestosterones also exist, but watch how funny it is to see that they are not in our daily environment like Xenoestrogens and since, in parallel, there is practically no trans women! Have I put my finger on something? I am absolutely convinced of it. I will go further: I have no doubts. You don’t have to be a scientist to do the math. You are a man, you have testosterone. But from the fetus stage, you are overwhelmed by false female hormones that come to mess with your body natural state, making it believe that you are full of female hormones … Oh but no, it’s not all of which could explain the explosion of trans cases … Seriously? Of course, and it is pure logic …

Here’s the compelling evidence: How does a trans become a trans? Shall we prescribe one what ? FEMALE HORMONE !!! All in injection to lose hair, see a chest appear, get a less masculine voice etc … So could it work in one way only and not the other? Fuck that shit. Here is the reason for the dazzling number of Trans men. And it is getting worse and worse with the years and the massive use of all these BPAs (bisphenol A), phthalates, PCBs that we find in everything around us from the fetus stage until our death. Add the propaganda of the deep state’s sluts with music videos, series and films where there is no longer a single program without 1 gay, 1 trans and all the other crap that goes with it (diversity they say … ). At this point, one might wonder if it would not be better to all go out to live into the wild and say a big stop to this motherfucker society once and for all. There are and there will always be only two sexes: Man and woman. Leave our children alone or prepare for the worst. Thank you.


Again, we promise this, we have nothing against homosexuals. On the contrary, you should fight alongside with us because the most stupid will attack you if one day it finally starts to piss people off enough to do something and it is not at all what we want. What is denounced here are the lobbies, financed by Soros and consort who only wish to destroy the generations to make them lobotomized and obedient monsters, in addition to sick body and head. Remember what Dugué the pedophile said (French popular man) , wanting to rape as many children as possible so that “generations of perverts who will in turn generate generations of perverts” will follow so that everything is finally acceptable and accepted by the population. .. Wake up, we have nothing against you. Do not be manipulated, your sexuality belongs to you and must remain in the private sphere, not forced on children, not forced on anyone. Otherwise, lessons on heterosexuality, parades “pride in being straight” etc … would become as legitimate right as gay lobbies to exist. Don’t come there, join the fight.