LIFE TIME – He killed his abusor

In the series, rotten justice, pedojustice, absolute injustice, here comes the Quebec. Yan Dugas is a 22 year old young man, destroyed by childhood traumas who does not wish to fade away over the years and who, little by little, falls into all the excesses to drown his suffering. Depression, drugs, latent PTSD, little crimes here and there, the young man has long been a shadow of his former self. Destroyed by the abuse, the rapes he suffered from his soccer coach at the age of 11. Fate did not give him a chance… Between the ages of 13 and 18, he will, once again, be abused and his fall will be endless. His abusor? Mathias Breton, a multi-recidivist pedophile who, instead of being in prison, as elsewhere and as in France, ends up free as air in order to perpetuate these mother fucker’s crimes. In 2016, he crosses the path of the rapist, right in front of his house. He was then 18 years old. He sets a trap for the pedophile, going to meet him and pretending to want to sleep with him. Once in the individual’s room, Yan takes out a kitchen knife (which he, it should be mentioned, always carries with him for fear of yet another attack). A blow is struck in the direction of the pedo’s torso. The man dies at the hands of the one he had assaulted.

Yan, honest, will deny nothing, confess all and plead guilty without premeditation. His fate is in the hands of Quebec pedojustice which, since it is as full of pedophiles as Trudeau’s living room – father and son, will inflict on him the ultimate affront of pronouncing life imprisonment. You heard it well. Life time. A 12 years security is installed, suggesting and one hopes, a potential liberation of the young victim within a few years. The pedophile will be offered post-mortem mitigating circumstances by the Quebec Court of Justice, which seems to want to take away the pedo’s jacket and replace it with the one of a poor victim. They will thus put forward that Mathias Breton was a man suffering from an intellectual disability, a poor orphan from Duplessis. It won’t work with us. On this day we celebrate the death of a waste of humanity and bear all our thoughts towards the young victim who replaced justice, since justice only despised him. We will also smile on a detail. In the morgue, it is in absolute indifference that the abusor’s body will remain, with no one coming to claim the body of the one who, at the hour I am speaking to you, burns eternally in hell. The one and only place deserved.

In order to compare this pedojustice in other stories, we’ve taken note of the sentences inflicted on pedophiles in Quebec and Canada to show you the horror of these governments managed by unscrupulous pedophiles. You should know that in 12 months, it is approximately 325 paedophiles and rapists appearing in court. With, always, lower sentences than the young victim we are talking about today.

  • MICHEL BLOUIN – Dozens of victims – 7 years in prison
  • NOËL THIBAULT – Rape on the children of a daycare center run by his wife over a period of 22 years – 6 ans de prison
  • BERNARD GAUDREAULT – Rape on children’s daycare center run by his wife over a period of 22 years – 30 monts in prison
  • PIERRE VEZINA – victim in a daycare centre (again…) of a 4 years old – 21 months in prison
  • REMI VALCOURT – multi-recidivist having already taken (only) 9 months in 2005 and 12 months in 2012 for rape of a young girl – 5 years in prison

How beautiful is Canadian / Quebec justice… How fair and beautiful… By these sentences, here is what they clearly declares more than explicitly “Rape children, the sentences will be minimal, kill a pedophile, it is on you that we will put the fire of a justice” At the same time, who is surprised? A pedojustice made of pedophiles up to the highest authorities of the country. One could not expect less… On the other hand, it’s going to hurt the day when the evil will lose its ground to leave its place to the good. For sure that we, a clean and upright people in our shoes and in our hearts, will show some leniency. Injustice will have to be punished. Judges on the same bench as pedophiles. Keep this in minde, we won’t forget.



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