A former high-ranking United Nations employee Andrew MacLeod made a sulphurous paper. 60,000 child victims have been identified. This is what the document reports. Based on an extrapolation of data from a February 2017 UN report, MacLeod proves and shows how the UN is a haven for pedophiles. Remember, the UN is much more than an organization. It is a company of thugs with subcategories as rotten as its big sister, the UN. We’re talking about UNICEF, which has a lot of pedophilia cases in Africa and elsewhere. We are talking about the WHO, the world’s scum at the behest of various governments, big pharma and other Bill Gates sluts whom is often offering a few billion of dollars when it comes to imposing one of his little ideas. Not to mention all the other related organizations, because there are a lot of them….

All of this was reported by The Sun, and the file was submitted to the then British Minister for International Development, Priti Patel. The United Kingdom is one of the UN’s largest donors, contributing more with more than 2 billion dollars a year. But let us not forget the complicity of all the other countries and philanthropists involved in financing this traffic through the UN, consciously or not. This is very clearly called funding child rape and trafficking. How else could we call it? It should also be noted that all those who wanted to denounce these facts have all been dismissed. Nor would it be surprising to learn that some of them were “erased”, since this is, after all, only the usual methods of the deep -pedo- state. This is only the tip of the iceberg. The report also focuses on breaches of peacekeeping missions. MacLeod therefore assumes that the number is ten times higher, since even in the United Kingdom only about 14% of offences are reported.

After the report was submitted to Priti Patel, she resigned from the Department for International Development after trying to shed light on MacLeod’s dark truth. She speaks of a “culture of silence” within humanitarian organizations.

Imagine all these paedophile piece of shit joining the humanitarian community to get access to children in countries where, in any case, the victims will never be heard… Another fine example of the rotten world we all live in. A clean-up must be done as soon as possible.

Some sources : Here and here ONU official report