FRANCE –October 2020 – The chief prostitute of the system, I named, Macron, has just done something unbelievable against the french people. A new law about children’s school. In his speech, he explains that because of the growing number of children who have left the traditional school system (and this will be the one and only truth that this little scumbag will cite during his presidential verbal diarrhea) home schooling will be, as of the beginning of the 2021 school year, forbidden. The only escape: Medical reasons. What were these false reasons? Islam. He proclaims that this is following the observation that many children would have left the system in order to join Islamist schools. He adds, as if he had seen with his own eyes, that children go to illegal and undeclared schools, that “women in burqas stand at the front door, providing little traditional education and only religious class”. Although such schools certainly exist in an extremely marginal way, this is generally, of course, completely false. What this puppet of the Rothschildian elite fails to mention is that many of the schools he cites as examples are not illegal since most of them receive funds directly from the very own state. But let’s move on. They are clever, but not clever enough in front of people who, like you, like us, note and remember every action of this group of prostitutes. Look at the surprising timing of all this. They never do anything random, they prepare – always – the ground beforehand: 

  • 2019 – Macron want to faciliting the access to state subsidies for religious groups (hiding behind a small “provided that these organizations are controlled”)
  • August the 12th, 2020 – They create a fake news (debunked afterward) stating that some afghans have cut off trees because they weren’t muslims ( I am not even kidding…) 1.
  • August the 25th, 2020Here we go ! “Religions will disappear to make way for Islam”.
  • August the 31th, 2020 Islam VS Schools
  • September the 8th, 2020 – Opening the hostilities “The problem is the young islamist”
  • September the 9th, 2020 – Re-heating an old topic about Mila a girl who received death threats from muslims.
  • August the 12th, 2020 – Propagating Fear faking that everyone is converting to islam in France (note : don’t believe the media around the globe, this is super false, it’s just a fake news to help the deep state).
  • September the 14th, 2020 – A show on the national channel “TF1” to push the fear further.
  • September the 25th, 2020 – A “marketing” is launched with another fake terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo. 1.
  • September the 26th, 2020 – The journacunts paid by the gov, are invited to actively participate to the propaganda.
  • September the 27th, 2020 – They push push push with this promotion clip of their so called terrorist.
  • September the 27th, 2020 – Trying to outraged the population with a fake censorship of freedom of expression through the paid agent of the system Zemmour. (This scum is no one, a bad writer, a zionist, only their to serve the deep state. His one and only purpose : To go to TV news all the time only to say that the only problem in France is Islam and Muslims.)
  • October 2020 – Now that the hammering must have taken effect, Chief Prostitute declares that from 2021, home schooling will be prohibited.

There are scumbags everywhere! Being a psychopathic piece of shit is not attached to any color or religion! Among Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Atheists, EVERYWHERE! There are psychos everywhere! Religion is only an excuse to express one’s psychopathy in some people, we should not look further! Or look on the side of the government’s beliefs, which have all the same deliriums with child rape and killings in all neighboring or distant countries! No, I know, it’s easier to attack your neighbor when you don’t have any freaking real and massive balls at the bottom of your underwear? Fear is intentional and has many uses for these little government prostitutes. And Islam is a modern-day luxury tool for them. It allows a qualitative catalog and upper choice to set up everything they are ordered to install. Orders from their pimps (Rothschild & cie) and other fucking cunts working all together.

  • Promotion of the withdrawal of freedom of all kinds.
  • Promotion of increased surveillance because we have to kill our private lives to flush out a handful of terrorists.
  • Promotion of the complete sale of the private lives of several tens of billions of people, under the pretext of a few fundamentalists.
  • Promotion of the withdrawal of cash under the pretext that cash facilitates transactions for terrorists.
  • Promotion of the biometric passport – don’t forget it! Even if it’s not new, it’s part of it!
  • General promotion of banking and transactional surveillance for individuals (not for big bosses, of course). This too is not new, but is reinforced every year, under the recurrent pretext of terrorism.
  • Promotion of wars under the pretext of terrorism to facilitate the plundering of the lands they covet.
  • Promotion of facial recognition everywhere (you may not know it yet, but simple supermarkets are equipped with facial recognition cameras and this is only the beginning).
  • And finally, the apotheosis of the end, promoting the banning of home schooling, here in France. Here, the agenda is dark and probably incomplete, but we already know that this is to ensure that children do not, of course, escape propaganda and formatting in order to become good slaves subject to the government. To undergo sex education so that they can be declared consenting in a court of law if they are raped by adults. Also, and this is very important, the hypothesis of testing children without parental control to the fakevirus + probably force the vaccine when they will have put it on the market. Finally (hopefully not …) removal of the children facilitated to put them in their covid centers.
  • And coming up, the rfid chip and all the other crap we’re not even aware of yet…. The Covid is the main weapon and Islamism the “back up” to enact more laws against us, people of France and elsewhere …

Isn’t it beautiful? All this on the back of extremist Islam? Bunch of… Attention, small mentions to the idiots, because unfortunately, at an intellectual level, we are not all born equal. Here we do not promote Islam and even less radicals. We coldly and factually present the use of the latter for liberticidal purposes. Do you want to establish martial law? Send 2 or 3 agents near Paris, blow up a trash can or two, drop a fake ID card on the ground, not far from the explosion, (card with an exotic name, it goes without saying), mobilize the collaborating channels to broadcast in unison a major terrorist attack and declare curfew the next day at noon. Do you want to forbid children to benefit from a healthy and clean education, far from the paedophile propaganda of the Freemason of Schiappa ( the cunt minister who helped pushing for a law to promote hardcore sex education for kids as young a only few years old at school) ? Say at 8pm that children are taken out of school and put in schools where they will then become terrorists and thus ban home schooling. The recipe is almost impossible to break…

What is unfortunate today is all those fools who have not yet understood that those scums who are pulling the strings behind the curtain of the government, have only one real and effective weapon against us: DIVISION. Imagine that tomorrow, all divisions cease. Seriously, imagine two seconds! If tomorrow you forget about the worries of religions, “races”, fighting of mentally retarded people in the style of feminazis, LGBTPZ, BLM etc… Then, finally, you forget about all those political parties who, anyway, even if you see them fighting each other on TV, all dine at the same table once the show is over, tapping each other behind the shoulder like the good old buddies they all are. Imagine ! All this in the trash… What would happen ? UNION. And what does a great union do in the face of the government mafia? It rises up and wins. Because in such union, there would be everyone… Police and army included. Unfortunately, even with a certain education, most people still don’t understand and prefer today to fight among themselves, offering a joyful spectacle to the elite laughing at us. They all look at you, rub their hands, feast their eyes, laugh their heads off and laugh at your face daily and with gigantic contempt! Watching us gesticulating against each other, protecting them… from any real attack….

“If your ennemy is not the state, you might have not yet understand the world we live in…”

Last night in France, passed the extension of the state of health emergency with a total of only 46 deputies out of the hundreds paid by our taxes to vote. Thank you to the submissives, fucking zombies people! Thank you to the public national TV! And a big thank you to all those morons who still think that the enemy is elsewhere because thanks to your ignorance and stupidity, laws against our children, as soon as next year, will be promulgated and nobody will be able to be clever enough to get the little ones out of this disgusting and pro-pedophile school environment. All this because a majority of French people (and elsewhere too!!) still think that it is those who are exposed by TV on the news that will destroy our countries. Fucking society….