Michael Frank Hartung & the Deutsche pedo-bank


Former Deutsche Bank senior manager Michael Frank Hartung is caught for possession, distribution of child pornography and trafficking of minors in Indonesia.

Let’s start by correcting a huge lie from the press. The man was not a “senior manager” of the deutsche bank, no no. He was VICE PREDISENT ! Moreover, he did not stop being so until the day when trouble fell on him, amusing the inversions of everyone, the press, the DB itself… And it is not the first time that this kind of business has come up, but this one, with its link with the Deutsche Bank, could not be put aside. The Deutsche Bank, like many other big financial institutions, is involved in most of the criminal trafficking. Weapons, drugs and of course child trafficking. 1 year and a half after the Epstein affair which established a clear link between paedophile networks and the German bank, another case is added, this time with one of those responsible, caught red-handed, organizing “paedophile excursions” for paedophile tourists in Indonesia. But, as always in this kind of file, who tells us that the traffic always stops at the borders of these so-called almost third world countries? Nothing is less sure…

Note: When you read “DB” in the article, it will be the diminutive for the DEUTSCHE BANK.


  • Case Date: 2015 to 2021
  • Name: Michael Frank Hartung
  • Nationality: German
  • Crime Scene: Extensive trafficking from Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia and probably many other countries.
  • Jobs: Former senior executive of Deutsche Bank then VPCrimes: Possession, Distribution of Child Pornography and Child Sex Trafficking
  • Date of arrest : August 30, 2016
  • Sentences: A first one of 12 weeks, a second (not confirmed for the moment) of 5 years.


  • Possession of several hundred child pornography photos and videos
  • The age of the victims ranges from 4 to 16 years old.
  • 4 year old children were in some of the photos and videos physically and sexually tortured.
  • He gave advice and guidance to these clients on how to get children to rape and the procedure to follow so that they would not get caught.
  • He is an intermediary, he is the small manager of the network.
  • In the first instance, he gets a few weeks in jail, based solely on his possession of child pornography.
  • However, he was caught twice by two different cops in 2015 and 2016, offering the sexual services of children…
  • No arrest between the first time he was caught in 2015 and the second time in 2016. Why not?
  • The first time he will be caught it will only take 12 weeks. Why is that?


German criminal enterprise, that’s how this pseudo enterprise hiding all the trafficking on the planet should be renamed. Whether it is to launder money linked to cocaine or heroin trafficking… And of course, all the rest that goes with it. Any doubts? Take a look at source three, in 2014 Deutsche Bank is spotted laundering millions linked to drug trafficking. Or in 2016, on source four, when the bank gets caught again (still without any consequences of course) laundering millions of dollars of JAY Z the rapper for the umpteenth time. Or again in 2019, source 5, when under a terrible media silence, JP MORGAN and the DEUTSCHE BANK, quietly sending a CARGO of drugs to Germany, get pinched again. This time, 20 tons of coke were arriving at the right port, all managed by these two criminal organizations. Still without consequences, eh… Or the money from Jeffrey EPSTEIN’s multiple trafficking, in 2019, source 6… But hey, this shitty bank doesn’t risk much, as soon as a file opens and becomes a little too stinky, they just get people murdered. Like the murder of the son of Judge Esther Salas, who was supposed to handle their case (related to EPSTEIN’s trafficking) in the summer of 2020, this time source 7. Intimidation or mistaken target? We see you… And there, another pedophile who this time was perched high up in the direction of the bank. Somewhere, one could almost laugh that he got caught because he was not a teller and this is the umpteenth time that the rampant rot that reigns within the walls of this CRIMINAL company! Was the child rapist working for one of the many branches of the DEUTSCHE BANK traffic? Moreover, was he a child trafficker? One could largely bet that anything is possible, at this level of corruption and scandals stifled in such a systemic way. Hire us! We would be happy to bulldoze these garbage banks to the ground. Never judged, never worried! The only answers are the radio silence of the newspapers and the discreet fines that don’t even represent 10% of the profit they make from their various traffics! It’s to vomit and no one looks in their direction! What is your problem?!

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