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Before, during and after the war, the United States (CIA) recruited Nazi scientists (Operation PAPERCLIP) in order to seize the technology and know-how of Nazi scientists; especially for rockets but also in terms of medical experiments and Mind Kontrol. Wikipedia (english) . Nazo and axis collaborators were used to further US anti-communist objectives in Europe. Some immigrated to the US : (CIA – PDF) declassified in 2009. Letter to Mr Arther N Colten from Allen W Dulles, declassified in 2002 (CIA – PDF).


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Blue Bird is the first code name assigned to the CIA Mind Kontrol project. It officially begins in 1953 then will be absorbed in the MK ULTRA project later renamed to MK SEARCH. The Blue Bird was the first known symbol used to represent Mind Kontrol. It is found in many Disney cartoons for children but also as a logo for social networks. Budget : (CIA – PDF) Patent and docs : (1/4 CIA – PDF)(2/4 CIA – PDF)(3/4 CIA – PDF)(4/4 CIA – PDF).

LETTER ABOUT AN ORGANIZED DINER WITH BUSH WITH A “BLUE BIRD BUS” JANUARY 1977(CIA – PDF 1) – Documents Analysis discovered in the CIA archives : CIA – Sanitized PDF>


The main purpose of the Artichoke project was to develop interrogation techniques, drugs, biological weapons and to determine the extent to which the CIA could use people against their will, to make them murderers who ignore each other through caused amnesia. Wikipedia.

Livre “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate”  – John Marks 1977The Search for the Manchurian Candidate : This book traces the experiences of the CIA to create an unknown assassin

Description of the 18 sealed boxes contents related to Artichoke “discovered” during an CIA’s archive’s inventory : (CIA – PDF)

New Artichoke’s documents & files : (CIA – PDF)

Medical data from tests performed on children with diabetes : (CIA – PDF)

Memo following an article in “Newsweek” of December 4, 1961 about the Stashinskycase : (CIA – PDF)

Senate request regarding the project : (CIA – PDF)

BACM Research investigation : SourceManchurian Can (BACM – PDF)

MK ULTRA PROJECT The MK ULTRA project is the best known human behavior modification and control project. It takes over from the BLUEBIRD / ARTICHOKE projects it encompasses. MK ULTRA is a code name catch-all that operates as a cover to conceal a very large number of “sub-projects”. the Commission will update the existence of no less than 159 sub-projects. The MK ULTRA project takes the name of MK SEARCH in 1964 and is officially suspended in 73 as well as the destroyed archives but the CIA will admit to having pursued it illegally until at least 1981

Commission Church report (1977) : This document is the transcript of the hearings before the Senate Committee on the MKULTRA program. During this commission, the CIA admitted to having carried out such an officially stopped program after the whole of the archives were allegedly destroyed by Richard Helm (CIA Director) in January 1973 (official website – PDF).

Rockefeller commission report (1975) : The Rockefeller Commission investigated the illegal activities of the CIA on United States soil, which has no mandate to act on American territory. In particular, it highlighted the existence of Mind Control programs. PDF

Admiral Turner’s statement to the investigation / declassified commissions in 2007 (CIA – PDF). Letter from Stansfield Turner to Edward Kennedy, Chairman of the MKULTRA Committee regarding his testimony before the Commission – January 18, 1979 – (CIA website – PDF). Letter to Turner from Dante B.Fascell (partially declassified in 2004)(website CIA – PDF)

1995 US congressional hearings : In 1995, several victims of the MKULTRA project brought legal action against the government. Among them the most famous is Cathy O’Brien who served as a “presidential model” (sex slave). The MKULTRA project was supposed to have been stopped in 1973, but the government recognized during these hearings that it had been continued until 1988.

MKULTRA Victim Claudia Mullen Testimony 1995 (video) MKULTRA Victim Christine DeNicola: Testimony – 1995 (video)

MKULTRA Victim Full Testimony (U.S. Mind Control Child Abuse Victims A-C Testimony, U.S. Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments Public Meeting, Washington DC, March 1995. Valerie Wolf (A), Chris DeNicola Tucson Arizona (B), Claudia Mullen (C): U.S. Mind Control Child Ritual Abuse Victims Public Testimony (video)

Livre “TranceFormation of America” – Cathy O’Brien 1995 In this book O’Brien recounts her life as a sex slave under mental control in the service of the CIA and the White House. O’Brien is one of the victims of MKULTRA who testified before the Congress in 95. O’brien website and TranceFormation of America (ebook PDF).

Book “The Choc Theory” – Naomi Klein 2007 Chapter 1 – The Torture Lab – in this chapter, N. Klein talks about Ewen Cameron, the CIA and their quest to erase and reshape the human mind: Chapter here

Funding of the C program : (CIA – PDF)The “MK II secure room” / partially declassified in 2011 : (CIA – PDF)

Notes et documentation interne de la CIA : Note – pdf (CIA)Studies in intelligence pdf (CIA -1978)Memo dir. John F Blake (CIA – PDF)

Some Archives :Michael RobinettHidden mysteries

List of MKULTRA Unclassified Documents (including subprojects) Nemasys – mk ultra. APPENDIX B Documents Referring To Discovery Of Additional MKULTRA Material Appendix B


the MK NAOMI project concerns the operational side of actions carried out using the techniques and weapons developed by MK ULTRA research MKNAOMI (site CIA – PDF) – Note – march 1977 : (CIA – PDF)


MK OFTEN est un projet jumeau de MK ULTRA. Il a été initié en 1966 Wikipedia  


MK SEARCH is the code name given to the MKULTRA project in 1964, which continued to operate illegally after 1973 until 1981 Censored article from “Washington Post” – March 11 – 1980 / declassified in 2010 (site CIA – PDF)


“To The Point “ – 9 septembre 1977 / declassified in 2007 CIA DRUGS, BRAINWASHING (CIA – PDF) . “PlayBoy” – Juillet 78 / partially declassified in 2012. Playboy interview – CIA director (PDF)

“The Gazette” – 5 may 1981 / partielly declassified in 2010 : MP’S WIFE ‘TORTURED’ (CIA – PDF)

“New York Times” – 4 august 1977 / declassified in 2007 : 80 INSTITUTIONS USED IN CIA MIND STUDIES (CIA – PDF)

“Baltimore Sun” – 6 october 1977 / declassified in 2005 : CIA SAYS 54 INSTITUTIONS GOT ’50’S, ’60’S DRUG-TESTS DATA (site CIA – PDF)

“Washington Post “ – 26 august 1977 / partially declassified in 2011 : THE BIZARRE TALE OF A CIA OPERATION (CIA – PDF)

“High Times” – january 1980 / partially declassified in 2010 : EX-CIA DOC LEADS FIGHT TO LIMIT HYPNOSIS (CIA – PDF)

“Washington Post” – 27 october 1985 / declassified in 2012 : SUBPROJECT 68: THE CASE CONTINUES (CIA – PDF)

“Washington Post” – 2 september 1977 / declassified in 2005 : CIA CONDUCTED MIND-CONTROL TESTS UP TO ’72, NEW DATA SHOW (CIA – PDF)

“Minnesota Drill” – 3 january 1978 / declassified in 2010 : U MAY HAVE DONE 1950S CIA TRUTH SERUM STUDY (site CIA – PDF)

“Washington Post” – 28 august 1982 / declassified in 2012 : LAWSUIT FORCES CIA CONFESSION ON MK-ULTRA (CIA – PDF)

“Washington Post” – 28 july 1985 / declassified in 2012 : 25 YEARS OF NIGHTMARES (CIA – PDF)

“Washington Post” – 29 july 1977 / declassified in 2004 : CIA PROJECT EYED LOBOTOMY, ELECTRICK SHOCK TECHNIQUES (CIA – PDF)

“ABC Evening News” – 20 juillet 1977 / declassified en 2007 : CIA REVELATIONS: BEHAVIOR CONTROL (site CIA – PDF)

“60 minutes” – 23 december 1984 / declassified in 2006 : MK-ULTRA/MIND CONTROL EXPERIMENTS (version 2006 – 2 pages / CIA – PDF) – MK-ULTRA/MIND CONTROL EXPERIMENTS (version 2010 – 7 pages / site CIA – PDF)

“MacLean’s Magazine” – 12 february 1979 / declassified in 2004 : THE CIA AFFAIR: A BAD TRIP REVISITED (CIA – PDF)

“Nation” – 4 may 1985 / declassified in 2011 : INTELLIGENCE: SECRET CITIZENS (CIA – PDF)


Monarch refers to a method of mental programming using the butterfly symbol as a trigger and reference. Monarch programming is mainly sexual programming, in order to make the victim a consenting and amnesiac sex slave. Its less known variant is Kitty programming which uses the cat symbol as a trigger. Each of its variants combines Masonic symbolism, sexuality, physical and psychological violence, sadism and perversity, and different scripts based on children’s stories or novels. We can cite the scripts : Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Snow White, the Wizard of Oz. Monarch / Kitty programming primarily targets children, primarily girls, although this also affects boys. The strengthening of the programming is done in particular through films, celebrity clips, fashion, music.

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