MOROCCO – The Adnane Case no one is talking about…

Monday, September 7, 2020, Adnane Bouchouf, a little boy of 11 years old, goes out to buy medicine at the pharmacy in the Bni Makada district of Tangier, a block away from his parents’ restaurant. A few hours go by and Adnane doesn’t come back, it’s not in his habit. His worried parents immediately alert the police and broadcast calls for testimony on social networks, calls that will be widely shared. The next day, the police view footage from a CCTV camera, showing him chatting with a man and then following him, then disappearing from the camera’s view. The man in question, distraught by the diffusion of his portrait, decides to send a text message to demand a ransom. A godsend for the police, who soon find him.

“A” is 24 years old. He lives with 3 roommates in the same district of Adnane and even frequents his parents’ restaurant. He used to have breakfast there … The four young men are originally from Ksar El Kebir, they had settled in Tangier more than ten months ago. Like his roommates, A. is a worker in the industrial zone of Gzenaya. What happened there? The first elements of the investigation reveal that A. convinced Adnane to accompany him to his home. He then sexually assaulted the boy and killed him, before burying the body around his home. The coward then quickly removed his glasses and shaved off his beard, before disappearing for two days. But he was quickly arrested and brought before the judge, accused of “the crime of voluntary manslaughter of a minor with indecent assault”. His roommates were arrested for “not denouncing and concealing a crime”. This horrible case has triggered the anger of Moroccans who are demanding the death penalty for this dirty pedo from the King. But that’s another story: the last person condemned to death was executed in 1993, but since then, Morocco has never reiterated it. For example, in 2006, there were 149 death sentences, but this did not concern pedophile child killers. These scums, like everywhere else in the world, have privileges and get off with very meager sentences. The indignation of the people in the face of this terrible event will at least have the merit of reopening the debate on capital punishment …

Not long after this tragedy, a few words wrote by Adnane will be brought to light by his former teacher : « Momymy, you who gave me life, do not leave me alone in the face of adversity. Around me prowl wolves disguised in human form. Please mom, my love, I am still learning to walk, you are my life and my support. »

Another story, just as terrible, went unnoticed by the media, the little Naima Rouhi. Her body was found on September 26, more than a month after her disappearance, near Djbel Kissane east of Agdz, not far from the city of Zagora. Naima lived with her family in a small, remote Moroccan village in Zagora, in the province of Ouarzazate. On August 17, she disappeared under mysterious conditions. Forty-one days later, a shepherd stumbled upon the remains of small human bones and clothing that her father would later recognize. This case raises a wind of anger, as the population is still in shock over the affair of the little Adnane, and points to an opposing media and judicial treatment in the two cases. The investigation is ongoing, we remain attentive and will update the article as new information becomes available.

Following the arrest of Adnane’s killer, a wave of arrests followed in Morocco :

  • A 43-year-old mosque imam suspected of sexually exploiting several of his female students over several years.
  • A school transport driver in Taroudant, who was caught attempting to rape a 17-year-old student.
  • Attempted rape of an 8-year-old girl in Tamansourt
  • 42-year-old man on suspicion of incest in Fquih Bensalah
  • A thirty-year-old in Safi, for embezzlement of a 14-year-old minor and indecent assault
  • 20-year-old man for embezzlement and indecent assault of a 15-year-old minor
  • A 36-year-old man suspected of embezzlement and attempted rape of an 11-year-old boy in the Tangiers neighborhood of Bni Makada
  • A man convicted of rape of a 12-year-old girl, indecent assault, statutory rape, statutory rape and trafficking for sexual exploitation was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Fucking sad and disgusting world we live in…



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